Meri Saasu Maa 26th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 26th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sattu is mad as his lawyer tells him they can’t do anything, Massa will have to stay in jail for 2 days. He looks angrily at Pari and blames her for this. She says if she wanted Massa to be in jail, then why she would come here in first place. She explains to him that she faced difficulties while coming here, but he doesn’t listen. Pari’s bhabhis are happy.

Other hand, the guy, who bumped into Pari and took the papers, comes to meet Massa. He gives her the papers and removes his disguised look. Massa tells Mastana even she couldn’t recognize him. She says him well done and asks him to keep working for her like this and then he may get apology from her. She tells him to leave now and make sure not to come in front of anyone. Sattu comes to meet Massa. Mastana hides

and leaves.

Massa comes to regular jail. Sattu comes and cries for his failure. Massa tells him not to be upset. After he leaves, Massa says she had to do this drama to catch the real culprit. Sattu’s brothers come there and show concern for Massa.

Grandma is sad. Three bhabhis show concern. Grandma tells them to shut as she knows very well they want Massa to be in jail. Pari comes in. Her bhabhi tells Grandma to scold her as it’s her fault. Pari says she knows she made mistake and now only she will rectify it. She will find out who the real culprit is. Bhabhis are shocked.

Pari comes to a chemist and he explains to her how she can find the powder that was mixed with water. When powder is added in water, it looks like milk. And when chemical like vinegar is added, it changes color to blue.

Bhabhis and their husbands are worried. Bhabhis say they hide powder in kitchen. Their husbands tell them to take it out from there and put it on some proper place. Pari comes in. They taunt her and calls her a detective. Sattu comes and storms in to his room. Pari follows him. He packs his bag. She asks him what he’s doing. Why he is behaving like this with her. She’s also hurt. She asks he won’t even look at her? Sattu looks at her from a mirror and then walks out. He tells everyone he’s going to stay with Massa.

Bhabhis are in kitchen. When they are taking out the powder, some of it falls in a glass of water. They are about to leave with the powder when Pari comes there. They ask her what she’s doing in kitchen. She says she came to cook dinner for Massa. She asks what they are taking. They say kitchen was full, so they are taking away non-used items. They leave. Pari calls her Dadi and cooks. While cooking, she notices milk in the glass. When she goes to wash a container, vinegar falls in the glass. After a while, it turns blue. She feels something is wrong.

Massa turns on a TV and watches everything going on in the house. She hopes to find the real culprit. She misses the clip when Bhabhis go to the storage room to put the powder. But hears them discussing to leave from there before someone sees them.

Precap: Pari finds the powder in storage room. She packs some and hides it. Massa wonders what she’s hiding.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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