Meri Saasu Maa 24th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 24th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Sattu talks to chhaya and asks her whats the matter. she narrates everything tio him, while pari looks on tensedly. he is shocked. she says that she has been trying to talk to sareen, but she isnt picking up. he asks pari to place the call to lakshya. when he sees the call, he picks up. she says that she wishes to meet him and his mother. he says that he was thinking about her only. he says that she shall have to come to USA then, as they are leaving rightaway and asks if she shall come. she lashes at him saying that she shall meet him and his mother with the police now. pari starts reprimanding them. sareen asks him to cancel the phone. pari tells the same to sattu, who informs this to chhaya. he wonders how shall she face maasa now, as she went

against maasa and gave them money. she is tensed.

Back home, the bahus are shocked and relieved, while maasa calls the inspector to pull strings and catch hold of sareen. granny eyes them disturbed. the bahus continue their rant, while maasa is disturbed. she asks them to stop it now, and asks whats the use. kamlesh too lashes at them, for being so careless and ignorant, that they drowned the entire money. she asks him not to scold them as the money wont come back by that. Maasa goes to chhaya, and asks her to foeget what happened, and says tat she had warned them, and atleast they should trusted her experience, and even if the money went, but she did get a lesson so that they dont trust anyone blindly, particularly strangers. she says that thime would tell what they learnt. she says that she gave them a chance, but from hereon, she shall decide for them, what to do, and how to do it. they are apalled. Finally, sattu and pari enters and finds the bahus tensed. they find the boutiqueempty and ask where it went. Maasa comes and tells that the shop has closed down, as to start the busines was their decision, but to shut it down is hers, as they started the business with a loss. Pari says that proifit and loss are there in every business, but its wrong to consider loss as victory, and that the lesson they learnt, is invaluable. maasa says that she too learn the lesson, that she wouldnt invest anymore in the business. Maasa declares to pari that she wont spoil her money over them anymore, and thats her final decision. pari eyes her tensedly, and says that if thats so, then she accepts her decision, but they three alone shall not bear the punishment, as they all took this decision, and when the bhabhis are being forced to sit at home, then she too shall comply. she shall bear it too with them, and leave her college job, and thats her final decision. sattu asks whats she saying. the bahus are shocked, while maasa is aghast and doesnt understand what to do. pari leaves from there. maasa blames the bahus for this, and asks them to impress her back.

In the room, sattu asks pari why is she doing this, and connecting two different things. she says that she doesnt want them to think that maasa sides with pari all the time. she says that she cant afford the peace of the house at any cost, thats restored after much effort, and the bahus should never feel inferior in front of her, and either maasa complies to all of their wishes, or noone’s. he is tensed.

In their room, the bahus think that leaving the job at the college by pari, is a bad decision, and that they should do something about it. babita says that now they shall rectify their mistakes, through drama, whereas they have always been doing the reverse. they find pari coming towards te balcony, and start their enactment. pari comes down and finds them all fighting for cutting veggies in the kitchen. pari is boggled. babita stands amused. Pari asks whats going on. they pretend to be flustered. Pari however sees through their act, while they try to emphasise that they like working at home, more than doing business, just like she likes working in the college. she says that she knows them and their plan, so that she can go back. chhaya says that when she has understood, they narrate everything to her. she says that whatever happened between her and maasa, they are embarassed. pari says that its the equation she shares with her as a mother. Maasa comes and says that she shall give her decision then, and that not going to college, is her decision, but what happens in the house, is her decision, and she forbids them to enter the kitchen from this day forth. she says that she wants them to relax, while she handles the kitchen. they are all shocked. maasa says that noone shall step in the kitchen except for her, they are all tensed. pari is speechless.

Later, in the room, sattu asks pari if she knows that maasa wants her to go to college, and is hence doing this. she says that she knows. he says that he too wants this. she says that she wont go, till the bhabhis get back to work. he says that he wont be able to stay without her in college. she says that she managed too. he asks if she wnts him to go talk to maasa. she denies,s aying that she shall handle her mother, and he shouldnt step in. Just then, she gets shona’s call, saying that this is her last day, and she wants her to attend the farewell party. but pari denies, saying that she has urgent work, and cancels. shona is tensed. he asks whats the matter. she expresses her concern for shona, while he gets tensed. she gives him a cute, innocent smile, and he asks her not to try all this, as he wont melt and help her.

Scene 2:
Location: L. N. College and Sattu’s residence
The next morning, shona arrives in the college, and finds them all teary eyed. she gets tensed and composes herself, and then asks them to cheer up. she infact asks them to make a video montage as to how they have had wonderful times together. they all beg her not to go, while she too gets emotional and says that this is her last day, and for her, it was way more than her college, and was a home for her where she found her family. everyone including sattu listens tensedly, as they get emotional. she says that she doesnt know how she would live without them, and pari came in like an angel, just the perfect elder sister that she wanted since childhood, and that she took immense care of her. she says that she shall miss everything, and that she doesnt know what to do now. just then, Shona gets pari’s call, and clutches at the mobile, in despair, frustrated and overwhelmed. Pari somehow tries to talk to her, but she doesnt listen. Pari herself is in tears at home. pari apologises to herself that she couldnt stop her rusticatioon. shona takes their leave, as if she cries in front of them, her image shall be ruined. she bids a hasty farewell ad is about to leave, when sattu taunts that he did see her fake crocodile tears that he had heard so much about. she lashes back at him, asking him to be in his limit. he says that she crossed her limit, and is hence leaving. before a tussle ensues, shona stops her friends, saying that she doesnt want any arguements on her last day, and then bids her final goodbye to all of them. they are all distraught. but then babli comes in saying that she neednt go nywhere as her rustication has been cancelled, and her parents met the dean. shona is shocked, and asks babli where her parents are. she rushes out to meet them. she stops a couple as they are leaving. she asks if they wouldnt meet shona. they say that they shall meet her at the airport. she says that she cant let them go. they ask who is she. she identifies herself. they are shocked. they blurt out when she asks them that they are pari’s relatives, and were asked to do this. she is overwhelemd at this gesture of pari, and is superjoyed, and asks them to convey her thanks to pari.

In her room, pari is extremely boggled, wondering how to help shona, and thinks that she shall have to do something immediately. Just then, Shona thanks pari on the message, saying that she saved ehr from rustication. Pari is boggled completely. she wonders how is shona saying this, and how has the rustication been cancelled. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Maasa asks pari if she is adamant on her decision, then so is she. pari says that the daycare business isnt right for bahus. maasa gets enraged and asks her to handle the house as well now, and hands her the keys. pari stands tensedly. Later, she does a promotional advertisement for the new serial, AMMAJI.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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