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Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Pari, maasa and the rest of the family arrives in Bndhavgarh resort. roop takes sattu by the hand, and taunts pari, that she is sorry that she being his ex-wife, has to witness the wedding of her own husband. pari tells her that she neednt bother, as whats fated shall happen. the bahus are all dressed for the location. sattu asks them to take care of roop and take her inside. they agree. roop leaves. maasa and sattu leave to meet the priest. then pari, while walking, collides into kali, her long lost friend. then she gets to know of kali’s plight in life, and says that everything shall work out, and when it

comes to her turn for sharing she eyes roop coming, and hastily leaves from there, while kali stands tensed wondering whats the matter.

Inside, Maasa finally meets with the priest. she asks if he didnt have any problem. he denies. she says that it must be familir for her, but he says that its his first visit, and gets tensed at the mention of the place. he tells her about, kali, yug and gauri being here too with him, and asks if he should make them move to a hotel. she denies, asking them to allow to stay here. she asks him too to participate with his guests. he readily agrees. he then leaves citing personal work. maasa eyes him tensedly, as he leaves, thinking that she feels he is hiding something. sattu too complies, how he went red at the mention of bandhavgarh. she says that this person holds the key to solving the mystery of bandhavgarh. while walking in the corridor, shivpal and th priest collide into each other. shivpal recogises him, and asks whats he doing here. he reminds them of their scene 15 years back, and asks him to beware, as his own family is here, and he cant allow his family to get to know of him. the priest says that he is here for personal reasons, and what happened 15 years back, is long forgotten and he neednt be tensed, since he couldnt even identify him. they part ways. shivpal is tensed. maasa and sattu see them both from a distance.

Scene 2:
Location: Manjari’s residene
Sharmila’s husband shows her the ring, that belongs to uncle, and says that this is a clear cut indication, as its found in the store room and this is the biggest evidence that he did it. she asks him not to place such an accusation. he says that they need to talk. but she makes him swear on her, saying that if he cares for her happiness, then he wouldnt talk about this with anyone. Manjari comes and sends neelu out of the pretext of sending her to the market to get some meds. she then confronts her bahu, as to how she created these marks, to make it look like she was wounded. the bahu refrains her hands in impulse. she asks why is she doing this, as even though she knows what she went through, and that grave injustice has been meted out to her, but this isnt the way she is supposed to react, after her husband leaves, extremely concerned for his wife’s injuries. Manjari is aghast. she asks her wht would she get destroying the happiness and peace of this family. she says that she should give life another chance. but sharmila jerks her hand away, saying that its easier said than done, and then leaves from there. manjari sits aghast.

Scene 3:
Location: Bandhavgarh Resort
In her hotel room, gauri wonders who sent the message, and wonders who could be it, who is sending her and knows so much about her. she wonders who should she seek help, her mother or granny. just then, she gets another message, that warns her not to discuss it with anyone, or else the consequences wouldnt be pretty for her. she wonders, who knows whats going on in her mind, and wonders if kali is behind this. just then, she hear kali’s knock, as she stands on the door. she wonders who could it be then, since kali is right in front of her. gauri gets another message, saying that she shouldnt talk to anyone regarding this. she is boggled, when kali comes and asks why is she staring. gauri asks whats she doing here. she says that she came to take wht belongs to her. she says that she forgot her purse. gauri is tensed. she takes her purse and then leaves, smirking at her plight. gauri wonders who is behind all this, if kali’s phone was right here. Meanwhile, yug thinks that he has sufficiently managed to boggle gauri completely.

Later, maasa gathers them all together. and then tells about te priest and shivpal’s talks, and how shivpal went red having seen him. she says that they are connected, and the priest is their only link to this mystery, and they have to find it out. pari says that she has managed to bribe and get the hold of the record room, wherein they can find some clue, but there is a small problem, and cites, that the ritual for mehendi, is happening in the room, right alongside it. maasa assures her, that in the ritual she shall manage to distract everyone, while pari looks on. grnny hopes that they find success being so close to it. they all take her blessings. sattu says that they shall definitely win. maasa is determined.

