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Meri Saasu Maa 24th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Daddo comes to Maa saa and says she didn’t lose her hope in very tough times, she became their shield and never let them realize they didn’t have father. She may have missed some of motherly responsibilities in being their father. Bhawna says she now wants to become their mother, she wants to give them space.
Pari picks up Papa’s call in the corridor, she says she was clear that he can never reach Maa saa till she is alive. Papa ji says he has a burden in his heart about all the sins. Pari asks why is it always about his choice, when he wants to leave and when he wants to come back to Maa saa’s life. Papa ji says he will now find another way to get to Bhawna. Pari wonders what he will do now.
Everyone stands outside the door with the food tray. They say they will break the door

if she doesn’t open it. Bhawna opens the door. Pari says she is really sorry, she didn’t want to hurt Maa saa at all. Sattu says Bhaiya had promised to improve his mistake, Pari says he asked Sattu not to tell Maa saa about it. Maa saa says she was really shocked how Pari took Baray’s mistake on herself; she has taught they enough and they are responsible enough; from now on she wants to give the responsibilities of home and business to a daughter in law and a son and they will look after it now. She says she will begin from the house, the responsibility of the house will go to the one who will always keep the family bounded, and she will fulfil one desire of her as well. Pari thinks she doesn’t want the keys, she will still be a very good daughter in law and will apologize her.
Papa ji thinks about sending a letter to Bhawna for apologizing.
Pari brings a medicine to Sattu, he denies taking it. Pari says this is for Maa saa, she saw bruises on her hands. Sattu asks her not to prove to be a good daughter in law. Pari tells Sattu that Maa saa loves him the most and thus was most hurt because of him, this is the time to take care of her. She again gets Papa ji’s call and wonders why he is calling her again and again.
Sattu cries watching Maa saa’s injured hands, his tear fell on her hands. Maa saa’s tear fell her eyes off, she keeps a hand on his head. He puts the medicine on her hand and says he is really bad, she may punish him as she wants to. He tells her when they were child he was already afraid of her stick, and always tried to stay away from being beaten because he had seen her beating herself twice once, after beating them all; today all these bruises are because of him.
Pari takes the call and asks Papa ji how he dares call her. Papa ji tells her he has sent a letter to Bhawna.
Maa saa apologizes Sattu that he couldn’t be a good mother, she was so strict that her children were suffocating in their own house. Sattu says she is a goddesss, her love is a blessing not suffocation. Maa saa watches the bruises on Sattu’s hand and puts on the medicine over his hand.
Pari says he is scratching the old bruises of Maa saa this way, she being a daughter will never let the letter reach Maa saa. The ladies watch an ad about Vishkanya. Babita says they must ask this girl in ad some poison and feed that Pari. Manjhali tells Babita that she won’t be able to stand in front of them, Youngers are always younger. Babita says time will tell this.
The next morning, the ladies come out of their rooms with broom sticks, the three meet each other in the hall and argue with each other. Pari comes to them and says if they keep on fighting like this, it will all be ruined. Why shouldn’t they distribute all the works? Babita tells Pari to keep her suggestions to herself, this is a war-house now. Pari says she must not turn the competition into war. The bell rings at the door, Pari goes to check who it is. It was a courier man with the letter for Bhawna Sharma. She asks who sent it, but the man says it isn’t written. Pari asks for the letter thinking about Papa ji’s call. Maa saa asks whose letter is this? Pari tries to hide the letter but Maa saa takes it from her hand. It had been named after Maa saa. Pari thinks she can’t let Maa saa reads it.

PRECAP: Papa ji thinks he must apologize Bhawna. He watches Sattu coming to Dooshaagar and smiles looking him there.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Papaji ohhh!! Started with tashan e ishq show that show was improved now only and it is doing good and now meri sassu maa also joins the list???

  2. I hope pari try to bring maa saa n paapji back together


  4. but really bravo for the strong mum s love

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