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Meri Saasu Maa 28th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babita says if they even walk 4 steps they will be left in the same room, Pari says if they four each walk four steps it means 16 steps. Maa saa comes to the hall and tells Daddo it will all be fine. She comes to hall and takes four steps. Sattu comes to Pari complaining, Pari asks him not to forget she is her Maa saa also and this is her house as well. She calls Barik to walk four steps. Manjhali now takes her turn and after that Babita. They reach the store room. Pari says they will get their answer there. Babita says there is a lot in the store room, how they will find sooji. Pari says they will find it there in anyway. In the store room, Pari tells them to stand at a distance of one hand, Manjhali and Bari also agree to stand like that. They push each other, Babita’s hand reaches the closet.

She opens it and finds the jar of. The ladies cheer. They open the jar to find it full of flour. They go to find the other way.
Maa saa goes towards the store to check her daughter in laws. She says she was looking for them in the kitchen. Babita says they were idiots to find Sooji here on Pari’s call. They all curses Pari. Bari says she found flour in place of Sooji. Pari says it will be made. Maa saa asks if she doesn’t feel one must not be happy in times of worry. Pari says the halwa will be made for sure, she has asked them to make halwa. It can be made from flour as well. Maa saa smiles at the ladies boastfully. Babita asks what about sugar. Pari says she will find the solution to that as well, tells them to go towards Pooja and herself heads to prepare halwa.
In the kitchen, Pari makes the halwa. Panj Mayu had finished the geeta. She complains that food is yet not ready, the Pooja will be left incomplete. Pari says she has the food in her hand and gets the Halwa. Dadi mayi says it looks good. Maa saa asks if halwa can be of flour. Dadi Mayi says halwa is halwa, be it sooji or flour. Maa saa asks if she mixed sweet. Pari says she mixed brown sugar in place of sugar in it. Daddo says she expected this from Pari. Dadi mayi asks Pari to end the Pooja in place of Bhawna. Maa saa asks Sattu to do the Aarti with Pari.
The ladies were curt, when Pari has taken Maa saa’s place today she will take the keys tomorrow from them. Majhali says she won’t allow this. She goes towards the kitchen and turn on the gas on all stoves. Bhabis ask where she had gone? Manjhli says she went to make the hero as zero. At the smell of gas, Pari leaves the Aarti worried that she had turned the gas off. She opens the windows. Dadi Mayi asks Maa saa to show Aarti all around the house. Manjhli was worried and asks them to stop Maa saa as she has turned the gas on, she wanted Pari to be blamed and burn. They flee from the hall.
Pari watches Maa saa approaching the kitchen, comes to blow the flame out. Maa saa asks how dare she? Sattu was enraged and comes to question Pari about it. Bari says this is catastrophic, she blew out aarti’s flame. Sattu scolds Pari for doing mistakes again and again. Pari says the gas was being leaked. Sattu says this was also her mistake, she had made the gas. Pari says she twice checked the gas, Sattu shouts at her. Pari says she knows, that is why she left the Pooja and blew the flame as well. Dadi Mayi appreciates Pari, she saved the whole house and blew out the flame with her own hand rather than with her mouth, she didn’t care for herself. They take leave from Bhawna. Maa saa sends Kamlesh and Satyu to bid them and sends the ladies to prepare for Holi.
In the room, ladies were curt. Bari says this is going to happen in each Pooja. Babita says she will ruin Pari’s life.
Pari struggles to open the ointment tube with her left hand. Sattu comes with Prasad, she says her right hand has been burnt and one must not take Prasad with left hand. He says when she did Pooja, she must take Prasad as well. She shows him her hand, he pours the Prasad in his hand and feeds her. He thanks her heartily, she didn’t care for her life and saved his Maa saa. Pari asks if he has forgotten again that she is her Maa saa as well. Sattu says he knows about it. He takes the bandage saying she won’t be able to do it, Pari asks what to do. Sattu says he will send Jalabi. Pari thinks she was hurt by the words of Sattu, Maa saa must have felt really bad when Papa ji had left her. She wonders what Papa ji’s next step would be.
Maa saa was in the hall, Sattu brings her the list of guests for Holi. Maa saa takes it to a flame and burns the list. Sattu asks what happened, won’t they celebrate Holi this year. Maa saa says they sure will, but this time not her sons but her daughter in laws will arrange for Party. This will be the second tests for them. Babita assures people will remember this arrangement for lifetime. Maa saa smiles that they have to be worried, the first test was intelligence. This test is about saving. Bari asks how many saving is to be done. Maa saa says 100%. They have to prepare everything for free. This is about the respect of their family. Pari says she will take care. Babita asks how they will do this arrangement alone, Maa saa allows them to take help from their husbands but they have to take all the decisions of the work.

PRECAP: Babita asks Pari to arrange for woods. The wood vendor apologize her for asking the woods for free. Pari was worried how she will arrange for so many woods in little time.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    1st test pari won right guys??

    1. yes dr. she won, our pari won… cheers

  2. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Sona mam why r u not giving reply to me???????Tell me one thing how u feel about matsh end??

  3. Waiting for next episode..

  4. Shraddha Sharma

    Bichari pari, usko to kisi ka support bhi nhi hai… har tym accha krti hai but sattu blindly apni maa ki tarha pari pr bus gussa hota hai or na hi uss se appolozise krta hai or na hi acche se baat krta hai… bichari pari ab bhi sb ke liye papa ka sach chupa rehi hai or fir sara blame uss pr aayega…. ??????????????

  5. I bet pari is going to go and chop down a tree

  6. Y is pari doing allthe work n wat happen to the 3 ediot in law

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