Meri Saasu Maa 24th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 24th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bunty goes with doctor and dontes blood. Mari and Kamlaesh views. Kamlesh is in some thinking. Maa Saab starts to recover after Bunty donates his blood to her. As she gains consciousness, Maa Saab is worried that she was unable to fulfil the order but she is surprised when kamlesh informs her that he has completed her unfinished work. Chahaya make me go against maa but inspite he compelte work.

Later, they all reach home but only to receive a huge shock. Maa Saab is stupified when she sees the photographs of Pari and Bunty together. The entire neighborhood collects together and starts to accuse Pari of having an affair with Bunty.
All start accusing pari about not keeping dignity after sattu’s death and spending night with sattu. They are about to blacken her face but is stop bu bunty and he scolds them.

Bunty ask everyone to leave but all leave in anger. Pari goes in her room and cries holding sattu photoframe. Just than bunty arrives and tries to console her but she ask him to leave her and family alone. Kamlesh tells chahya that they should not go against maa sa but she blackmails him by holding scissor near her neck and kamlesh becomes helpless.

Pari and Maasa are working in godwan and pari give her medicines and pari is in tension. Maasa ask pari about bunty? Pari ask masa to keep distance from him. Just than light goes and neighbours start throwing stones with chits abusing pari. Masa gets call and goes. Chahaya ask pari why did you spend night with that bunty?? Surprisingly shocking pari.

Now just light arrives and everyone looks for maasa. Maasa is talking to bunty. Bunty says that he has shown neighbours their place. And till I am here i will not let anything happen her and her dignity and light lamp of this house. Just than pari is shown coming towards maa sa. Maasa ask bunty to leave and stop thinking about her as she will never accept you in her life. Bunty says that if my love for her is true, she will accept me. Just than pari see maa sa..

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