Meri Saasu Maa 2nd August 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 2nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode start from books falling on bunty and pari and they share eye lock with background music yeh bekarRi kaisi hai… kuch pyr me baat aisi hai. Bunty is trying to save pari from falling books and pari is tension.

Mami and his friends are chatting and taunting bhawana devi and pari. And bhawana is crying and remembering her past life about dudhsagar, sattu, pari and betrayal of other sons. And praying to God to bring happiness in pari’s life.

Bunty take TC of his sister, Arpita and pari try to stop him and he angerly taunts parri and threath principle to make pari leave school and talk to someone about something (sorry i did not get on video, what he was saying). Pari talks to Maasa about Aprita’s situation. Maasa advice her to stay away from both of them and his work.

Arpita has gone somewhere, and bunty calls pari; shout on her asking about Arpita. Pari says she don’t know and remember about flashback of arpita and her, say I know where she went, come to school. Maasa ask Pari to be careful and stay far from that bunty. Arpita is walking on road and thinking about study and getting good marks and scolding of bunty and cry. Some goon type boys start following her and she after realizing walk fast and crossed panwala and hide in godwan. On the other hand bunty and pari are trying to find her.

Pari start asking about Arpita and panwala tell about her going towards godwan. Pari reach their on tym and try to save her from goons. Goons put fire and run by closing door, arpita start sfocating and bunty come to rescue both. There is fire all around and pari& bunty try to save arpita from fire as she is dazzed off due to fire smoke, and they take her to hospital, where doctor declare that arpita is fine and can go home by afternoon. Pari and bunty wait outside, where bunty say to pari that I am on your debt for life long and will try to end our enimity and move his hand forward for shake hand. Pari stands still.

No Precap on Video tv.

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  1. Bekwas serial without sattu hero of show not interested story line to bring sattu back in pari life because we all miss him nobody stand in front of sattu personality


    We can only critise and be angry… but all shows will do what they want to do

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