Meri Saasu Maa 30th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 30th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
babita, chaaya and arti fume at the way, pari outsmarted them all, and decide to teach her a lesson. They get to sweeping the area, and throwing

the dirt in the area which is maasa’s, and defiantly admit, when pari asks what are they doing. After sometime, as maasa walks in, they are all

sweeping the area, and intentionally put the dirty water, without seeing maasa in the way, as she gets drenched in it. shivpal smirks seeing this,

while pari and granny are distraught. maasa eyes chhaya in disgust. she then slaps her tight across the face, while she is aghast. her husband asks

how dare she. she says that she was merely treaching her manners. he asks by what right. shivpal comes and enjoys the drama, pretending

to be

angry. he asks why should they follow maasa’s orders. all are tensed. granny is about to reprimand him, when she slips in the water, and falls on

the floor. maasa and pari rush to her. sattu too rushes tensedly. shivpal and the sons think that they too shall have to pretend to care. They all

cross the boundary and rush to the other side. they make her lie down on the bed

Later, in the room, the bahus fume as to how maasa is acting so strictly disciplinarian on them. babita fumes saying that she shall teach maasa and

pari a lesson now.

In her room, dadiji lies down, the doctor comes and checks. all wait tensedly for the checkup to be over. he prescribes some meds, and sattu says

that he shall get them, while granny asks him not to, as pari shall get them. he complies tensedly. pari says that she shall make her food and then

go. they all leave. maasa starts pacing around nevrously, blaming shivpal and the bahus. granny asks her to calm down, as this time isnt to be

hurriedly be alarmed, and asks her to something before he wins. maasa calls up someone, and asks if they got to know about the janaki, and asks

them to hurry with the investigation, as the criminal shouldnt get loose. granny asks if shivpal did this. maasa says that she is sure, as there is

noone other than him, who can benefit from her death, and once the police gets evidence against him, he wouldnt be able to free himself.

In the kitchen, pari finds that there is no water, and the bahus are amused to see this. she rushes out to the well to fill up water, while sattu

finds her struggling, but without helping her, he leaves. she gets back to work.

Inside, maasa gets a letter, and while she goes through it, she finds pari getting water from the well. she eyes tensedly. then she gets to

working. pari keeps the water back. and rushes to granny, when she gets called. then she comes back again, to make food, and also her favourite

chutney. but the lights go off, and she wonders how she would manage now. in her room, maasa too wonders how pari shall make the chutney. granny

says that pari can do anything, who smiles. pari almost collides into maasa, and she asks her to be cautious. maasa feeds granny, while pari

watches. granny calls sattu and asks him to go with pari, to get sharabi from her village. they both say that they can go alone. but granny

vehemently insists and then they resignedly agree.

Outside, shivpal tells his sons and his bahus, that he is going for a couple of days, and gives them money for shopping. they are overwhelmed and

then show him the jewellery that they are wearing. he commends and appauds and then leaves.

Later, the police comes and ask if bhavna is at home. bhavna comes and greets them. the bahus are tensed, as to what if she sends them to jail. she

instead asks about janaki’s killer. he says that the murderer was trying to escape but they caught him. when she asks, she is stunned to know that

its janaki’s husband, ram singh. she asks if he is sure. he complies, and says that the husband confessed. she thinks that shivpal isnt the

murderer. Later, she wonders if not shivpal, then who is it, and just then, she finds the bahus come in raising a hue and cry, as to how the

jewellery is artificial, and how it caused an allergic reaction. the sons say that they shall talk when he returns. maasa claps from the balcony,

and says that this is what she was trying to show to them. she warns them to be alert still, while his son asks her to beware of herself first,

before casting allegations on them. the bahus are frustrated that shivpal lied to them. they are all tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Sattu and pari, while fighting on the road, start cribbing about the direction, which ultimately indirectly leads to how he has been

misunderstanding maasa and believeing the conniving shivpal. she insults him, saying that she sometimes wonder why she married him. he says that

its enough, and then says that he didnt force her into marriage, and maasa broke his trust. she points out what he did. enraged, he asks her to get

down from the car, while she is agahst at his reaction. he forcibly makes her steo down from the car, and while she is stunned, he drives off. she

stands stranded on the road.

While driving, sattu fumes, and says that its good that she shall understand what did, but then thinks that its nighttime, and he cant leave pari

alone, and turns the car around to get her. but she is nowhere to be seen. he gets tensed and boggled, and searches around. fnally, he is shocked

to find her playing with the kids. he resignedly watches. she almost is about to fall in the game, when he catches hold of her. he reprimands her

for her carelessness. she says that she can do whatever she wishes, as he left her for alone. she asks him to apologise. he holds her hand and

forcibyl tries to take her, but the children hold her, and instead ask him to apologise. he is adamant that he shall not apologise. the screen

freezes on his face.

Precap: Granny talks to maasa, that shivpal wouldnt mean anyone good, and they should make use of his absence. maasa searches through his stuff,

and then finds a card for a travel agent. she calls and says that she is calling from shivpal’s house, wanting to know of the confirmation of the

ticket, and instead gets to know that his flight for delhi left an hour ago. maasa wonders why has he gone to delhi.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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