Meri Saasu Maa 2nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 2nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Maasa’s son brings a court notice, panting with breath, while all are shocked. she is enraged to know that its from pari, and crumples up the letter. the ladies are hopeful that they might be at peace if she goes to jail for sometime. sattu comes in and then finds maasa in an angry mood, and asks whats the matter. she says that its an important matter. he asks if she shall go now too. she says that she shall take him, if need be. she says that right now, Chaaya, suman’s mother shall go with her. She is shocked and scared but complies nevertheless. they are about to leave, when maasa turns back and asks sattu, if he would prefer marriage with the girl she chooses for him. he says that he shall always want her choice. Maasa then asks

his friend, and he too says that her decision shall be final. she says that she is happy and leaves. sattu wonders what she is uptoo.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road and Pari’s residence
Masi grumbles against the fact that pari is taking enemity against such people. Others are tensed. she then gets maasa’s call, who identifies herself. Scared, masi tries to get herself free from all charges saying that they dont agree with pari. Maasa says that she didnt mind, and as it is, they shouldnt be discussing this on the phone, and adds that she has an offer for them. Masi says that they can settle outside the court too, and then indirectly hints at the huge financial crunch that she had to face due to his medical treatment. maasa complies and then says that she shall come. Masi sits tensedly. she then wonders if she didnt speak less. pari meanwhile is alerted by her father to think once more. Now masi however asks her not to, surprising them. maasa says that what she did is right. granny asks why the change of opinion. masi makes an excuse and says that she thought, she should side with pari, with the truth. pari is tensed, and then says that she is going out for some work.

Scene 3:
Locaation: Pari’s residence
Pari signs the contract, and then thanks her employer for giving her the chance. he asks her to thank the guy who she thought was a goon. she is embarassed and then says that she didnt even get the chance to apologise too, instead say thankyou. he asks her to do it themselves. she asks where would she find him, as she doesnt know where he lives. He says that he always has an important meeting in the park, every week, this day. she is boggled, as to the nature of the meeting in the park.

Scene 4:
Location: Park
An amused sattu fights with some small, ragged kids, who resent him for being victorious every single time he plays with them. Pari comes and tells him that if he plays with kids, then he shall onyl win. he is mesmerised as he eyes her walking towards him. she is amused and says that she sides with the children. he is boggled. She asks him to play with equal, and he challenges her to a game of Gilli danda. she accepts. they both get down to their duel. She finds him praying, and asks if he doesnt trust himself. he says that he is taking his mother’s blessings, as he thinks thats wise. She too eyes the locket, overwhelmed at his respect for the mother. she too takes the locket and closes her eyes and prays. she says that she too took the blessing. the children are excited for the game to begin. there are moments of physical intimacy, and proximity during the game, which catches them off guard, as they gaze at each other. As fate would have it, her foot slips, and she falls right in the arms, of sattu, who dives in just in time, to catch her from falling. An awkward yet romantic eyegaze follows. They then compose themselves, without breaking the eyegaze. she rushes away from there, playing again, while he continues to eye her. she then turns back, surprised and boggled, and finds him lost. She tries to get him back, and when he doesnt respond, she jerks him back, and then asks him to play his turn. he too excitedly gets back to the game. he deliberately lets her win, while she is overjoyed and ecstatic, as the children hug her, around her, in a circle. They say that now they would have to be treated. she says that now he understood the reason for his winning. She then takes her bqag, and takes out a box of chocolates, saying that she got this for him. and asks him to take it. He is boggled. she says that this is her way of thanking him. He readily accepts, and thanks her. he also says that things come for everyone, and he gives the chocs to the kids, and who take it excitedly and run away. she then says that she is getting late and should get going. After she leaves, he still has a smile on his face. she goes over to the scooty, but it doesnt start on. He comes up behind her, and finds that it isnt working. he asks her to keep it here, as he shall get a mechanic to repair it. she complies. She is about to take a richshaw, when he asks where she wants to go. When he gets to know, he says that he too is going that side. she hesitates, and he doesnt press further. she thinks that if she takes the rickshaw, she would be extremely late. With much hesitation, she places the arm on him, to steady herself. he drives off happily.

Scene 4:
Location: Pari’s locality
as they finally arrive, sattu stops with a jerk, and she falls right in front almost. he asks if she is okay. she complies and says that she can walk down from here. she gets down and starts walking, wile he continues to eye her, oblivious that maasa is coming right behind her, along with chaavi who recognises him, from under the helmet. But before they can reach there, he drives off. Chavi is boggled, while maasa doesnt believe her, and asks her to brace up to finish what they came here for.

meanwhile, pari enter and happily talks about her contract, and that now their problems shall be solved. She says that all problems shall be solved since she is here. pari is shocked to see her, while maasa introduces her to chavi. Masa aasks her to get snacks for them. pari resignedly agrees, and then serves them all. maasa eyes her intently. Ankit comes and is worried to see her. He asks pari whats she doing here. She says that she doesnt know. maasa apologises profusely for the deterioration of his condition due to the adulterated milk. she says that she apologises when she is at fault, and wants to do something, which they shouldnt refuse. Maasa gives them money, while pari defiantly says that they dont need any sort of help from her, just as masi is about to take it. pari says that she has made a mistake and she would have to pay the price now. masi is frustrated while pari says that they shall not take the money nor take the case back. she says that she wont let maasa put a price tag on her father’s health. maasa is angry but drinks it, and taking the money, she says that she likes this about her. she says that she wants to clear the misunderstanding, that she didnt come here for the case. then she says that she came here for a compromising deal, that too of love. She comes and caresses her cheek, saying that there is something about her, that draws her to pari, and that she was looking for a girl like her only, for her son satendra. they are stunned. pari and her father are boggled. she stands up and shocks both of them by proclaiming that she has come to ask for the fearless Pari’s hand for marriage with her son. Pari stands stunned. The screen freezes on pari’s tensed face.

Precap: Pari is shocked to realise that she doesnt have her chain on. She then while, taking her daily veggies, from the streetvendors, throws down her basket from the balcony, and it comes back up, she finds that chain, in a male hankey. she looks down boggled, and finds sattu standing by the side, as a vendor. he smiles, and she is unable to stop herself from screaming. Later, pari is shocked as she hears the news on the Tv channels that Maasa has declared that she would withdraw all the current packets of milk, from this batch, from the market. She is furthermore shocked, as maasa continues on her good self charade. maasa then tells the reporters that she is thankful to the girl, who managed to salvage the respect that her company has in the market. Pari is boggled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I like this show mainly because of the acting of the actors, my fav is Maa saab’s acting she just nailed the charcters n I also like Pari-sattu’s acting
    Can anyone tell me the repeat telecast of MSM in India?

    1. 1Pm @ noon…….i think at 5pm its tashan e ishq…… 🙂

  2. it is 5:00 PM……

    1. Oh thanks for telling me the timing 🙂

  3. pls friends watch msm at 7!30pm because it needs trp

  4. nice episode specialy park scene.

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