Meri Saasu Maa 27th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 27th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
As pari sits on the bed, sattu comes fuming, and starts taking out his clothes. she taunts and mocks him by clapping, applauding him that he proved today that blood matters the most, as he believes shivpal’s white lie but not maasa’s honest truth. he asks what truth is she talking about, the one laced with betrayal and lies. PAri comments that the trust which shatters by one lie doesnt deserve to be called trust at all. he asks what about the lies that shatter the faith in relations. she says that trust is done by the heart and not mind. he says that relations are made by the heart too, not mind. she says that she has been trying to explain the same, that maasa too needs his heart, and not the mind right now. he says that she is making

a huge mistake, by trusting maasa blindly. she says that atleast he understands that she trust maasa blindly. he says that she shall face betrayal. she says that if thats in her fate, then so be it, but whats he getting by distrusting her. he screams that he is getting the truth. she is shocked, and says that time shall decide whats right and wrong. he asks her not to wait for time, as she shall only get pain. he asks her to come along with her. she says that he can stay with his truth, while she stays with her trust. they both confront each other and go separate ways.

In their room, the sons and bahus smirk about how lucky they are, that they averted the risk of losing shivpal forever, and on top of that, they got the half house too. babita says that with patience, they shall have the whole house too. they are boggled. she says that sattu has distanced from maasa, but now he shouldnt get close, as without him, maasa is very weak, which they have to exploit. they love the idea. shivpal hear this from a distance, and think that they dont know what he is upto, as he is the one who shall get the property.

The next morning, pari is busy in the kitchen, making breakfast, when maasa comes inside. pari hurriedly asks why she wanted to come here, as she shall get her breakfast. she then gives her the tea that she had made. maasa eyes her tensedly, while taking the cup, and then turns aside, and throws it in the basin, shocking her. she come back, and starts to prepare her own tea, and says that she wont even take water from her. the other bahus come and see this, and start taunting that this is grave injustice. pari asks why is she talking like this. babita says that she should have taken the permission to enter, as she was there only when the house was partitioned, and kitchen came in their part. pari asks if they are aware of what they are insinuating. maasa is tensed. the bahus say that they should have thought before the partition. babita says that they cant go against granny’s decision, and if she still wants to break rules, then so be it. pari tries to speak, but maasa stops her, and says that granny’s word is final, and that shall happen, what granny decided. she is about to take the saucer to take the utensils somewhere else, but babita and the middle one point out, that since its their part, the utensils belong to them, but she can use it, after taking permission. bhavna gets to putting it down. Granny tells maasa not to put the utensil down. she then asks the bahus what right do they have to talk like this, as bhavna has equal right on it. babita says that they are merely following her orders. granny asks her not to start teaching, as if she starts, then they shall be out, as the entire house, belongs to bhavna, and if its such a problem, then they can divide the kitchen too. the bahus ask how is this possible, and that this shall start more strifes. granny then asks them to divide the time then. babita likes it and says that evening and mornings are theirs. they also ask to divide the utensils. while maasa is apalled and distraught, granny starts dividing the utensils too one by one. the bahus smirk. babita asks if they can divide the ration too. maasa asks how can they only talk of breaking the house, just like shivpal. pari says that they should think about uniting the house instead of breaking it. she asks what all shall they divide. unable to take it anymore, maasa rushes out. the bahus are amused as they leave too. pari is left alone with granny, who asks her not to be scared, as its useless talking to them. she says that she is sad, that sattu doesnt believe bhavna. pari says that this is due to janaki, and he feels she is right, and bhavna the culprit, and something has changed him, and once they know why janaki did this, then they can clarify his misunderstanding. granny asks how would she manage. pari says that she has to meet her, to understand why she did this, or whether this is another one of shivpal’s conspiracies. she is determined.

Later, the bahus are gorging away on delicious food, while commenting as to how their good days have come back, and now they wanted to celebrate, and decide to throw a tambola party. granny comes and finds them making merry, and leaves without saying a word. then they discuss as to how how they can make this night memorable, and evilly smirk.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road and Dudh Sagar’s office
Pari finds the address of janaki, from the hospital, and arrives in the locality, searching for her address, and finds a huge crowd, and asks why such a commotion. one of them tells her about a murder. Pari comes to the house, and is shocked to see it being thronged by policemen as they get a body out on stretcher, and she is shocked to see that its janaki. she asks the inspector about how this happened. he tells that maybe its a matter of internal strifes and asks if she is related. she denies. she eyes the body being taken away. she wonders how to get maasa’s truth now, and thinks that she should tell everything to maasa, as if shivpal has done this, then he can be extremely dangerous. she calls maasa, who is surprised to see her phone and then cancels it. she tries it yet again, and then maasa receives it. pari urgently tries to talk, but maasa says that she is in the office, and she doesnt have anything to do with her, and asks her to stop bothering her.

As maasa enters the office, people find her tensed and without sattu. she walks listlessly. The employees ask if everything is okay as sattu is not to be seen anywhere. she doesnt respond and comes in, and finds someone sitting in her chair already. she is shocked, to find someone else sitting in her chair. she turns the chair around. she is enraged as she is confronted with shivpal, and says that he shouldnt have dared to sit here, and asks him to keep the family drama at home, as this is her workplace. he says that she shall be shown the outside door, not him. she asks him to control himself, or else she shall have him thrown out. she asks him how dare he sit in her chair, and who gave him the right. sattu comes in and says that he gave it. maasa is aghast as she watches him, come and take his place behind shivpal’s chair, who smirks and says that he has come to take care of business and sattu stands defiantly. maasa is stunned. Pari comes in just then, and is shocked to hear sattu say that from this day, this chair is shivpal’s and not maasa’s. pari asks how can he insult maasa influenced by shivpal, and says that rage and anger is causing him to take the wrong decision, and sattu says that he is right. pari points out how maasa sacrificed everything to set up Dudh Sagar and he wants to take this away from her, and asks if he even knows the consequences. he says that this is merely the beginning. she begs him to try and understand, but he is adamant, and asks pari and this lady, to go from here, as they dont have the rigth to be here. she reminds him that the lady is maasa. he asks her to stop addressing them by this name, as she isnt his maasa. shivpal smirks. sattu says that he doesnt even want to see her face and turns away, while maasa is distraught. he starts taking off all of maasa’s stuff and pics, and says that they arent needed here anymore. he says that being the member of tthe board, they have all decided that they dont want maasa anymore and that this chair belongs to shivpal, and he is the MD here. he gives the box to pari. she says that she is doing wrong, and when he gets to know shivpal’s truth, he shall regret this insult forever. he asks her to stop as she has spoken enough. she asks what else, and would he have her thrown out too. she asks him if he even knows whats going on and tells him that janaki has been murdered. shivpal gets tensed hearing this, while maasa and sattu are shocked. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: as the bahus organise their tambola party, the ladies smirk and comment on maasa, as she slows the music down, taunting that this must be their fake mother in law. maasa is insulted. PAri asks them to behave with politeness, and then slaps one of them for having passed a lewd remark against her. all are shocked and aghast. shivpal tells them all that its maasa’s fault. He says that guests shouldnt be treated like this. Sattu asks maasa that she shall have to apologise. all are shocked, including maasa.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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