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Meri Saasu Maa 29th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Market
Pari notices a vacancy for a bhajan singer, in the paper that sattu is pretending to read while eyeing her. she immediately gets interested and jots down the number. she dials and presents her portfolio, while he listens intently. she is disappointed to know that the vacancy has already been fulfilled. She is saddened, as she cancels the call. he overwhelmingly eyes her. Meanwhile, her order arrives and she pays it off, and then leaves from there, while he eyes her going.

Scene 2:
Location: Pari’s residence
Ankit is apalled to remember the ordel and atrocity that maasa had put him through. he gets berserk, and then pari calms him down with a slap on his face, as he is about to go into shock. she asks what was he planning, and how could

he do this, when his father is in the hospital. he gets irritated and says that he has no other way. she says that she is his sister and she shall show him a way, but asks them to think about the family. he frustratedly asks whats the use, as due to her, suman’s maasa shall never accept him. He says that suman shall never forgive him, and there is no point living if he doesnt get suman, and that he too shall die for love. he takes a knife and is about to slit her wrists, when pari agitatedly asks him to leave it, and says that he cant do this, and hugs him. She makes him calm down and then sit, and says that if he feels she is to be blamed, then she shall rectify it all. pari comfrots ankit, that she shall set everything okay very soon. He asks her to come along right now then, before they see the news. She complies, and agrees.

Scene 3:
Locaation: Maasa’s residence
Suman’s mother alng with the other ladies, get a matchmaker to fix up suman’s marriage, and influence her to meet maasa but act according to them. They try to send her of, before maasa comes. just then, the horn of her approaching car scares them and they decide to hide her from maasa’s sight. they are tensed as to what to do. maasa enters the house, just then, and is boggled to find noone there. The ladies meanwhile stuff her in the closet, but she doesnt fit in. they are frustrated. maas claims that she has returned, then why the grief and silence. she hollers for them all. the ladies meanwhile, put the lady inside a sack, and shove her down the window, while maasa arrives just then, scrutinising them and their every move. they are petirfied. she asks them, sensing that they are hiding something, and asks whether they shall say themselves, or she shall have to get it out. They say that they were preparing for her return. she asks what was the preparation that they are dripping wet in sweat. They fumble, while she eyes the open window. she is about to go there, when a lady comes and distracts her, saying that they are indeed happy that she is back, and asks her to come along. maasa complies, giving them a stern glance, while they are relieved as she leaves. they get to taking care of the matchmaker first.

Later, Maasa, along with the rest of the family, hears pari’s newsbyte and is enraged. She says that she would suffocate the brother and sister, if she gets a hold on them, one more time. she wonders how did this girl have the audacity for this. She reprimands suman’s mother to see what her daughter did, and says that she shall handle suman, but not spare pari and her brother. meanwhile, pari and ankit come and listen to her conversation. pari asks him to sense whats going on, as they cant go right now. he says that they shall have to talk to someone, atleast suman. she asks him to be patient and wise.

meanwhile, babita comes to the room, whereas her husband talks to her about some indiscreet town having scared the city. babita is angry that maasa took away all the jewellery of hers too, and then tries to seductively say that she needs the jewellery. she gets stern and says that she shall not sit quiet like the others, and shall want her rightful share. he asks her to go and say this to maasa if she so dares. he says that he wants money for the past 3 years for business but still didnt get it. babita then gets an idea, and asks him to pose as the infamous thief, and then steal in the house itself.

Later, in the middle of the night, she drapes a shawl around her, and stealthily enters sattu’s house, going over to suman’s room, trying to wake her up, by insistent whispering, after finding her location on the housemap. She crosses babita’s husband just then, who has the plan of stealing in his own house. pari gets frustrated when suman doesnt wake up. she is oblivious that actually its maasa sleeping. When she doesnt wake up, pari puts a letter, beside the nightstand, and thinks that she shall read when she wakes up. meanwhile, babita’s husband enters, dressed as the famous thief, and stealthily takes the keys out of the drawers, without making a noise, while pari ducks under the bed, beside maasa, when she senses some noise. he meanwhile opens the safe and then takes out the money. pari uses this chance to go out of the room. he is alarmed too, and rushes out, creating a noise, which wakes up maasa. Maasa wakes up alarmed, and raises a hue and cry, for a thief. the whole family gets to searching, while pari tries to run her way out, through the roof. sattu catches her under a white sheet, while she desperately struggles to get free, and proclaims that he caught the thief. pari is scared and tensed. he picks her up, in his arms and rushes, while she proclaims that she isnt a thief. he hears the female voice, and then puts her down. she covers herself with the drape and says that she isnt a thief, and begs to be allowed to go. But he says that he wont till he sees her face. he puts her hand on the drape covering her. meanwhile, babita thinks that her husband messed up, and hence to salvage the situation, she douses the fuse, causing a blackout. Just then, he hears maasa screaming to nab someone, and he leaves, while pari is tensed. pari hides underneath the drape, tensedly, that she might not be seen. meanwhile, maasa is enraged that a thief tried to dare enter her house, wherein air doesnt enter without her permission. She eyes pari from the back side, and stealthily approaches her, assuming her to be one of the maids. Pari is tensed and scared. Sattu nabs the thief, and maasa goes down to see who is it. The entire family gathers, as maasa approaches the thief, nabbed under the sheet. he meanwhile rushes to check on the fuse, and the lights come back on. babita is aghast as maasa lifts the sheet, and reveals her husband, while all are shocked. maasa is stunned, and then she confronts him, angrily, while he ie scared of her ire. she throws him on the ground, and then puts her feet on his chest, while he begs for an apology. she says that she knew he is a thief, but didnt know he would steal in the house itself. he says that he didnt do anything. She reprimands him, and he says that this is all due to her, and points to babita, who hides behind the middle bahu. babita is shocked, while maasa eyes her angrily. The screen freezes on her angry face.

Precap: Sattu and pari, both accidentally collide into each other, on their scooty. she asks him what does he think of himself, and asks him to get down rightnow, and why is he staring at her, while he keeps looking at her constantly without saying a word. she asks what should she speak, as he would have to pay for her damages right now. he eyes her sternly. Meanwhile, maasa gets the letter that pari left, for suman, and reads it. she is enraged, and thinks that as long as she is here, nothing wrong she would allow to happen. she crushes and crumples the letter. Pari meanwhile arrives at Maasa’s house, tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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