Meri Saasu Maa 25th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 25th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Inspector asks Massa if she needs anything. Massa asks what’s the news. The inspector says Sattu will get her bailed. After inspector leaves, Massa calls someone.

Pari is sad. Her dadi is trying to calm her down. Ankit comes saying iron is not working. If his parents find out, then they will throw him out. Pari asks him to give it to her. She checks it and a wire is broken. She fixes it. Her dadi says, relationships are like that too. They get broken if they are not fixed on time.

A thief enters Sattu’s room. Babita comes to Sattu’s room and hides the file that has bail papers and puts another file there. The thief sees it. Before he goes in again, Sattu comes there. He recalls recent events and break his and Pari’s photo. He then takes the wrong file and

leaves. The thief comes in and puts correct file on a table there.

Babita tells other two bhabhis that Massa won’t come back home anytime soon. Sattu is about to leave and Pari comes there. He asks her what she is doing there when he told her not to show her face to him. She says Massa brought her to home and she will wait till she is back. Grandma tells Sattu it’s a matter between Massa and Pari, they will solve. Sattu leaves.

Pari comes to her room and sees broken photoframe. She thinks her dadi was right and now she will make sure Sattu himself puts their photos in new photoframe.

Sattu calls home from the court and asks for the right file. Sharabi who is on the phone doesn’t know which file. Pari is there and she helps in finding the right file. Sharabi doesn’t know how to go to court either. Pari then decides to go herself.

Three bhabhis try to stop her, but fail. They then hide their faces and come in front of Pari’s scooter and punctures her tire.

It’s getting late at court. Sattu calls home and he’s told that Pari is coming.

Pari tries to stop an auto, but it doesn’t stop. She then runs on the road. Sattu is getting impatient as it’s almost closing time for the court and it will reopen after 2 days.

Pari bumps into someone and her file falls down. While she gets the man’s bag, he picks up the file and gives it to Pari.

Three bhabhis are outside court and say Pari won’t reach no matter what. Just then Pari reaches there which shock them. Sattu gets happy and melts down for a moment before his lawyer says there are no papers in the file. Now bail is not possible till 2 days after.

Precap: Pari says it’s her mistake and she will correct it by finding the real culprit.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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