Meri Saasu Maa 26th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 26th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sattu and Pari takes blessings of Panj Mayu, they ask how Pari knew about the Mala. Pari says she had read on internet about everything. They sit for Pooja, the lady says there is one thing missing here without which the Pooja can’t begin. She asks maa saa to let the ladies get it. They all search for internet but there was nothing about it. Pari thinks for a while, then goes inside and gets Ghee from inside. Babita asks what it is, Pari says this is what she asked for. The ladies instruct them that until the Pooja ends, neither anyone can enter nor leave the house. They all take turns for Pooja. The lady then asks Bhawna if she won’t do the Pooja, Sattu says their father is no more, how can she do the Pooja then. The lady shuts her eyes.
Papa ji comes towards their house.
The lady

says she feels Bhawna’s husband is somewhere around. Everyone was shocked. Babita says that he has died years ago. There is a knock at the door, it was Papa ji. Pari goes to open the door, she opens a little of it and was shocked to see Papa ji. Bhawna asks who it is. Papa ji requests her to let him in, he has to meet Bhawna. He says he hasn’t come today to go back. Pari notices that he was drunk and asks him about it. Bhawna calls who it is, then goes to see by herself. Pari tells him to go away, she thinks if Maa saa watches him what will happen. Bhawna heads towards the door. Pari asks him to go away but he doesn’t move saying he won’t leave until Bhawna forgives him. Pari says in this condition he will fell even more in his eyes. Papa ji finally leaves. Pari doesn’t tell maa saa who it was, Maa saa peeks from behind her. She asks Pari if she knows him, Pari who faced Maa saa also turns to outside. Papa ji had fallen on the floor. Pari stops Maa saa and says until the Pooja ends neither anyone can enter nor leave the house, she must also not go out. Sattu also comes there, watches Papa ji lying. Pari says it is some stranger. Maa saa goes inside. Pari was relieved. Sattu makes a call to his men to take an old man to his home. Pari shuts the door and comes to sit in Pooja. Babita asks who it was. Pari says it was a stranger. The old lady says that sometimes time turns strangers to one’s owns. She calls to end the Pooja with food. Pari says the food is ready. The old lady could envision that they have to serve the God with Halwa. The ladies go to prepare Halwa. In the kitchen, Pari and Babita were worried that there is neither sugar nor sooji; now the ladies will leave without completing the Pooja.
Bhawna comes to Dadi Mayi, she thanks her to come to judge her daughter in laws. Dadi Mayi says if her daughter in laws are unsuccessful, the Pooja will be incomplete. Bhawna says she even remembers that with pooja being unsuccessful it will be a bad omen for the house. The ladies come and ask to talk to Maa saa for a while. Maa saa asks to discuss the problem here. Manjhali says there is neither Sooji nor sugar. Dadi Mayi says this pooja can’t complete without the food. The ladies say they have sent driver to get the things. Dadi Mayi asks if she wants them to leave. Bhawna says Dadi Mayi said nothing can come in and go out of the house. Dadi Mayi says Geeta shows them the right directions, she reads some poetry that they all try to decode and then reads from Geeta. Maa saa smiles. Pari cheers to have got the answer. Babita asks why Pari is being happy. Pari says four directions can show us the way. They will get the answer in north, Barki says whole of their house is in north direction. She decodes that their answers are four steps ahead. Babita says she will be left in the same room even if they walk four steps ahead of Geeta. Maa saa hears this conversation and wonders if her daughter in laws will be able to solve this riddle before the four pages of Geeta end.

PRECAP: Majhali leave all the stove gas on while Pari performs pooja. Pari goes inside and closes the valves. Maa saa was coming to kitchen with pooja thaal. Pari thinks she must stop Maa saa and blows the flame out. Maa saa asks how dare she?

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. ohhhhh pari wrong timing

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  3. What nonsense,before any pooja they make list and gt all items needed. Dont wait until last minute to find no ingredients to make prasad. Never herd people cannot go out or come in. Bah humbug.

  4. i learn a new tradition today come on pari solve the enigma

  5. Shraddha Sharma

    Bichari pari krna accha chahti hai or ho bura jaata hai…. or usse support bhi koi nhi krta hai….

  6. pls put meri saasu maa 28.3.16 episode
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      Please don’t cry. It has been updated. 🙂

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