Meri Saasu Maa 23rd March 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 23rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maa saa was shocked to hear Sattu and Pari’s conversation, she comes downstairs thinking about going to police station, Sattu’s confession that he has also become a part of the lie now. She comes to the room and takes a stick from her wardrobe.
The three bhabi bring lunch boxes, they come to confrontation and compete about lunch box. They watch Maa saa standing with a stick in the hall. Daddo comes outside. Bhabis were worried whom Maa saa is going to beat now. Sattu asks Maa saa what is it about that she took their childhood stick. Maa saa asks him to let his baray bhaiya come. Pari says he is in his room. Maa saa calls Kamlesh! He was shocked to hear Maa saa’s thunderous call and comes down. Maa saa heads towards him with the stick and slaps him hard on face. She asks him to show his

hand, and beats him till it bleeds. Daddo asks Bhawna why she is beating him. Maa saa says this is what a mother should do to her thief son. She says she ruined her life to make theirs so that they don’t miss their father, but they only betrayed her. Daddo asks what happened. Bhawna grabs Kamlesh with his collars and says he did the mixing in Doodhsagar’s milk. Daddo isn’t ready to agree. Maa saa says this isn’t enough, Sattu, who never hides anything, he knew about it. She comes to Sattu and says he was her dear son, he also betrayed her? Sattu says he was about to tell her, then… Maa saa qualifies that he fell in love with Pari and his love for Maa saa lessened. She asks Pari if she got the video removed. She asks Sattu if he thought she will never know. She had no hopes with Pari, but with Sattu her hopes were really high; no matter the world leaves her but Sattu won’t. Sattu cries and asks her not to be angry to him, he didn’t tell her only because he didn’t want to hurt her. Maa saa turns to Baray and says if he has stolen in his own house. She comes to Chotay and says he is also a thief, he also stole in his own house. Maa saa says what they have down will always hurt her on her heart. She complain bhabis why they didn’t tell her? She then curses herself to be asking them who were a part of this stealing. She then asks Pari if she had also been bribed. Pari was about to explain, but Bhawna stops her. She asks Barki, the eldest daughter in law of the house to tell her. Barki says what else they should have done, they aren’t able to fulfil their pettiest wish in this house. Baray stops her but Maa saa tells her to speak. Barki says she can’t do a single chore according to her own wish in the house, even in years. They always have to take Maa saa’s permission, she is the eldest daughter in law still she was never given any responsibility. Had their needs been fulfilled, why would they steal; Maa saa doesn’t realize she is the reason of this all. Sattu asks Chaya to apologize Maa saa. Maa saa turns around speechless, and moves out of the hall. Sattu was upset.
Maa saa walks in her room and locks herself inside. Sattu and everyone come calling her. Maa saa cries inside the room. Kamlesh says he knows he isn’t worth forgiveness, but she must not hurt herself. Babita thinks that she can make a place in Maa saa’s heart today and tells Barki she did really wrong. Barki accuses Pari and Sattu for telling everything to Maa saa inspite of promising them. Pari says she didn’t. There is an argument. Daddo makes everyone leave but Sattu and Pari insist to stay until Maa saa is alright. Daddo asks them to leave her alone for a while, she will talk to Bhawna about it.
Maa saa watches the old albums, thinks about her husband’s words against poverty, her struggle and now Barki’s words. She cries and beats herself with the stick.
Babita and chotay come to their room. Babita was happy and says now that Sattu will turn to a stone in Maa saa’s eyes. She was happy that she will now rule this house.
There, Kamlesh accuses Barki for speaking in front of Maa saa. Barki says she did this all only because she couldn’t see him insulted.
Sattu beats his fist on the bed frame, he was upset that he lied to Maa saa, he was upset why his Papa ji left Maa saa and didn’t fulfil his responsibilities and vows he had given to Maa saa. Pari stops him from beating himself. Her phone rings then, she was shocked to see Papa ji’s call. Sattu asks whose call it is?

PRECAP: Maa saa tells everyone that it is time she gives up her responsibilities to her daughter in laws, the one who will prove to be the best will get the keys.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Really pari will win becoz all saas bahu shows does this. But today truth is out. Why papaji is calling back. Backwas he is going to create another drama

  2. Of course pari is going to win

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