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Meri Saasu Maa 25th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maa saa turns with the letter and slips the stairs, Pari holds her and asks if she is fine. Maa saa says she is fine and asks who did this? The ladies gather around afraid. Maa saa asks if they are cleaning this hall with three buckets, they are cleaning with three buckets? Bari says they all want to be her good daughter in laws. Maa saa says in quest to become a good daughter in law, this house will be ruined. Chaya asks if she can be a good daughter in law of Maa saa, after what happened yesterday. Maa saa says she will decide depending on their hard work, a good daughter in law will be the one who will keep the family intact. She will give them all duties at the time of Holi, the one who will do it best will become the householder. She heads towards the room. Pari thinks that before Maa saa

is hurt reading the letter of Papa ji she must do something. Maa saa looks at the letter in her room when Pari comes panting. Maa saa asks she is pantng and why she came here? Pari says she has to talk to her about something very important. Maa saa keeps the letter and leaves. Pari watches the letter on the table.
Sattu says to Baray and Chotay that they will never again hurt their mother.
Pari looks around and says to Maa saa that this pump is out of order. They must sell it, Maa saa says the need to repair it. Jalabi comes and tells Maa saa daddo isn’t taking her medicine again. Pari thinks this is the right time, she comes to the room but the letter wasn’t there. Babita holds the letter, she thinks that now when Maa saa will find the letter in the whole house she will find it for her. She hides it in a diary.
Pari gets a call, Papa ji asks if Bhawna got the call. Pari says she got the letter, but she won’t let her read it. He knows if she meets him once she will be badly hurt. Papa ji says the sin has burdenized his heart so much that he is unable to live or die. Pari says he will never be able to get to Maa saa. Pari hangs out, Maa saa stood behind her.
Papa ji comes to HR and asks her for the job. The manager tells him to leave his resume, Maa saa will decide about anything after Holi now.
Maa saa asks Pari why she is looking at her like this, she asks Jalabi to find her letter. Pari asks which letter. Maa saa says the same she had kept on the table in front of Pari. Pari says it must be a useless letter, there was no name on it. Maa saa says she likes everything in place, be it a petty letter. Pari thinks she needs to burn that letter as soon as possible. Jalabi brings a diary to Maa saa. Babita asks where she is taking it, Maa saa says she asked her for it, she has to make a ledger of laundry maa. Maa saa finds the letter in the diary and questions Babita how it reached her room. Babita says she doesn’t know about it, it must be either Pari, Manjhali or Bari’s act. Manjhali and Bari say she is lying. Maa saa opens the letter. Pari was worried how to stop Maa saa. Maa saa thinks the ink of this letter has spread, she can’t read a single word. Pari was relieved and thanks God, else this letter must have hurt Maa saa. Maa saa wonders who sent this letter.
Papa ji comes down the office and thinks he can’t wair for Holi, he must apologize Bhawna before that. He watches Sattu coming from the front and drops his mobile. Sattu bends down the pick up the mobile and hands it to him. Papa ji smiles and blesses him saying he will meet him soon.
At night, Maa saa asks Sattu about some business work. She announces that tomorrow evening it is Holi, in the morning she has called for a Pooja. She is giving the four of them some duty, they have to cook for them. Only they can touch the food. She asks the four of them not to ask her for anything, tomorrow will be a competition to become a good daughter in law. Pari thinks she will make Maa saa happy tomorrow.
Daddo asks Maa saa if she did right by giving the responsibility of Pooja to her daughter in laws. If Panj Mayu are angry and leave the pooja, it will be a bad omen. Bhawna says there can’t be a better way to judge who is the real diamond, responsibilities and rights are earned.
Papa ji drinks and remembers his harsh words with Bhawna. He says no one can stop him from apologizing her.
The next morning, the ladies work in kitchen Maa saa watch them from behind and leave. They prepare for Pooja, Maa saa comes to watch the preparations. Panj Mayi arrive, Maa saa asks the ladies to come for their welcome. Maa saa does their aarti. She turns to see the flowers, Panj Mayi was angry at once, Maa saa had also noticed the mistake. They say they won’t even enter the house, they have been disrespected in this house, they are leaving.

PRECAP: Panj Mayi asks Bhawna if she won’t do the pooja. Sattu says their father is no more. Panj Mayi says she feels Bhawna’s husband is somewhere around.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Funny next epi sattu father is alive they are going to do pooja?? Like Tamil film ambala

    1. exactly Ranaji…but in aambala film the prabu has 3 sister but here there is no sisters…????

      1. Sriranjani plz ? ? ? tell me how do u put this pic in the dp tell me plz

      2. Sasi go to word and create ur account and u can change ur dp

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