Meri Saasu Maa 29th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 29th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence and police station
Maasa sees the video through the webcam. Meanwhile, Pari arrives back with sattu, who is visibly angry and enraged. but she manages to tell him, that the chemical that adulterated milk was found in the house. he is shocked to know this. she adds that its someone from the house, or someone from outside implanted it. he is thoroughly shaken knowing this. he reprimands her whether she wants to put his entire family behind bars, by doubting everyone. She begs him to listen to her once. He angrily understands and goes inside. the bhabhis who have discovered the entire truth about the wecam are overly sweet and reminisceing maasa, to be in her good books, while she herself is boggled, as to why are they so sweet, as she sees the

live feed. meanwhile, pari stands tensedly, as she hears everyone’s emotional rant as to how much they miss Maasa. she assures that soon maasa shall be home, and then asks sattu to come along. She takes him to store, but is shocked when she doesnt find it there. she adds as to how she got the chemical tested too. But he reprimands and lashes her thoroughly for unnecessarily concocting stories. she is apalled and distraught. he leaves hastily. She moves out too. Maasa wonders what pari got sattu to the store room for. then she sees pari from the back side, dragging some bag out of the storeroom, and wonders whats she doing now.

later, in the night, pari and sattu have a squabble about how he refuses to sleep on a mattress on the floor, when maasa is suffering, and she is insisted and continues putting one. Then finally he tears the mattress away and there is an awkward yet romantic eyelock. then she goes in and gets another one, and he taunts and asks why is she so concerned all of a sudden. she says that maasa would be upset if he falls sick, and that he needs his strength to be able to run around for her bail. She goes in, and he complies. she smiles, but then notices that he is getting disturbed by the sound of the door crackling against the wall, and sits beside it, to avoid its movement, so that he can be peacefully asleep. He doses off, and so does she, in the cold. When he wakes up the next morning, he finds her asleep, shivering in the cold, and is about to put the blanket on her, when she sneezes and is tensed finding him close to her. He gets up, composes himself, and rushes to take a batyh. she too gets on with her daily chores.
After having a bath, sattu hesitates and then places some tablets on the table. when pari comes and finds them that they are meds for her cold. sshe then gets a call, about confirmation of the adulteration chemical in the forensices lab, and also gets the address as to where she can get its stock. As she goes out in the drawing room about to rush out, babita stops and asks whats going on and where is she in such a hurry. She rushes out saying that she is in a hurry. She points this to the other ladies, and they ask babita not to overthink. she is tensed still. Then they get to their duties diligently, to impress maaasa.

Meanwhile, later, babita tells the others how maasa is seeing them from jail, and then make a plan as to how the other ladies shall distract maasa, and she shall trap pari. they happily comply.

In the police, maasa is very happy to see her anger prevailing still. She gets a call, that someone wants to meet her. she calls them in. An inspector arrives. maasa instructs him to keep a close eye on pari, and her whereabouts, as she cant keep an eye on her outside the house. just then, sattu comes, and they both get tensed. he eyes sattu and the vice versa, while maasa hopes that sattu doesnt confront him. She gives an excuse as to why the guard was there. Then she thinks that now she shall get to the bottom as to who has done it. the screen freezes on her.

Precap: Pari goes to the designated address and asks for the chemical. then she asks for the chemical, and the shopkeeper replies that its confidential. then mastana, who posed as the inspector, follows her, and finds out whats she asking for. He then calls up maasa and gives this news, hearing which she is shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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