Meri Saasu Maa 28th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 28th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Principal’s office
The dean inspects pari’s phone but doesnt find any message. she is boggled. babli stands shocked, while shona is tensed. then she takes sattu’s phone and doesnt find anything in it too, and then reprimands babli to verify her facts before presenting such insinuations which are baseless. she asks the to leave. they silently comply. babli is boggled.

Outside, pari, shona and sattu discuss what happened. Pari points out both their faults. sattu apologises to shona, saying that he merely respects her. shona apologises, while pari says that she should actually apologise to sattu, as she misjudged him, and is the one who saved her. shona tells that she hates him so much so, after pari departs, and that he still always continues to

help her out in times of problems and asks if he can please tell her, why he helped her. he thinks that it was only to respect pari’s feelings. he doesnt divulge and hurries off. shona is boggled.

Scene 2:
Location: Sattu’s residence
At night, all have icecream, when chhaya presents a list of toys and children’s items, to pari. she points out why ahs she taken all the toys of one type, as taking that many toys shall lead to unnecessary expenditures. pari then starts presenting her suggestions, involving learning of the children by personal activities. Maasa and granny like her suggestions, and the bahus too eagerly comply. they continue complimenting pari galore, while the bahus fume.

Later at night, pari gets dessert for sattu, in their room. he is about to feed her, when she stops him. he insists and then some of it sticks beside her lips. he insistently takes it, with his hands, while she is amused. while they are getting romatic, pari gets shona’s call, and he gets all the more frustrated. pari asks why she called now. shona apologises and says that she had to call this late, and needed her advise. pari asks whats the matter. shona points out all the different things that he has been doing recently to help her. she even insinuatesm that maybe he likes her or loves her, and is merely pretending to hate her. pari is amused. but when the talk of love is suggested, she gets tensed. she smiles at sattu, who is oblivious of whats going on. shona asks whats her opinion. pari asks what can she say, as she doesnt know about his feelings. she then abruptly cancels the call, asking her to sleep it off, and then attend college. shona says that she cant sleep because of him, and then wishes her good night. she tensedly complies. aftert he call, he comes to her and asks whats the matter. she fumbles, and then speaks up about what shona just suggested. he is shocked and then is amused. she is tensed, and says that they are getting marital offers, and that isnt becoming for them as a couple. he says that they love and trust each other blindly as a couple, and they complete each other, since they are incomplete without each other, and tries to cheer her up, asking her not to think about it so much. he gets back to work, but she is still tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: College
Shona again confronts sattu about the reason why he helps her always, when he hates her. he says that he has no clue, and then hesitantly suggests that maybe its because he only pretends not to like her, as the truth is that he loves her very much. shona is highly overwhelmed, while he takes her hand, saying that he knows they both are very different, but every glance at her, makes him happy, and asks if she would accept his proposal. she says that she too….and then suddenyl the college bell starts ringing, which is actually the alarm bell pulling shona out of sleep. she is amused thinking that he is in her sleep too. she is basking in the glory of her new found love.

Scene 4:
Location: Maasa’s residence
The next morning, shona comes in unannounced at their place, and maasa and others are boggled. Shona apologises for coming like this, and again asks about pari, as she needs to discuss something important. chhaya explains her situation to maasa, and she tells granny that she cant see sattu here. granny says that they should call pari first. maasa hollers for pari, and when she comes, she is shocked to see her. shona says that she couldnt wait till colege, and hence had to come here. she introduces them to the entire family. pari thinks that sattu must be about to come, then what to do. just then, sattu walks in, and all are shocked. he too is boggled to see shona from behind. they signal her to leave. pari says that she is busy and hurriedly takes her in the kitchen,. wherein they shall talk. shona is boggled but complies. sattu comes in. the bahus ask him to go in the room, and not come out. he complies. maasa is tensed.

Later, in the kitchen, shona proclaims to pari, that she is sure that sattu likes her. Shona says that he took the first step to help her, and now its her turn and that she has to take a step to buy him a gift, and then propose today itself. pari is shocked, and throws the box in shock. all come and are tensed. pari gets to helping but maasa says that she shall manage. after shona and pari leave, chhaya wonders whats going on, as girls are following him to home. Maasa is tensed.

In the room, sattu fumes at the indecent and rash behaviour of shona who even landed at his house. the bahus come and ask him not to be tensed, and then tease him about the proposal for him, thats to be given by shona. he is disgusted. maasa comes and says that this is infact true, and they need to get rid of it, immediately. he asks her to explain this to pari, who has developed a student teacher relationship with her. maasa says that they both need to sort it out, and do something before its too late. he continues to fume and then calls up pari, while shona and she are busy searching for gift. she gets his call, who asks why she went out. she says that there was no other option. she asks what could she have done. he says that he wont come. she says that escapism isnt a way, and they have to do something. he cancels the phone in tension.

Later, children arrive in the house, and its absolute mayhem, as the bahus find it difficult to handle the children. maasa comes in and gets them all disciplined. arti starts talking about how naughty they are, while maasa wonders what to do. sattu is amused.

Scene 5:
Location: College
Shona starts getting impatient, as pari stands by her, asking why hasnt he come yet. Pari suggests that she can propose tomorrow too. but shona vehemently denies doing so. She says that it isnt possible for her to wait till tomorrow, and wonders whether he is sick. pari stands tensed. The screen freezes on Pari’s stoical face, as she thinks that sattu is escaping because he doesnt want to face it, but that isnt a solution.

Precap: In front of pari, shona proposes to sattu, and asks his decision. he slaps her tight across her face, saying that he can never love her, and that he hates her terribly and asks her not to play this bitter game, and then tells pari that he didnt expect this from her, addressing as as MAM. Pari is tensed, as he walks off.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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