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Meri Saasu Maa 2nd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Owing to the pressure generated by the children surrunding pari, sattu apologises, while she is amuse,d and asks the children if she should forgive him. when they comply, she does so, and then goes with him, to sit in the car, they waive him and her goodbye, as they drive off. he starts cursing the time, he started out with her. this starts a verbal scuffle, and suddenly the car breaks down. he wonders what happened, and opens the bonnet to find out. she tries to peek in, and he taunts her on her evident mastery over mechanics. she fumes and sits resigendly in the car. he gets to finding the fault. while she fumes inside, he asks her not to chatter, as people would assume that she is mad talking to herself, while he himself gets under the car to

fix the problem. while arguing, she accidentally grazes her hand past the hand brake and it comes off. she gets down, oblivous of the fact. suddenly the car starts moving, and they both are aplled, to see this, as he lies stuck underneath the car. he tries desperately to get out, but he is stuck. villagers come and they help rescue sattu. he comes out, after much struggle. pari ruehs to him, and helps him out, asking if he is okay. he thanks them all and they leave. then he lashes at her, when he sees the handbrake pulled down, and reprimands her for her carelessness. she says that she saved his life, instead he is getting angry. they start quibbing at each other. he then asks her to sit in the car, while she instinctiveley feels that they are being followed. he hears her notion but drives on tensedly. he gets lost in the village, and she tells him to go righ. he silently complies, and then they both start fighting over the right directions to sharabi’s house. she asks someone on the road, and they finally land at sharabi’s place.

Scene 2:
Location: Sharabi’s place
Sharabi is overjoyed to receive them and introduces them to her family. she is awkward and apologetic about the meagre conditions of the house, while she puts her at ease. they receive pari and sattu and get them to sit inside. she tells them how when she came here, she found her mother absolutely fine, and is boggled along with pari, as to why someone would do it. she says that she tried, chaaya, arti and babita’s number, but all asked her to stay, as they shall call her when needed. he asks that he had tried but her phone never went through. she says that she broke her phone. pari assures that they shall take him. but sharabi says that before going, they shall have to stay here, as they are newly married, and mustnt have gone out anywhere, and they have come at the right time, as there is a huge ritual for the shiv-parvati puja, that blesses the newly weds with children. pari and sattu eye each other awkwardly. she doesnt say anything. he says that they have to leave urgently, but they dont listen to anything.

As they are shown their room, sattu reprimands pari that she should have refused instead of agreeing to everything. she asks him to stay in his limit, as it was courteous. he asks if she wants him to do the entire ritual with her, for a relation that doesnt even exist. she asks him that she too doesnt want him to be unnecessarily tied to her. she also tells him that she did it out of respect for their emotions. she says that if he doesnt want to go, then so be it, as he isnt interested too.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Granny asks maasa in her room, whether she is absolutely sure that bjanaki’s husband and not shivpal is behind her murder. Maasa says that maybe his alias is true. Granny talks to maasa, that shivpal wouldnt mean anyone good, and they should make use of his absence. maasa says that this is true, and she thought that he was hiding from the polcie, and hence ran away, but it isnt what it seems, as he has gained entry with much difficulty, and he wouldnt leave it all awya, when its set to abscond. she says that he is planning some major conspiracy maybe, and its paramoun for them right now to find out what he is upto and where he is, if not aminabad as he said. granny wonders how she would get to know. maasa says that she shall start from his room, to get the first clue. maasa stealthily gets in his room and searches through his stuff, and then finds a card for a travel agent. she calls and says that she is calling from shivpal’s house, wanting to change his travel plans, and instead gets to know that his flight for delhi left an hour ago. maasa wonders why has he gone to delhi. she narretes this to granny, who is equally shocked. maasa says that they need to find out why he went to delhi.

The bahus reprimand and vent out their anger and frustration at shivpal, eyeing his pic, and they wonder whether they did a huge mistake by going against maasa, and are oblivious that maasa has crossed the boundary and is standing behind them. they are shocked to see her. she remembers discussing with granny, that if he went to delhi, then why did he lie and said that he is in aminabad. maasa says that he is upto something wrong, and he is planning something big, but assures her that he shall be deafeated soon. babita asks maasa why she is here. she says that she has come to give them their right.

As all the sons and bahus gather together, they find it unusual to believe that she has actually decided to split the property between them. maasa’s lawyer comes and sits beside maasa. he informs that all the papers are ready. she says that she has made her mind, and that its good that she shifts the responsibility to them, and says that this proposal is just for one day, and only when shivpal signs that he wont misuse it. babita vehemently says that they would get shivpal to do it. maasa says that shivpal needs to be a witness to this splitting, being their father. the youngest one assures that they shall call him back, within two hours, as he has barely gone till aminabaad. she says that she shall wait then, again repeating that its only open for today.

Scene 4:
Location: Delhi and maasa’s residence
Shivpal pays off a person, and then thinks that his plan shall be successful if what he has planned near sharabi’s place, is implemented properly. he then gets an urgent call from kamlesh, asking them to hurriedly reach here, as there’s good fortune awaiting. he wonders whats this now. maasa says that they shall wait, but its only for today. maasa and granny think that he shall come only when he is in aminabad. the bahus are overjoyed at the prospect of having their share of the property.

Scene 5:
Location: Temple
Pari and sattu arrive at the temple, with sharbi and her family. her mother explains the ritual to her and him, and he readily complies, after she insists on how important this ritual is to their happy marriage. he takes ehr in his arms, and begins to ascend the stairs, while she eyes him overwhelmingly. at the top, he puts her down, and they start the puja together, resignedly. they take the circles around the shivling, with full devotion. the priest asks him to don her forehead with vermillion for the completion of this puja. he does so, while she eyes him stoicaly. after the puja, they come down together. he thanks them for their hospitality and asks sharabi to come along. she complies.

Scene 6:
Location: On the road
As they come down the road, a modern girl awaits on the side of the road. The screen freezes on the girl’s silhouette.

Precap: Pari fights with sattu, in the car, that he is hell bent on not listening to her, and continuously warns him that soemthing is not right instinctively. he asks her to keep her opinion to herself. in their scuffle, he accidentally collides with the girl, who was trying to pass the road. she gets hit and falls down. they both are shocked. Pari is aghast as to what happened to the girl.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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