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Meri Saasu Maa 28th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s office
Pari asks sattu who can benefit from janaki’s death if not shivpal. he stands up and asks if she has gone mad, and that maasa is convicted with his wife’s death, and she is shifting the blame on him. they are shocked. he asks if this is a game, and asks her to think before speking, and as far as profit is concerned, maasa shall benefit the most, as the evidence is lost. pari asks him to shut up and not cast unnecessary allegations. sattu asks her to remember who is she talking to, and in what manner. Pari is shocked. maasa eyes them tensedly and get to go, while pari is tensed. sattu asks her to get lost, befroe he loses his patience. pari asks him to remember, that the truth cant be hidden for long. she storms out with maasa. shivpal

pretends to be sad at the baseless allegations that pari cast, and that he doesnt want this chair. sattu assures him that they are here for him, and he neednt be tensed.

Later, shivpal smirks unable to believe his good luck, and hopes that it continues for some more days, till the property and company are in his name. he pretends to be busy, when sattu coems, and asks what was he smirking about. he says that he was merely thinking about his unity with the family, and particularly him, who understood him. then he casually brings up the topic, of signing authority being him, rather than ranchna devi. sattu assures him that very soon, he shall sign all cheques, and he is inwardly happy, but pretends to be graciour about it. he hugs sattu, while he eyes him tensedly too.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
In the car, maasa wonders whats wrong, and how can sattu talk to her like this, so rudely, and wonders how janaki got killed so suddenly. she tries the nurse’s number from the hospital, thinking instinctively that shivpal must be behind this. she asks the nurse if they found the reason her death. the nurse denies, saying that this is a case of murder, but they shall arrive at a conclusion, only after the post mortem report. maasa says that she shall come to the hospital, and asks her to keep her updates. she wonders whats going on, and if he has done this, then whats the evidence to prove so.

Scene 3:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Maasa is aghast remembering sattu’s harsh words, and doesnt pay attentio, when granny calls out t her. when pari comes, granny asks pari what happened, and why is she so sad, and asks about the stuff that she is carrying. pari says that what happened was wrong, and then tells what happened at the office. As maasa enters her room, she is shocked, and holers for granny, hearing which both rush to her room, and they all are aghast tos ee the safe open, and all the jewellery gone. pari asks distraugthedly, who did this. maasa asks pari why she came here as she is noone to her. granny says that itse useless to scold pari, as the other bahus need to be scolded, who are behind this. Maasa rushes out, while granny says that pari is beside her as her power, not against her. maasa rushes out, along with them, calling for babita, the eldest one, chhaya, and the middle one, arti. as they come out, they are shocked to see them dressed heavily ornamented, wearing the jewellery that they took out. their husbands come out too. granny comes and asks if manners have been divided too. maasa asks what nonsense is this, as she is quiet just to maintain peace. the bahus are tensed. she reprimands them for what they did, and then asks them to return it back, or else she shall be worse to them, and asks how dare they open her safe. babita speaks up saying, that she is unnecessarily angry, as its her luck, that she is staying here, or else she isnt related even to stay here. they are shocked. she says that if she is noone, then they dont have a right on her jewellery, and asks how can they claim their right on her jewellery. babita says that everything should be divied, with the house. chhaya too says thats the reason they took the jewellery. maasa and pari are surprised. granny laments them. maasa says that they are speaking shivpal’s tongue, and one day, he shall ruin them all. granny says that maasa is right, as she did this to salvage the respect, but not to ruin the image of the family outside, but thinks that its being misused. maasa asks how can they steal. the youngest brother speak up saying, that she is the one who was lying, and is instead blaming them. granny says that she didnt divide the house because of this, and that she shall have to rethink if this continues, and as far as bhavna is concerned, then she isnt answerable to anyone, as the sacrifices she made, are evident to god, and if they still want division, then even pari has a right. babita curses her what right, if she cant be her husband’s. pari says that she knows what she is doing, and she knows her duties and responsibilities, and one day sattu shall understand too, and asks them not to form opinions or advise, and as far as jewellery is concerned, then her ornaments are her relations. granyn wishes that they had said this or understood, but its not so, hence asks them to return back one set immdiately comply, and if they dont comply, then she shall fiel a fir of stealing. the bahus are shocked, and resignedly complies. they come out with their sets, while pari is hesitant. granny asks her not to be so, and boldly take them. she complies, to granny’s request. the edlest brother says that there is a limit, as how are they wrong, since they have been exposed to new lies everyday regarding maasa, and they too have faced betrayal. granny taunts that he shall speak his father’s tone, as its in the blood, and warns them that they shall be ruined with shivpal. maasa says that she is right, that they dont need them. she leaves from there. granny and pari follow, while the bahus fume. they begin with their party then.

In their side of the house, maasa preapres for the puja, while pari tries to help her, but she denies it. granny asks her to try and be sensible, as they need to be united to prevent their family from shivpal’s ire. maasa is tensed as she listens intently. maasa says that the house is divided, and she should go to her husband, as sattu must be tsned. granny consoles her, and says that she created this, so that the family doesnt break, but she didnt imagine such a consequence, and she shall be thrown out of the office. Pari hears tensedly.

Just then, loud music starts blaring in the other side of the house, boggling them as to whats going on. meanwhile, the bahus have a nice tambola party with their friends, irrespective of the fact that maasa needs to pray right now. she thinks that she cant pray like this, and then goes to their side and shuts off the speaker. as the bahus organise their tambola party, the ladies smirk and comment on maasa, as she slows the music down, taunting that this must be their fake mother in law, but is very daring too. to add insult to fury, she is asked to get drinks for her. pari comes and asks them to behave, as the house she is sitting in, belongs to her, and how dare she order maasa. she reminds that the owner is bhavna, and not rachna, the sister. she says that the whole world knows about maasa’s true limits now. maasa is insulted. PAri asks them to behave with politeness, and then slaps one of them for having passed a lewd remark against her. all are shocked and aghast. Just then, sattu and shivpal walk in. The screen freezes on pari’s rageful face.

Precap: shivpal tells them all that its maasa’s fault. He says that guests shouldnt be treated like this. Sattu asks maasa that she shall have to apologise. all are shocked, including maasa. Later, maasa and pari are outside when they find a lock on the door, while its a prank by the three bahus, who enjoy their plight from inside. as pari enters by the other doorway, she finds that they are upto this prank, and decides to teach them a lesson. After sometime, as maasa walks in, they are all sweeping the area, and intentionally put the dirty water, without seeing maasa in the way, as she gets drenched in it. shivpal smirks seeing this, while pari and granny are distraught. maasa eyes chhaya in disgust.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  4. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    I like tis serial…however as soon as abuse against women start…I start losing Interest. Producers must tink we so low believe father n not maasa? Wer the flip was he..rotten kids go wer money.3 daughter in laws no child???? Pari u n maasa mwahs…dadi u mad.

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