Meri Saasu Maa 26th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 26th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: BandhavGarh Resort
the ladies are all aghast to lnow that the men have been called by pari. pari in her inebriated state is boggled. the guys leeringly call pari to dance. roop and gauri are amused. but kali comes and asks how dare they talk to her like this, and asks them to shush up and leave, while they say that they have been called by pari only. she takes pari and sys that they wont stay here for a single more minute. she eys roop and gauri smirking, and goes and places a tight slap against roop’s face, and then at gauri, while all are shocked and stunned. kali reprimands them for what they did today, and she never thought that they both could stoop so low. she takes pari from there with maasa’s help. Gauri swears that she wont lt g of kali so easily,

and shall repay back the slap with interest. in the corridor she meets the preist who is gorging away on desserts. she reprimnds him who she is, and she shall see to his doom, if he doesnt comply. he then calmly tells her that haste wont get her anything, and that she shall avenge her insult from kaali for sure.

In her room, gauri comes with flowers, while kali sits enraged at seeing her. she reprimands her that she never thought that she could do something so lowly, and all the time, she spared her, being her sister, but this time around, she crossed her limits, and now she too shall not spare her. gauri says that she didnt do it intentionally, and tries to vehemently prove her innocence. kaali says that this time around, she wouldnt let her get around with things and that she underestimated her. gauri says that its true that one mistake of hers, makes her hate her forever, and begs her to accept these flowers as a new start to their relationship. kali starts getting tensed. gauri reminds how manjari used to give her flowers whenever she was upset. she begs her to take the flowers. kaali gets emotional, and goes onto eyeing them, and extends her hand to take them. just then, yug comes and asks her to step aside, as he has to put medicine on kaali. he shoves the bouquet away, touching the flowers. kali watches overwhelmed. but suddenly, as gauri stands tensed, yug starts getting dizzy and finally faints on the bed, collapsing. kaali is shocked, while gauri is scared that her evil plan shall be exposed. she cries distraught, s she screams but he doesnt wake up. she finds gauri standing still and tensed.

In her room, pari sleeps, while maasa discusses with sattu and granny, as to how dare roop, get pari to drink alcohol. sattu is enraged that she did this, and decides to confront roop. but pari wakes up, and asks him not to do anything, or else their plan shall fail at the last attempt. just then, kaali comes in distraught, and pari asks whats the matter. kali says that she doesnt know whats wrong with yug, as he i bleeding from the nose, and his body has turned red. they are aghast as they hear it. they rush out with her, to yug’s room, whose body is covered with rashes, as he lies still. then gauri steps aside taking the flowers stealthily so that they dont get touched by someone else. she leaves on the pretext of calling a doctor, and then disposes of the flowers before anyone can see. she is tensed. meanwhile, they get to know that there is a loca vaidya nearby. kaali asks them to hurriedly get him. when he comes, he inspects yug. he then tells them tht yug has been poisoned by some wild flower, and then talks about a particular flower, that works as the antidote to the effect of this poison. they hurriedly agree to getting it. kaali says that she shall do anything to protect her yug, and she wont let him fall ill at any cost. sattu asks her to stay with yug, while they get the flower from the jungle. she says tht she too wants to come along. he asks her to come along and take the flowers. they go back inside the room, and find gauri beside yug, assuring him that nothing shall happen to him. kaali asks her to take cre of yug, while she returns with the antidote.

Outside, they discuss as to who could have caused this kind of poisonous attack on yug, by placing the flower. just then their eyes fall on the flower kept on the ground. they pick it up, and then says that its the same flower that kaali was talking about, and its right outside yug’s room. she asks if kali now believes that someone used it deliberately. she agrees but says that saving yug is paramount, as they have have less time. they get going. just then, roop comes, and calls sattu tensedly, asking where is he going, as he cant go like that. pari asks him to comply. kali asks him to go too, as long as they are together, they wont be defeated.

After they leave, roop and sattu join the party, where she introduces him to her friends. he resignedly complies. while socialising, he stealthily tries par’s phone, but finds that she isnt picking up. roop finds him lost, as he is tensed for pari.

Scene 2:
Location: Jungle
Kali and pari land in the jungle in the search of the flower. they then decide to part ways to optimise time, and get the flower, and having decided on a common meeting point, they go in different directions, in the search of the flower. while searching pari is surprised, as her eyes are fixated on something. pari prays to the lord to help them through it. she again treads into the jungle, to search, but gets trapped in the net, already in her way, camouflaged by the grass, and is hung high up in the air, tied to a net through a tree. she lets out a scream. pari’s phone falls on the ground, and she screams for kaali’s help. The screen freezes on pari and sattu’s face.

Precap: Kaali arrives and fnally spots the flower, thinking that its the same colour, but then finds that there are thorns on it, which she is not supposed to find there. she hears a growl and thinks that its must be a wild animal and gets petrified. sattu continuously tries pari’s phone but in vain. he wonders why is she not picking up the call. Meanwhile, pari starts suffocating in the net, as she tries to struggle free.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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    Only villian will shown as winner as always in zee shows….

    1. True… What’s wrong with this zee tv ?????why they alway supporting this type serial???

  2. not satisfactory

  3. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Getting very superficially dumb!!!

  4. I think gauri n roop deserves eachother

  5. Ya at times zee tv shows irritate us like qubool hai!!! Zoya died, asad died, seher died, rehan died, ahil died, shaad died!!!!Till the end ahil he trusted in God’s support for true love and would get his sanam but his trust fails!!!! Pls. a request to all directors of all serials, pls dont kill the character if the actor denies to act, jus change the one acting, at times it’s difficult for audience to accept but if the New character acts well and looks better will b accepted for sure!!!

  6. I really hate Gauri for trying to kill kali, i really hope kali rescues pari and save yug. Kali should remember that gauri who brought that flower and expose her but knowing zeetv this will drag on not exposing gauri
    .it would seem evil always win in these show


    I think zee tv writers have lost their brains or have forgot after keeping somewhere as they only know how to make villian win over good…. and this you can see from vishkanya to yeh vaada raha show; all time evil shown wins and leads are in shown failed….

  8. Why are all the serials like the above esp, Kala teeka is challenging the intelligence of viewers, dragging and evil winning. Also, all facts are there but takes a different note.

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