Downstairs, merriment and festvities start, while all participate. getting maasa’s cue, pari stealthily leaves from there. the priest arrives with his entire family. maasa welcomes them with a hearty cheer, and extends her hospitality. the girls’ take maasa’s blessings, while the bahus are amused. Gauri asks the priest, whats their plan now regarding kaali. she is more frustrated as she finds yug is always staring at her only. he asks why is she being hesiatnt, as hasty decisions are rash. he says that he is going to meet his special friend, after which he shall detail out the plan to her. he leaves. roop is boggled. sattu stealthily leaves from the place. kali talks to maasa, asking about pari, citing her as her friend. roop says that she too wishes to know, that pari isnt to be seen anywhere.

Meanwhile, pari is in the record room, trying to search for clues and evidence, leading to their next headway.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road and Bandhavgarh Resort
Sattu gets pari’s call, and he cancels it abruptly, saying that he shall speak after sometime. he gets another call, and asks pari to wait for sometime, but is shocked, when he gets to know its roop, who is boggled, wondering why was he expexcting pari’s call. he gives an excuse and composes himself, and says that she was pestering him, and hence he asked her to back off. roop says that he did good, and asks where is he. he says that he is out to pick some stuff, and then cancels the call citing bad signal. she is amused thinking of what her plans are for him, till after the marriage.

Scene 5:
Location: Bandhavgarh Resort
Meanwhile, gauri asks yug how good would it have been, had they had this mehendi ritual, so that their love could have been depicted in the dark colour of her mehendi. gauri thinks that they need to resolve this mysterious message sender soon, as she feels yug is coming closed as she feels he is paying attention to her. just then, kali gets a message from kali, that she cant hide the truth fr long, and the reality shall have to come fast. Shivpal meanwhile wonders that pari is missing, the priest has landed uddenly, and sattu is gone too, and wonders whats going on maasa and granny see him in tension, and decide to do something. he lands outside the record room, and is abou to go in, when a waietr accidentally collides into him, and he reprimands him for having spoiled the dress. Inside, however pari is going through 15 year old records, to get a clue. shivpal gets in, and she sneaks so as not to be seen. he looks around, while she takes her chance and leaves stealthly, and then joins them back, in the festivities. she tells maasa that she got the evidence, that the priest came here, and its
Kali comes and says that she needs to talk something imp to pari, and takes her aside. roop them tells the ladies that she has a very nice plan for her would be husband’s ex-wife. she is amused.

Aside, kali asks pari whats going on, as she seems tensed, and roop is talking such lowly about her. pari says that she doesnt mean well, and that she cant stop this marriage. kali asks who is the groom, and when she gets to know of sattu, kali is agahst. she forcibly takes her aside.

Scene 6:
Location: On the road
The priest arrives in front of a jungle, in the outskirts, and gets out of the car, and goes on foot, through the jungle, oblivious that sattu is folling him. he eyes a medical research facility at a distance and goes towards it.

Scene 7:
Location: Medical Research facility
The priest goes inside, and then asks the compunder about the doctor. when he gets to know, that the doctor isnt here, he asks him if he still does what he used to do. the person asks him to be silenced, as noone should know about it. just then, sattu, who had been following them, accidentlly collides into a crash tray, and they are alarmed. without seeing whos is it, the priest leaves from there. sattu comes and demands to know who is the person. he denies to speak up. sattu gets enraged and asks yet again. the compunder says that he doesnt know anything. sattu takes the paper knife from his paper stand, and placing it against his jugular, he threatens to slicee it iup, if he doesnt speak up. he complies, and blurts everything, that he had a heart transplant here, and received a heart of a woman, whose name was Bhavna Devi and that her own husband brought her here. hearing this, sattu is shocked. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: kaali tells pari in the darkness of the jungle, in the night, that if they follow this man, they shall be able to unravel the truth, connected to their lives. pari too says that he holds the key to the truth. Pari says that they shall definitely expose the truth. they join hands, and then start running in the deserted roads of the jungle. their feet slips and they accidentally fall into a pit, where they are surrunded by snakes. they are pertified, and scream for help.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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