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Meri Saasu Maa 25th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
sattu and pari are shocked to see janaki, lying deserted on the road, hurt and wounded. they rush to her and help her get up. she identifies pari, and pari identifies sattu as bhavna’s son. janaki remembers what shivpal did, but didnt tell them, and makes an excuse of some alcoholic colliding into them. she apologises for bothering them in the night. they take her from there.

Scene 2:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Maasa opens the door, on hearing it knock, and finds her family standing outside. she is about to close the door in fury. they beg her not to close the door. she turns around enraged. the eldest one says that they know they have hurt her a lot, and that they were wrong in trusting that person, and if she wants to punish

them, then so be it, but please forgive them. she asks what sould she do, as she was branded a liar and a pretense by all of them. the youngest one says that she is their mother. maasa tells them that shivpal’s sons had to turn out like them. she starts reprimanding for all the insults and humiliation they hurled at her, and starts reminding them all, of what they all had particularly said. she gets emotional, as to how they humiliated her, when all she did was sacrifice her life, for their sake. and then starts throwing money at them, that this is why they did all this. she opens the safe, and then gives everything to them, saying that they can take everything, as her upbringing lost and shivpal’s blood won. they are tempted to take it, but they pretend to be apologetic, and return it all back. they beg to be forgiven. she says that she isnt related to them, to be able to forgive, as they should go to shivpal, who is blood related to them. she shouts at all of them to go, as they dont need her. they all leave dejectedly. she slams the door on them.

In their room, the sons and bahu continue cribbing about how they lost everything in their greed and trouble. but babita says that she has an idea to impress maasa. they are boggled. they rush to granny and pretend to be incoherently crying, as to the ghastly mistake that they did, and beg her to get bhavna to forgive them. she calls bhavna, and then asks why havent they been forgiven yet. before she can clarify, granny says that they dont even deserve forgiveness. babita and others are shocked. granny says that they cant be anyone’s, as they know how to change with time, as if they are forgiven today, then they would show their true colours tomorrow. she says that instead of them rejecting her as the mother, she should reject them as her children. Meanwhile, the eldest one’s phone starts ringing, and he shows that its shivpal. he receives and he asks shivpal how dare he talk to him, as they have noothing to do to him, and because of him, they upset their mother. he reprimands him severely and cancels the call. granny asks what he needs now. the eldest one says that they have realised their grave mistake. he says that shivpal has left from his life too, and again profusely apologises. Maasa eyes him tensedly. The doorbell rings.

As they come back, granny asks pari and sattu as to where thhey went. they say that they went to get janaki, who walks in with them. bhavna asks how she came here at this time. pari explains the situation. janakli goes and hugs bhavna, and says that they are meeting after a long time. maasa smiles. the bahus say that they havent seen her before. bhavna identifies her as a nurse who has always helped people. the nurse talks about the philanthropic nature that she has, as she doesnt want anyone to go through the pain, that she went through. bhavna says that janaki comes to office whenever she needs anything, then why at home today. Pari intervenes and says that she only called her here, after she cited it a urgent. janaki apologises for bothering and then explains the entire situation. maasa asks her to take care next time, to stick to office for such work. she then gives money to janaki, and she takes it. then Janaki asks maasa if they can talk in private, as she had to discuss something. maasa asks what. she says that this is regarding the fact that she needs money. pari says that she just took some. Janaki says thats a separate account, wherein she keeps giving her money every month. bhavna is shocked and asks what does she mean, and what monthly money is she talking about. they are boggled. pari asks her to clear up. janaki asks if its okay to speak in front of everyone. maasa asks her to speak up whatever it is in front of everyone, as they are family. janaki says that she needs money, and she didnt receive it from her last month. sattu asks her to be clear. janaki starts saying, that things were bad at that time. she says that her maasa was helpless at that time, as she couldnt bear anyone troubles and pain, hence she did what she had to. they are boggled and ask what does she mean and whats her point. she says that she gave her own sister, euthanasia, as she loves her so much, that she freed her from this painful life. she starts narrating as to how she couldnt bear her own sister, dying like a living dead, and hence pulled off the plug of the life support system. the nurse says that she understood her pain, and when bhavna’s condition stabilised financially, she used to give her money, maybe to keep her silenced. sattu is shocked to know that and he confronts her, asking how could she kill his mother. bhavna is aghast.

Outside, shivpal smiles and guffaws, that she would have a hard time now explaining this to sattu and the rest of the family. he says that he shall ruin her, for the way she humiliated him. he remembers how janaki had told him, that he murdered his wife, by planning his road accident’s conspiracy, and then pulled off the ventilator plug too, and how he had turns around and come to her, and then eyeing a huge boulder, he goes and takes it, and is about to hit her, while saying that its better that this remains a secret. having threatened her enough, he tells her that he wont kill her, but would punish her family, and her husband. she is distraught and apalled, and agrees to do whatever he says. he then asks her to say what she wants, but when she refuses he gags her. she somehow chokes, and then resignedly agrees, seeing death. he makes her life regarding the euthanasia, to be able to keep her parents safe. he guffaws remembering the evil ways.

Inside, janaki says that the truth is bitter but true, and to keep this a secret, she has been paying her. all are aghast. she say that she wanted to talk in private. she asks them not to be tensed and shocked, as she didnt kill anyone, but did them a huge favour. granny is unable to believe, and asks how could she hide such a big fact. Pari asks sattu to compose herself, as maasa might have been misunderstood too, and maybe this is a conspiracy to implicate her. she says that what maasa did wasnt murder but salvation. She says that she freed bhavna from this life, as she was dying and being tortured every single minute. bhavna is unable to take it anymore, and slaps her tight across her face. sattu and others are distraught. The screen freezes on her shocked face.

Precap: Sattu is overwhelmed, and says that he cant stay here anymore. maasa is distraught and says that he cant leave her and go, and if anyone has to go, then it shall be her. maasa begins to step out of the house but granny stops her. Granny says that if she steps out even a single step, she would see her dead face. she then says that there is just one way to save this family, and thats by dividing the assets.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  2. Show went a bit dumb again… Is Sattu really going to not trust maa sab AGAIN! And this nurse is unbelievable, got a good slap from Maasab.

  3. superb serial

  4. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    One day maasa one day not! Writers exactly wats the point? Getting dumb again!!

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