Meri Saasu Maa 28th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 28th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
maasa starts chanting the marriage mantras, while uman and ankit are apalled. he stands up and says that he cant marry, and suman rushes to her parents. maasa says tauntingly,that till now, he was befooling them, and his real face is exposed now. she tells him that now he shall have to face serious consequences, for messing with her. She asks for his mobile. He gives it. She then gives it to suman, and asks her to videotape it, whatever she now plans to do. Suman complies with shaking hands. Maasa douses the fire, and then humiliates ankit, by smearing the ash black on his face, and then cutting the hair, making it on video, while putting across the point, that this serves as an example to anyone who wants to mess with her respect in the state.

Suman and ankit cry incoherently. Maasa taunts him that she forgives him now. He is mortified with embarassment and aghast, while all others are shocked and stunned into silence. She then says that he also needs to take a selfie with her, while he complies, through uncontrollable tears. she then yanks him up, and takes him, and throws him out of the house, while the family stands distraught. Ankit leaves the house. Maasa eyes suman angrily. babita thinks that she should instigate the fire furthermore now. she goes to her room, and then dials a news reporter and narrates it all, and then tells the name of the boy too, Ankit Sinha, studying in lukhnow Public College. She then smirks.

The next morning, all the ladies are preparing food in the kitchen, when suman’s mother laments at the way maasa was so cruel to suman and the boyfriend. the other ladies add fuel to fire, saying that maasa shall do anything what she feels now. Her mother is aghast. babita taunts that her dreams of a grand wedding shall remain a dream only, as maasa shall ruin them all. Her mother is then instigated by the middle bahu, about a prospective groom, who doesnt have parents, nor sister in law, and she would be able to live peacefully, maasa comes in, having heard it all. they are scared and petrified. She taunts them, that they so desperately dont want a mother in law, looming over them. they say that they didnt mean it like that. she eyes them angrily. Then she rushes to one of the cabinets, and takes out the rope, and then hangs it around herself, that since she has become a burden on them, they should hang her and kill her. She goes to the ladies one by one, asking them, to kill her then, and have them all rid from this hitler mother in law. The middle bahu who had commented is shocked, when maasa ties the rope around her waist, and the other end, around her neck, telling them all, that for the first time, a mother in law shall kill herself for the bahus. she removes the stool, and starts to gag. The ladies are apalled. Sattu sees this and is shocked. He lunges into save her, and hurriedly cuts the rope, and saves maaswa, while she suffocates for breath. suman;s mother says that she shall come along. he asks her to let be. Babita fumes that this was a good chance to get rid of maasa that failed.

Scene 2:
Locaation: Pari’s residence
The next morning, pari rushes to the family, saying that she searched for him everywhere, but couldnt find him anywhere. His parents are apalled. Just then, a dishevelled and distraught ankit walks in, with a cap on his head, and the face cleaned up. pari comes to reprimand him, and accidentally, his hat goes away, revealing the ugly hairstyle that maasa gave him. they are amused and smirk at him, while maasi asks him what happened. the sisters are amused that they shall know it on the phone definitely. He is scared and tries to resist. but they take it, pari sees this video and is tensed. the family is apalled. Maasi atunst pari for this, as she knew but didnt warn her brother not to go down this road. pari’s hands curl up in a fist, and decide to go to police, and file a complaint. Maasi reprimands if she loves insulting her family, at every single instant. Ankit says that they are influential people, and the police wont do anything, but instead catch him only. granny asks why did he have to go, and if he didnt care once for his father’s respect. Maasi asks her not to blame him, as pari too isnulted them, by rejecting to get married. Seeing this arguement, pari’s father is unable to take it anymore, and has a heart attack, and collapses on the floor. They rush to him, and rush him to the hospital. Ankit and pari drive him in the scooty.

Scene 3:
Location: Hospital
Sattu gets maasa admitted in the hospital, while she is emotional thinking that only he cares for her. He asks her not to think, and rest as prescribed by the doctors. she relaxes as he attends to her. he then asks if she would sleep with her eyes open, and then gets her to close her eyes, so that she can relax. While she is asleep, pari and ankit rush their father to the next ward, wherein he is checked, as they all wait in anticipation. They get to know of his cardiac arrest. later in the night, she continues to sit by her father’s side.

The next morning, she wakes up like that only, finding her father still asleep. she holds his hand, and says that without him, she feels lonely, and that this has happened only after he saw the video. pari swears that she shall not spare the person who is responsible for this condition of her father, howsoever big they might be. Meanwhile, sattu coems in maasa’s ward saying that the doctor has decided to release her, and that she can go. She asks if she should go back to where her bahus want her dead, despite her giving such efforts to make them have a good life. She says that the next time, this happens, she wont tolerate. He complies. she says that if she knows how to give life, then she knows how to take it too.

Later, as pari steps out of the hospital, reporters throng her with the video coverage, and asking questions about ankit and suman, and if all this is true. She is apalled and distraught, but doesnt reply. they coax her to answer, and she says that she doesnt want to do what that lady did, but wants to give a message that she shouldnt suffocate her children’s life with her restrictions, as love is a beautiful thing, and the elderly people need to understand that it isnt a crime. meanwhile, sattu helps maasa out of the hospital, while asking her sternly to have meds. she is amused at his concern. As she is walking out, she hears pari giving her newsbyte to the reporters, regarding love and the elders approach towards it. Maasa comments what a bad thinking this girl has. she is asked to come in the car as she neednt bother with all this. she drives off, while he stares at her. He says that whatever she says, it definitely has some merit.

Later, he orders for some dessert for his maasa, and sits down, waiting for his order, when he finds pari at the same dessert stall, ordering for desserts. then he pretends to read a newspaper, while watching her. she gets granny’s call, who talks to her about her father’s condition. he overhears her talking on the phone, that those bangles arent necessary for her, as its good that they need to pay off the debt they are under for marriage. He eyes her lovingly, while she continues to talk. She tells granny that she feels he ie saddened by her marriage breaking more, than ankit’s condition. he is sad to hear this. she then cancels the call, and composes herself not to cry. he is mesmerised as he looks at her comforting herself. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Maasa, alng with the rest of the family, hears pari’s newsbyte and is enraged. She says that she would suffocate the brother and sister, if she gets a hold on them, one more time. meanwhile, pari comfrots ankit, that she shall set everything okay very soon. in the middle of the night, she drapes a shawl around her, and stealthily enters sattu’s house, going over to suman’s room, trying to wake her up, by insistent whispering. Maasa wakes up alarmed, and raises a hue and cry, for a thief. the whole family gets to searching, while pari tries to run her way out, through the roof. sattu catches her under a white sheet, while she desperately struggles to get free, and proclaims that he caught the thief. pari is scared and tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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