Meri Saasu Maa 23rd June 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 23rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Maasa hands them their tiffins, as they leave with a smile.

Scene 2:
Location: L. N. College
Pari is taking her class, while sattu lingers around in the cafe. she gets tensed and worried for him. later they return back. The next morning she again arrives at the college, and when shona tries to apologise to her, she refuses to pay notice. she leaves from there. shona is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Sattu is finally getting ready, as his suspension period is over, and animatedly chatters about how he is going back with her in her class. she is still tensed though. he asks whats the matter. she says that she thinks that whats the point of being a teacher, if her favourite student hides

his english incapacity from her, and what he did, is her biggest failure as a teacher. he asks her not to self victimise herself, as its his fault and not hers. she says that it shall continue, and what shall she do then, when a similar situation arises again, and says that she has made up her mind to teach him english at home. h is boggled. she says that they shall chat in english from hereon. he asks how would he understand. she says that he wouldnt have trouble understannding romance. he complies, but before promising, he says that she shall act whatever she wishes to, and whatever sympathy she has for shona, she wont let it get in the way of his dealing with shona. she says that she is a teacher first in college, and that she wont speak between them, and shall not side with anyone, but can still perform her duty, and he can solve howsoever he wishes to, but she shall act as a teacher. they both comply on it.

Scene 4:
Location: L.N. College
As pari comes to the college, shona continues to try and strike a conversation, but keeps getting snubbed off. shona gets upset and distraught. she says that its been 3 days since she talked. pari again points out what wrong she did. shona keeps pestering, but pari points out the intensity of what she did wrong. shona continues to vehemently apologise, but pari sternly eyes her and then leaves. shona is tensed. in the class, she continues her roll call, when shona rushes in and pari asks her to behave. shona says that she needs to confess as she cant take it anymore. pari asks her not to create a scene, if she respects her at all. shona says thats exactly what she did and wants to do. PAri is surprised when shona owns up her mistake in front of the entrie class the next day, saying that it was her fault, that sattu couldnt finish it successfully. she says that she did it, as she hates sattu, and is now confessing, because she loves pari, who isnt talking to her due to this mistake, and again apologise. sattu is tensed. but the dean comes in and lashes at her severely, that apology isnt sufficient after what she did, and that she shall have to call her parents tomorrow itself or else she shall be rusticated from the college. all are aghast, including Pari. pari tries to intervene and salvage the situation, but the dean is totally against it, and leaves. shona is aghast.

Later, sattu tells pari that shona is a big time drama act, and that its isnt convincing enough. but she sides with shona, saying that, he has no clue whats going on in her life, and she is pure from th heart. he mocks her for being so naive. he asks why she didnt tell that she didnt talk to shona for 3 days. she says that she had to. he says that its right that she explained it to her, so that she rectifies her mistake, and mends her ways. shona meanwhile comes just then, and sattu regains his composure as a student, and leaves aside. shona comes and hands pari a letter. she says that this is her relieving letter and asks if she wishes to ask why is she leaving college. she says that before the college rusticates her, she wishes to leave gracefully, and that her parents have lakhs of money for her, but not the time, for coming to her daughter’s college for her future. she hands in her relieving letter and then leaves. he comes to her and says that this is just one more tactic out of her oversmartness. he says that he thought she would change after her confession but she is merely leaving the college, as she doesnt want herself to be exposed. pari points out how wrong he is, and that he doesnt have a clue. she is about to lurt out yet again, but then stops herself, and says that they neednt interfere in anyone’s personal lives. she gets up and leaves. he thinks that shona might be able to influence the innocent pari, and til the time he gets hold of shoan’s parents, he wouldnt sit in peace.

In the mess, shona tells the gang of the final decision, as its her last day, and she cant call her parents at any cost, so there really arent any more options left. her friend says that she could apologise to the dean just like she did to pari. shona is reluctant to apologise to the dean. she says that she is leaving the college but not them, as they say that they shall miss her. she decides to throw a party. pari comes and asks whats the need, if she is leaving college, or spoiling her career, and asks why cant she call her parents. shona says that she hasnt begged to anyone, not even her poarents, and that it was hers, and she has taken the decision, and hopes that she comes tonight in the party. she leaves with the gang. pari MEanwhile thinks that shona is going to spoil her career in her naivety, and now she would have to intervene and do something about it.

Scene 5:
Location: Shooting venue
The bahus arrive at the shooting scene, along with the samples and the consignment. they meet up sareen and show her the samples, and she is pretty impressed and praises them galore. they are over the moon. she says that as per her promise, she shall pay them, now that they have delivered her stuff. they are shell shocked as she signs them a cheque for their delivery, happy at their professional success. they formally accept it and leave. Later, the bahus are ecstatic to see the cheque as they are unable to believe. they get in and drive off.

Scene 6:
Location: Maasa’s residence and college
As maasa and the brothers sit, the bahus come in talking galore about their professional success and show them the cheque. maasa eyes it as chhaya gives the cheque for kamlesh to see. he is shocked, and they presume that its because they didnt ever think that their wives could have done it. maasa asks kamlesh if everything is okay. he asks her to see for herself. the bahus get tensed, as maasa sees it. kamlesh asks if maasa saw what business they did. Maasa says that bank where this cheque is to be deposited, shut down three months ago. the bahus are shell shocked and aghast while maasa fumes.

In college, Pari sits tensedly, with sattu, thinking about how shona’s parents are. he asks her to forget about her worries, and asks her to get a little romantic atleast. he cups her close to himself, and asks her if he could possible teach her romance. they both close their eyes in antiipation of a kiss as each leans in to the other. just then pari’s phone rings. Maasa eyes her tensedly, as chhaya dishevelled calls up pari, and asks her to come home straightaway. chhaya says that nothing is right, as there has been a major problem. pari asks whats the matter, but they ask and insist her to come home immediately. pari and sattu are extremely tensed, while chhaya is distraught. The screen freezes on maasa’s and pari’s faces.

Precap: Maasa declares to pari that she wont spoil her money over them anymore, and thats her final decision. pari eyes her tensedly, and says that if thats so, then she accepts her decision, but they three alone shall not bear the punishment. she shall bear it too with them, and leave her college job, and thats her final decision. the bahus are shocked, while maasa is aghast and doesnt understand what to do.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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