Meri Saasu Maa 29th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 29th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
As pari hits the woman, she is reprimanded by the ladies asking if this is the way to behave, while the victime lashes and fumes with rage. maasa stands tensedly. pari is enraged by what she said about maasa. pari says that she is the one who is impolite. they force her to apologise. she complies curtly, while warning her not to talk about maasa like that again. chhaya asks her if threatening is the way to apologise. shivpal calms them asking them not tpounce on pari as it isnt her fault at all. shivpal tells them all that its maasa’s fault, since pari was only siding with her. the bahus are instigates. sattu shuts them asking not to aggravate matters. he then comes to maasa. He says that guests shouldnt be treated like this. Sattu asks

maasa that she shall have to apologise. all are shocked, including maasa, who is unable to believe. he repeats. pari starts angrily. maasa doesnt give her the right to speak between her and sattu, as when she had to, she was quiet, and she doesnt need ehr support and sympathy. pari says that she can scold her, but when she hasnt done any fault, she shall not apologise. all are tensed. maasa says that her opinion isnt deemed, and she knows whats right and wrong. maasa confronts sattu if this is what he wants, while he stands stoically. she complies, only for sattu’s well being. shivpal is amused. the bahus love it, while granny and pari are distraught. she leaves from there. granny and pari follow too.

In her room, maasa remembers sattu’s behaviour and is still in a state of shock. granny coems after her and asks why did she have to do this, as they should have apologises. maasa says that if her lowering of head, grants her the son’s happiness, then she accepts it. granny asks her to accept that she just wanted to put down pari. maasa says that pari isnt influenced by er and her family. granny asks what family, and points out that all are against her, and only pari stands with her. maasa says that pari is the reason for all the strife. granny says that she is so biased against pari, that only janaki can prove her innocence now. maasa shocks her by saying that janaki is dead. then sattu goes out, and maasa eyes her going. Pari too steathily moves out of the house.

Scene 2:
Location: Police station
Pari arrives and starts her interrogation regarding the janaki murder case, from the inspector. just then, maasa comes in and is susprised to see her and wonders whats she doing here. the inspector informs that she is here for the same case, as hers, and that she suspects someone. maasa thinks that she would be foolish enough to mention shivpal, but much against her presumption, pari denies any suspects when asked. maasa asks post mortem report. he says that she died by multiple stab wounds by the knife. she also asks the inspector to keep her informed, and then leaves. pari follows too, thinking that her stupidity has landed maasa is trouble once, but not again.

Scene 3:
Location: Maasa’s residence
while aarti doesnt have a clue, chaaya and babita lock the door from outside and then enter through the window, so that pari and maasa are troubled, seeing the lock. true to their word, when maasa returns, she is shocked to find the lock. she dials babita’s number, and she responds that she has gone for shopping, and hence didnt leave the keys at the neighbour’s, as she cant trust anyone. maasa cancels the call. they wonder what to do. pari offers to go to her place, but maasa refuses. then pari gets an idea that she can get through the backwindow, and try and find a way to get maasa inside. as pari enters by the other doorway, she finds that they are upto this prank, and decides to teach them a lesson. she burns a cowdung cake, and stealthily places it behind them, and then rushes out and takes back her place with maasa outside the front fdoor. pari intentionally screams of smoke emanating from the room. the bahus are shocked to see it too, and are petrified. they start coughing vehemently, and then scream at being saved, and maasa is shocked to hear voices coming from inside, as pari makes a fake call to the fire brigade, pointing out the severity of it, and they already tried all doors which pari locked from otusdie. maasa and pari ask how did they get inside. they ask to be saved first. she demands for the keys, and they slip it out. as they come out coughing, pari explains her plan, how and why she did it. maasa eyes her tensedly. she warns them not to bother maasa unnecessarily again.The screen freezes on pari and the bahus’ faces.

Precap: After sometime, as maasa walks in, they are all sweeping the area, and intentionally put the dirty water, without seeing maasa in the way, as she gets drenched in it. shivpal smirks seeing this, while pari and granny are distraught. maasa eyes chhaya in disgust. she then slaps her tight across the face, while she is aghast. her husband asks how dare she. she says that she was merely treaching her manners. he asks by what right. shivpal comes and enjoys the drama, pretending to be angry. he asks why should they follow maasa’s orders. all are tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Saatu is unbelievable!!!!!

  2. thinks for the up date but there isn t the sequence between pari and sattu then her and sivpal
    let s see howlong sattu will resist to defend and be with maa saa

  3. Pretty good episode, but what the hell is up with Sattu still..

  4. Radhika Sachdeva

    Sattu will realise when Maa saab gets another nervous breakdown and is in the hospital! That might probably make him closer to her again! Maa saab’s love for Sattu is priceless!

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