Meri Saasu Maa 27th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 27th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Temple
Sattu places a blanket around pari, while they kep their eyelock fixated on each other, while others douse the fire around them, with water. she then turns away shyly, under his steely gaze. Someone comments that this could have been a major massacre. She takes off the blanket, and then gievs it to him, reprimanding him for his carelessness, instead of thanking him, and asks if he even realises what could have happened, and how much loss he already created. she rushes away, while he is still fixated on her. Sattu’s aide takes him away, saying that there is some major issue.

Scene 2:
Location: Pari’s residence and Maasa’s residence
Granny and her father talk about her condition, when pari comes in saying that she is absolutely

fine. Granny says that she could have atleast told them that she went to the temple, then she also could have gone. Masi reprimands granny and says that had she told, then they could have gone too, with a beggar’s bowl. granny reprimands her, while masi says that very soon, everyone shall be laughing on her and them, due to this girl. Her father says that she just knows how to add fire. Just then, ankit, suman’s boyfriend, comes in and immediately rushes to his room. All are boggled. pari is tensed and goes after him. he shuts the door. She emotionally blackmails him to open the door. he opens the door, and asks her not to speak nonsense. she finds his room totally dishevelled, and asks if anyone taunted him due to her broken marriage. he denies. she asks him to speak up. he then hesitatingly narrates that he is in love. she smiles gleefully. He then talks about the problem that they had today. he says that suman isnt picking the phone now. He begs pari to call up, and she complies, asking him not to be tensed.

Meanwhile, Maasa tells suman that she shall be locked in her room from now on. She calls the servant for water. but sattu gets it instead, and she takes it resignedly. He does the arti and her tilak, while she blesses him. He continues to worship her, and then blesses her on her birthday. Maasa smirks that everyone remembers it. they are all apologetic. maasa taunts that they gave a wonderful gift today. she says that what suman did was unforgivable, and she wont accept any apology. Sattu says that she is right, and then drawing an analogy, as to how in childhood, she had taught suman to walk, and then she fell, but that didnt stop her from walking, and hence maasa should give the same treatment now too. maasa calms down a little, and says that she is forgiving her for the first and last time, and asks her not to stop her now then, at one mistake. She says that she is forgiving for the first and the last time, and then goes to suman. She takes the phone from suman, and asks her not to touch it at all. she leaves. All are tensed. All are releived. suman hugs and thanks sattu for doing this for her. When all disperse, Babita comes to him, and tries to flirt with him regarding his wound sustained from the fire, but he gets irritated and walks off. meanwhile, pari tries the number, and suman’s phone rings. Maasa finds the call. She is about to take, when pari hears masi screaming and cancels. Maasa tries again, but she is called too, and she too leaves it. Pari notices that masi is cribbing about the unfair generator bills. Pari says that she shall get the bill lessened. Masi taunts her yet again.

Scene 4:
Location: Fair
Sattu’s friend teases him about having met that girl, and he eyes him tensedly. Sattu is oblivious that pari has just stepped in the fair too. They again start walking towards each other, oblivious of the other;s presence. she bends down to pick something, and sattu walks past. She then talks to the generator fellow, and he complies resignedly. He taunts that he wouldnt want to mess with people like her. She says that it was her baraat, and she rejected but he ate nicely, then he shall easily remember that she didnt ask them or even him to get lost, as she knows how to respect. She gives back a befitting answer. he is stunned. Later, pari remembers her insult and humiliation, and wonders what shall happen, if she doesnt get mareried, and where shall she find her mother like mother in law. she composes herself, and then a nearby priest tells her that she shall get married and find a suitable groom too. She is shocked, and asks how does he know. He tells pari that her future is very bright, but she has to face many obstacles first. sattu hears intently from a distance. she asks if she would get a mother after marriage. He says that he shall, but there shall be much dangerous obstacles ahead, but she neednt be scared or give up, as what they want, always comes, even if late. She is amused.

Scene 5:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Later, at night, while maasa is resting, suman comes to take the bedsheets. maasa tells her that a call came. she gets tensed. Maasa asks suman to sit. Suman sees the number, and says that she doesnt know. maasa calls herself, and pari instantly picks up, and assuming its suman, she starts talking about her hitler granny. Pari is shocked when she knows that its the Daadi only. Maasa tells her tauntingly, that she needs to break her watch, as from this day forth, her life wouldnt be as it was, till now. pari reprimands her that she is only full of bitterness in her heart. Maasa gets angry, and says that she shall kill the person who loves suman. pari tries to give advise, but maasa asks her not tolecture as she has enough of it. She cancels the call, saying that noone has ever dared to talk to her like this, and decides to get the girl anyhow. She says that she now needs her brother at any cost, as she would fill his life with such problems, that he would forget smiling. She is oblivious, that out of desperation, ankit has himself climbed up the pole, to meet suman. Finding suman shocked, maasa turns around but doesnt see anyone. she then turns to suman, who is boggled.

Later, ankit catches up with suman, and tells her how much he was worried for her. Suman says that she shall be fine. he says that he cant live without her, as he loves her. She spots suman cannodling with the boyfriend once again, who is pari’s brother. She takes him by the hair, and then grabs him, while he apologises profusely, saying that he came just to check on suman, if she was okay. The famil gathers at the commotion. Ankit proclaims that he loves suman. Maasa taunts him in front of everyone. she amusingly comments that they should get married then. She makes him sit down, and forcibly takes suman and makes her sit beside him. The family is apalled, while babita is amused. She decides to get them married right then, while both of them are apalled, as she alights a fire for them. The screen freezes on maasa’s angry face.

Precap: Maasa douses the fire, and then humiliates ankit, by smearing the ash black on his face, and then cutting the hair, making it on video, while putting across the point, that this serves as an example to anyone who wants to mess with her respect in the state. meanwhile, pari sees this video and is tensed. Her father gets a heart atteck, seeing this, and is immediately rushed to the hospital. all attend to him, as he gets critical. pari swears that she shall not spare the person who is responsible for this condition of her father, howsoever big they might be.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Pearl is looking so cute yaar ?? but this serial is over dramatic

    1. I totally agree with you!!!

  2. Today’s episode was better than yesterday’s one.

  3. Hope it gets evn better in d upcoming episodes.

  4. Wow nyc pair… it can be SATPARI

    1. ya..very nice pairing.they will be a best couple.cute jodi

  5. I liked this show but high voltage drama 😛 Hiba n pearl r doing a great job I love Pari-sattu pair 🙂

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