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Meri Saasu Maa 2nd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Late at night, when maasa is pressing dadi’s legs, she is tensed. dadi asks whats the matter as she seems lost. maasa says that she is thinking about the day today and what all happened. Dadi says that she is entangled between what the heart and the mind wants, and that the reason behind is pari, and what she wants. dadi says that if she is so concerned, then maybe her decision is wrong, and that she knows what prompted her decision, but maybe they should change with times. maasa laments on her own condition, that due to sticking to traditions, and working out, she couldnt be a good wife nor a good mother. she says that she was helpless, unlike pari, and she just wants her to be a good bahu and housewife. she says that she doesnt want her

to set an example for others, and then the house shall fall apart. she says that she had understood everything, that whatever is happening is for the benefit of the family. meanwhile, sattu works out, remembering pari’s tears and her aggression.

The next morning, pari cheerfully greets them all and serves them their favourite breakfast, with renewed vigour, and serves them all, while they are surprised. the bahus are boggled of her reaction. pari apologises for yesterday and says that from this day forth, she shall fulfill all of maasa’s expectations, and be a perfect housewife. At the breakfast table, sattu gets a call and he gets tensed. All wait for him and he says that chotu Babu left his job suddenly, and a new person has come in. maasa is shocked that he left at a time when he was in dire need of money, then what could be the reason. dadi asks them all to verify and find out where he has worked eaerlier and who is he. pari eyes her tensedly. masa asks sattu to verify all the papers. pari stands tensed. they are boggled.

Later, pari gets a call from her father, asking how is her first day at college and wishes her best of luck, while tears well up in her eyes, at the irony of the situation. pari is about to explain, but he presumes that she isnt speaking since she must be in class and cancels. she wipes her tears. dadi comes, and they both discuss the situation, as to how to deal with this sudden new job applicant. at home, dadi tells pari, that she doesnt trust her son at all, and knows he is upto something. she asks her to go and check the person who has joined. pari asks what excuse she shall go with. dadi gives her a box of sweets. she takes it and leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: Maasa’s office
Meanwhile, maasa’s husband disguised as an accountant, says that since he was forbidden to refrain from the house, he shall land in office now, taking the position of chhote babu. he is called in for interview. he is unabashed as he comments that he knows his employer very well. he knocks and maasa calls him in. Maasa at the office, eyes the new person, who is actually her husband in disguise, suspiciously. sattu watches silently, and then taking the documents, he verifies them. sattu says that he seems experienced, then why work at this age, when he should have rretired. he gives a fake emotional story about a six year old granddaughter. sattu says that they can adopt the girl in their NGO. but he gives a big facade of being egoist and not taking any sympathy money or charity for the little girl. he gets up to leave. the husband thinks that he has to do something soon. Meanwhile, pari arrives, and asks for the chhote babu. She is shown the interview room. in the interview room, he gets up to leave along with the papers, pretty disappointed. maasa eyes him going. just then, pari is in the corridor. pari and he are stopped by an employee and maasa respectively, at the opposite ends of the door. she says that she has to see the face of this new applicant anyhow, but the bade babu stops her back. meanwhile, inside, maasa offers the job to him. outside, pari peeks in a little. Pari goes and finds the new guy mingling with maasa and then sattu. She eyes them tensedly. he smirks and thinks that she has sealed her own ruins. pari asks if she can come in. he thinks whether she shall ruin her plans. maasa asks her to wait as she is doing something important. she gives him a document, and he thanks her for the second chance, as every person deserves it. sattu wonders whether pari should get another chance too. father and son shake hands, oblivious of sattu’s relation with the father. Outside, Pari calls and tells dadi, that still the interview is going on, via call, and that she shall check him out. just then, he walks out, and she eyes him tensedly. he is tensed too of his reaction. he passes by her, while she thinks that this isnt maasa’s husband, but she can intuitively feel something wrong. she asks him if he got the job. he replies in a yes, and asks if she too works here. she says that she is sattu’s secretary and wamnts a photocopy of his documents. she thinks that she just wants to confirm that she is right, and checks his credentials.

Inside, sattu is happy with maasa’s decision to give him a second chance. she says that everyone deserves it. he says that this is right, and then starts thinking something. she asks if he wishes to say something. he hesitates and denies. she gets back to asking him. he hesitatingly asks if pari should get another chance too. she gets tensed, and then adds that this talk is over, and she has given her decision, and that pari cant multitask. he says that he knows about her principles, but he also knows that she never neglects his promises. meanwhile, outside, she sees the documents, whether she is wrong in doubting the old man. the peon calls her in. she keeps the documents at the reception and then goes in. she apologises for coming in unannounced and then gives the box of sweets. maasa eyes it, and then pari says that she shall leave for home now. maasa says that she can go home later. maasa tells pari that right now, she has to go somewhere else. pari asks where. maasa says that she needs to go to college. pari is pleasantly surprised and overly thrilled. sattu makes her believe that this is actually happening. pari is overwhelmed and tears swell up. maasa says that she did fulfill her promise but this shall happen only on one condition. pari is shocked. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Maasa says that she has to prove to her, that she wont miss a single of her wifely chores, in her quest of college. pari enthusiastically promises that she wont give her a single chance of complaint. maasa says that to prove this she only has a week and that in these seven days, if she deviates from her housely duties, then without her intimation, she should leave her job. pari is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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