Meri Saasu Maa 23rd May 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 23rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Maasa informs them all that purohit shall come to bandhavgarh. Later, maasa is surprised to know from sattu that he sent pari to roop. he says that he did so that she could create some drama so that shivpal agrees to taking maasa and granny to the marriage. they are boggled. he asks them to continue watching on.

In his room, shivpal stands tensed, as an ecstatic roop counts ten lakhs, and then asks when would she get the rest of her share. he asks er to be patient till after the marriage. she says that she shall be by him, but he shouldnt dare to be oversmart and then asks about the plan. he says that maasa named a huge property to sattu and his wife’s name, and the sonner she gets married to him, she shall get it. he says that he

shall get it from her, and everything shall happen as per his plan. he says that bandhavgarh shall pose a problem. she is problem and asks what. he ignores. just then, pari comes in to find them together. roop yes her angrily. they both come and confront each other. Pari tells shivpal and roop, that she wouldnt allow roop to marry him at any cost, as some dance moves cant take away sattu from her, as sattu is still her husband, he was, is and shall always be her life partner. she says that she wouldnt let her cast her shadow even on him. shivpal asks him to remember the dirvoce papers that she signed. Retortingly, pari says that the court takes six months for the couple to reconcile, after granting the divorce. she says that she made a mistake by signing but now she shall rectify her mistake. hence pari says that this girl shall not stay here. shivpal and roop are tensed to hear this. she takes her by the hand and throws her on the ground, in the drawing room. shiv shivpal comes behind them. the bhus are shocked. pari tells roop that if she doesnt want that her respect is shattered to bits, she should silently leave. she says that she shall have to push her out. granny, maasa and sattu come out just then. sattu stops the hand that pari raises on roop, to throw her, asking how dare she raise her hand on his would be wife. pari gets emotional and asks how can he do and say this, as he cant get married, since she loves him. he says that he loves roop, and she has not right to throw her out of the house, or his heart. she begs him not to say so, as she cant be apart from him, and asks him to say that its all a lie, and apologising profusely, she say that she shall rectify her mistakes. roop and shivpal smirk amusedly. sattu asks her to wait for a minute and then comes back with the divorce papers. he then shows her the court seal and the judge’s signature. grann is shocked and asks if this is true. maasa tells this these are fake documents, and asks her to continue watching the drama, and then shows her the wedding card of him with roop. she pretends to be aghast, while the bahus are amused. pari asks the competition just got over yesterday, then how so fast, the cards got prnted. he says that he knew he would win, hence did them. roop taunts her that she is seriously lucky, to be the first wife who would attend hr own husband’s wedding, and asks her to take it as the first card. she asks her to come, as if she doesnt, then who shall entertain the guests. pari throws the card away, and raises her hand to hit roop, while she grabs her hand and wrenches it, and pari falls on the floor. she cuts her hand, and it starts bleeding. sattu immediately gets affected and asks someone to gte bandage, asking her if she is okay. Pari is tensed. she signals him not to show concern, as roop and shivpal are boggled by this. he composes himself. she says that it isnt needed. pari turns it around on roop, saying that this is love, as she got hurt, but he is in pain. sattu eyes her tensedly. maasa gets emotional. pari says that she wouldnt understand the pure relation of a couple, as faith doesnt get swayed this easily. the bahus hear tensedly, along with shivpal. pari says that she knows sattu still loves her. he turns rigid and asks her not to misunderstand, as she is mistaking humanitarianism for love, as they are nomore c ouple, and she shouldnt think of them as one. she says that he is lying, not to her, but to himself. she says that these are matters of the heart, which dont break, as they are very strong, and the day he understands this, he would leave these fake relations and come back to her. he says that if she has faith so much, then she should come to bandhavgarh, to test it, as his love is only for roop. she says that she accepts his challenge, as she shall come there and give this test. shivpal and roop smirk. pari eyes him tensedly. maasa too stands beside pari and glares at sattu, saying that she is here with her as her mother. granny too comes and sides. all are tensed. sattu says that its settled then, that they shall witness his marriage with roop. they are inwardly happy that they got wht they wanted. he tells them that noone can separate him from roop. the bahus evilly smile.

In her room, pari is crying with the wedding card of sattu with roop, when granny and maasa passing by, find her like this. they cmment and applaud her on how beautiful she acted. maasa says that she is crying, since a wife cant even act to separate from her husband, and she is merely doing i fr the sake of her truth to be exposed. sattu comes and says that he knows she is upset due to this drama, but they are helpless as they have no other option, to expose shivpal. she says that she is with him, and asks them not to worry, as she got emotional seeng sattu’s name on the card. she says that she shall compose herself. maasa holds her hand and says that she cant share her pain, but can understand, and eels guilty that all of it is happening due to her. pari vehemently asks her not to say so, as she isnt to be blamed, and blames shivpal for this, and his conspiracies. she says that she has full faith that sattu shall be by her, and her pain is nothing compared to what she went through. she says that now shivpal’s time is up, and his truth, his evilness shall be exposed now, and her taint has to be removed. he says that they need to be careful, so that noone knows they are togther. granny asks whats to be done next. sattu tensedly tells everyone.

The next morning, while all are in the drawing room, Pari eyes sattu and roop coming out hand in hand, and gets tensed along with maasa. she is distraught, as roop eyes her amusedly. shivpal comments that sattu’s leg seems better, and asks him to take care of himelf, and asks them to cme out, as the car is waiting. maasa and granny ask pari to come along too. roop asks why the haste, as they are going to get married, and hence she needs a ritual to cast off evil eyes, and hence they need to find a solution to the same, the traditional one, by doing arti and finish it, and ho better than pari to do the ritual. PAri is shocked, as she is asked by roop to comply. maasa gets enraged, while pari asks her to play on. she glares at roop angrily, and then stoically stands, while pari prepares the puja ritual. sattu too tensedly complies, while pari does the puja, s tears stream down her cheeks. roop eyes pari in her delapidated state, evilly. babita and the bahus smirk that roop is getting the better of pari. Roop comments pari and her luck and her bravery, that she is warding off evil spirits, from her exhusband and hs current wife. pari eyes her sternly. she claps for pari while she helplessly eyes sattu. the bahus and shivpal smirk too. The screen freezes on pari’s tensed face.

Precap: kaali tells pari in the darkness of the jungle, in the night, that if they follow this man, they shall be able to unravel the truth, connected to their lives. pari too says that he holds the key to the truth. Pari says that they shall definitely expose the truth. they join hands, and then start running in the deserted roads of the jungle.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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