Meri Saasu Maa 29th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 29th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babita was curt that no one gives anything free today, Maa saa wants a party for free. Pari says they have to try doing this work atleast. Manjhali says she will prepare for gifts, Babita and Bari say they will prepare the food. Babita tells Pari to arrange for all the other chores, like decorations and reception; but first she needs to bring the wood sticks. Pari was worried where to get them.
Manjhali opens the trunk, Babita and Bari peeks through the window that she said she had kept some gifts from Sattu’s wedding. Bari was worried while Babita says that she has asked a cook to send them food, she won’t let Manjhali’s gifts reach the guests.
Pari asks a shopkeeper for some woods, but he wasn’t ready to give her a single log for free. Pari wonders where she would get so many

woods now. On the pooja desk, Maa saa asks about the preparations. The ladies tell her they have distributed the work, Pari was responsible for pooja. Sattu asks if he should prepare for the pooja? Maa saa says no, only they will do the pooja. Pari announces that the arrangements have been made, she brought some old chairs and other things from the store room. Her first Holi must be done well.
Maa saa does the pooja with the fire, after which all the couples do their prayers. Maa saa prays that her past never comes to anyone, Pari and Sattu pray for Maa saa. Maa saa gives gift to everyone. Pari and Sattu’s box was the biggest. Biabita asks why a different gift for Pari, Maa saa says this is her first Holi in the house. Pari says thankyou maa, Maa saa! Manjhali asks Sattu what he has brought for Pari, everyone insists. Pari advocates Sattu that he has forgotten in the room. Babita asks Pari to go and get it, they all want to see the gift. Pari goes inside, she wonders where she should get the gift. She gets a message from Papa ji that he has sent a gift for Bhawna, she wonders if it’s in the nameless bag. She heads back. There, Jalabi hands Maa saa the box saying only this is left now. Maa saa opens the bag and finds a brogue inside it. Pari arrives at the door while Maa saa recalls getting a brogue earlier as well. She was elated getting the gift then. Papa ji had promised to get her a gold or diamond brogue. Sattu asks who has given this gift. Pari says she has. Maa saa asks why? Pari says this is a ritual of the house that is why. Maa says says according to ritual elders gift younger. Pari says she never thought about it. Sattu asks why she wrote sorry. Pari says she has hurt Maa saa a lot, that is why. Maa saa says if she thinks she will be the best bahu giving her this gift, she is wrong; she must get to preparations of pooja for tomorrow and remember the saving task. She hands the brogue to Pari, everyone disperse.
Pari watches the brogue in the room and says she feels really bad lying to Maa saa. Her Papa says when someone lie with a good will, it’s not bad. Sattu comes inside, he says she thought about buying a gift to Maa saa and realizes her mistakes; he is happy about it. Sattu says after all this she must have realized that the Mastana thing was a lie. Pari says whatever happens, she always considers herself right over that. Sattu, who had brought a gift for her clutches it back in his fist. And when she isn’t wrong, she will die but will never apologize. She leaves the room saying she has a lot to do.
Downstairs, Manjhali comes to Pari crying. Pari asks why she is crying. Manjhali says she had prepared all the gifts before Holika, but they have vanished. Babita and Bari come and ask if they had feet that they vanished. They laugh that they had burnt the gifts in the fire to make her out of the competition. Majhali asks them to help her, but Babita and Bari say they have to do their own works. Pari tells Manjhali they can prepare gifts from newspaper, old stickers and chartpapers. The next morning, Manjhali thanks Pari for thanking her. Manjhali asks her to sleep for a while, she would look fresh for her first Holi. Pari watch the time and was worried how she will do so much work in just three hours.

PRECAP: Daddo asks Bhawna to come for Holi milan. Bhawna says she is worried that Daddo’s son is around and this time he has come to snatch her sons from her. She was never this worried. Pari warns Jalabi to keep an eye on any stranger, she spots Papa ji in the party.

Update Credit to: Sona

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