Meri Saasu Maa 27th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 27th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: BandhavGarh Resort
Pari tells the vaidya not to give the credit to them, but to kaali, whose undying love and unrelenting courage, led to getting the flower, as true love always wins. she smiles at kaali who is overwhelmed to see her. sattu later does the bandage on pari’s hand, while she eyes him emotionally. roop asks whats this nonsense. he says that its nothing wrong, as pari got hurt in the jungle. she asks what can she do if pari got hurt, as she isnt responsible for it. she says that she has come here only to talk about the jewels, and informs pari that he knows that being his wife, she has full claim on the jewels. he tries to speak but pari stops him. pari says that she isnt dying without them, as without sattu, those dont matter to her. she advises roop

to keep the jewels, as if she loses the chllenge, and isnt able to marry him, then she shall have to live with the jewels. roop wonders how is she so sure of her relationship, and is boggled. as she eyes pari tensedly, pari gives her the jewellery. she says that she doesnt need these jewels but her mangalsutra. she is delighted as she watches pari squirm. she asks if her belief got broken now, and asks her to atleast respect her ex-husband’s word. he tries to intervene, but pari stops him. with much reluctance, she takes off the mangalsutra, and then places it on roop’s palm, while she is amused. sattu himself stands distraught. she says that she respects his word over anything else, and even if roop has it, she shall have unrelenting faith on her relationship with sattu. roop eyes her evilly, and then comments that today she has taken the mangalsutra, tomorrow shall take sattu too, and then pari can live with the belief. pari is distraught. roop then takes sattu away from there, just when maasa walks in. pari collapses on the bed. maasa comes and asks her whats the matter and why is she crying, and then notices her mangalsutra gone, and asks why she did so. pari gets tensed, and then says that nothing matters to her more than the family’s happiness, and that her mangalsutra is her belief, and her courage her jewels, and begs her not to be disheartened, as they are nearing success, where they shall get to know everything they need to, in the hospital.

Scene 2:
Location: Hospital
As the police comes and conduscts a raid, all the doctors are boggled and tensed. one of the doctor says that its a hospital and there is nothing illegal going on here. he tells him about the complaint of seeling of body parts. just then, maasa walks in and eyes the doctor while the colour drains off his face as he sees her. he asks how can she be alive, as this isnt possible, since she died years back. she says that he recognised correctly, and that he is talking about her dead sister, who was her twin, and asks him to tell the police accurately about the death. he complies, and then talks about the heart transplant surgery. he says that he heard shivpal talking a lot of time over the phone, and met a couple of times, and would recognise him. she asks him to come tomorrow at the engagement and recognise him, or else he shall forever rot in jail. he is visibly shaken up as he complies.

Outside, maasa and sattu together pay the paid actors, posing as police. he thanks them, as had they not been here, he wouldnt have been able to get this headway. she says that now they need to find out whats the next move for shivpal.

Scene 3:
Location: Bandhavgarh resort
Kaali calls manjari, and talks about how the power of love did win finally. manjari says that she should continue with this confidence and determination on her path to attain her true love. she says that she shall talk later. gauri comes and confronts her. she cancels. Gauri tells kaali tensedly, that her husband yug is resting, and hence she doesnt want any black shadow to disturb him, as he has barely survived. Meanwhile, yug lying on the bed asks for kaali to come in. gauri stands tensedly, while kaali is overwhelmed. sher eyes gauri determinedly, and then sits beside yug. as gauri watches them, she wonders whats wrong, as yug used to hate kaali, then what happened suddenly. she decides to keep a watch on them. just then, roop comes, and after asking about yug’s health, she invites them all to her engagement. she tells gauri that she shall wait for her. after she leaves, gauri continues eyeing kaali tensedly, who herself is nervous.

In her room, Roop thinks that she shall get sattu to don the mangalsutra around her neck today itself, as there is no point delaying.

Scene 4:
Location: Jewellery shop, Bandhavgarh
Sattu gets pari to a shop. PAri asks sattu why he got her at the jewellery shop, which is so far from the resort, as people shall doubt them. he asks her to leave everything on him, and select a mangalsutra. he is enraged at the way she insulted her, and had he not been helpless, he wouldnt have spared her. they together start selecting the mangalsutras. he shows her the mangalsutra that he has bought for her. she is overwhelmed with this gesture of love. he tries to put it around her, but she intervenes, while he is boggled. She asks him not to, as she wishes to prove herself as a good wife and a good daughter first, so that they can take their relationship to the next level, after having exposed shivpal, and then shall happily don it yet again. he complies to her request. they step out together, and have good fun, as they spend quality time together.

Scene 5:
Location: Bandhavgarh resort
kaali eyes them appreciatively, as she finds them happily coming back. she herself too gets intimate with yug, who leans in close to her, caressing her face. she comes out of her dream sequence wherein, she imagines herself and him spending romantic time together. sattu and pari embark on another romantic escapade, while kaali smiles as she sees them happy. The screen freezes on sattu and pari’s happy face.

Precap: Gauri is surrounded by villagers in the jungle, wherein she says that she has been specially chosen by the lord. one of them pricks a feather, probably laced with poison around her neck, and she winces in pain. she starts feeling semi-conscious. she says that she feels nauseous and dizzy, and finally collapses on the ground, while all watch. Meanwhile, Shivpal tells someone on the phone that ranchan has got solid evidence against her, and plans to expose him. he gets enraged and before she gives the evidence to the police, he orders his people, to kill her.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Karma is a b*t*hc good for gauri

  2. I wish she gauri die then Kali and Yug will be free after. She is demon precap she saying she chosen by lord..yeah right!

    Another thing gauri please don’t put much gilicerin into to ur eye… U can’t even cry too. Gheeeeede!


    Only agian villian will be shown winner.. toooo much…

  4. I think that promo was also the dream sequence of kali guyss let wait nd watch what happen next

  5. I think as usual kali save gauri..and yug o firse kali par shak karega ki usne janbujkar sadhi nehi ki…again story dragging….

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