Meri Saasu Maa 29th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 29th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: School
Pari tries to keep bunty busy, while arpita tries to sneak out, seeing that she has been put under guard. she manages to distract them, and escape out, while bunty sets them asking them to take care of arpita. After having taunted her enough, he complies to leave pari to kanpur, while calling his allies to keep an eye on arpita. as they both get it, he wonders if there is some shrewd plan to this situation. while he is talking to his friends, arpita sneaks in the backside of the car. pari ensures this, and they then drive off, while he is busy teasing and taunting her.

Scene 2:
Location: Pari’s residence
While maasa is busy working on the sewing machine, she overhears meera flirting with guys over the phone. then she finds shashi coming

in with advise asking her to lure bunty insztead and be mannered in front of him. Maasa asks her to let meera concentrate on her studies, while shashi takes it offensive, and insinuates that she plans to save him for pari. she is aghast but shashi continues to fume.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road and Pari’s residence
Bunty and pari drive on the road. they stop at the dhaba, while she is concerned for arpita. as bunty stats mixing with the people, she comes and takes a table with him. the waiter comes and imagines them as a couple, while he clarifies that she is merely his girlfriend. she gets up enraged to go, but her dupatta gets stuck. she tries to grab her dupatta free from his wristband. he points out that they do share a relation of hatred. she fumes and despises him, while he is thoroughly amused.

Meanwhile, Maasa gets a call, which she is about to pick up, when she slips, and the mobile falls. she thinks that her phone is dead now, and pari must be getting tensed, and she shall have to inform her. shashi comes with meera and starts reprimanding her. they sense something burning, and suddenly maasa is shocked as she finds that she has placed the red hot iron on meera’s top, who raises a hue and cry over it, and starts throwing tantrums. shashi reprimands and lashes at her fervently, and curses them. she decides to teach maasa a lesson, and asks if she should place the iron stove on her face,and make her realise how she feels. they both are amused, while maasa stands petrified.

Meanwhile, pari keeps trying the number, and it keeps coming switched off, and she is hopeful everything is okay. Meanwhile, bunty gets a call from his aide, that arpita is in the class only, and he is assured. pari finds arpita begging her to attend nature’s call, that she needs to urgently take care of. she decides to do something. she goes and distracts bunty, asking for his phone, while he is reluctant. in their conversation, she finds that arpita stealthily leaves for the washroom. she is about to come out, when bunty is about to get back in the car. she makes a false excuse of a headache, and sways, and he thinks that she is falling off. they both get down each other, on the manji, and an awkward pause follows. he taunts her about the same. arpita takes this chance to sit back safely. they both then leave from there.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
Bunty keeps playing one seductive song after the other, merely to tease pari, who fumes resignedly. finally they arrive at kanpur school, where they were supposed to. she thanks him and keeps him busy, while arpita gets down and goes inside the building. pari tries to keep him busy at some pretext or the other, but he says that he shall come too. she is shocked. but Pari somehow finds sometime alone to grab a teacher, and asks her to take arpita’s admit card papers to her. she is reluctant but complies, when he insists. bunty watches this from a distance. Bunty thinks that this lady seems to be her friend, and asks pari the same thing. she complies. he says that he wishes to meet this teacher. she tries to talk him out, saying that it shall take a couple of hours. he agrees to wait. she asks why should they wait. but he is insistent.

While the examination inside continues, they wait outside. Bunty meanwhile calls up his aide, to check on arpita, warning him to be careful. she finds a girl with her hand on her head, preventing her head to be seen. he thinks its arpita only, and assures bunty the same. when the school gets off, and the teacher comes out with the students, Pari is skeptical, while bunty introduces himself and the teacher is boggled, and denies knowing pari at all, and how she insistently gave her the papers. the teacher leaves. pari is tensed, while he is enraged. The aide meanwhile tells him that arpita isnt in the classroom. he is boggled, and asks them to find out where is she. just then, arpita comes out of the classroom, without expecting him to be there. they both eye each other. He is enraged and shocked seeing arpita in Kanpur. The screen freezes on Pari’s tensed face.

Precap: Bunty confronts pari about her betrayal, and says that now she shall see, what his real side is. she tries to speak but he shuts her up. he says that she did what she had to do, and tonight he shall show what a real kidnapping is, as he pins her against the wall. she is scared and petrified.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Pearl come back without u this show is so boring

  2. Bekwas show no more interest to watch this show anymore. Aur pari ka bunty is koi match hai and how pari forget sattu who sacrifice his life in order to save her but pari forget everything and start reponding to a bunty what stupid they show even maasaheb forget her son who loves her so much

  3. No more Sattu, no more interesting roles for Maasaab and no more the three bahus, with this evil Bunty and the Masi the show became so bored.

  4. I can’t tolerate this type of show its best show must goes off Air without pearl humare sattu ji

  5. Sattu who sacrifice his life in order to save pari ji but pari forget sattu ji and start flirting with bunty and busy with his sister she only concrate bunty and his sister and forget sattu ji writer show every bad side of widow lady bekwas show without last male actor pearl puri

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  7. Always there is no written updates on every saturdays.

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