Meri Saasu Maa 23rd August 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 23rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Bunty is trying to get the car working, while pari circles in a corner, scared and tensed. he teases her if she is scared, and she fervently denies. she asks him to hurry up and get the car okay and get going with her. he asks her to show the torch, so that she can reach home faster. she complies. then in their bid, they fall on each other. a romantic moment follows. he refrains himself and asks if everything is okay. she retreats and complies. she accidentally shuts the bonnet and it lands on his hand injuring him severely. she profusely apologises saying that this wasnt deliberate. he asks why she did so. meanwhile, someone is shown to be videotaping them, and sending off the pics to guptaji, who instructs kamlesh not to let the delivery be

made top the client, and maasa shouldnt get to know of it. kamlesh assures that. gupta smirks eyeing the pic, thinking he would use it at the right time.

In her room, while arranging stuff, chaaya is super excited about their good days returning. her sister, Preeti gives an unexpected surprise, and chaaya is super pleased. she asks about kamlesh and is told that they would just come.

Meanwhile, maasa is busy getting things packed for delivery, when her condition worsens, and she severely starts coughing. kamlesh comes and finds this, saying that he shall help her. she says that she cant trust him, as with this work, pari’s work and hard work is associated, and hence cant blame it on someone else. he says that he is her son. she reminds him of his excuse, when he couldnt go with pari, and that pari isnt her daughter in law, but her daughter. just then, preeti comes and asks kamlesh to come along, and maasa too asks him to go and rest. he resignedly leaves. Maasa eyes him tensedly.

Later, while working in the kitchen, preeti laments on chhaya’s bad luck. kamlesh comes and sits tensedly. chaaya starts reprimanding him, for being so useless, and asks him to do something to stop the order, and not let mother’s love be reignited in his heart. he leaves off tensedly, while she continues to taunt him along with preety. she says that she didnt tell him to go. he rushes out hastily. they are frustrated. Preeti meanwhile eyes the baygon spray ad gets an idea.

Outside, kamlesh is tensed, thinking that he should tell the entire truth to maasa, while chaaya and preety put on the spray on the delivery material. they rush off before maasa can come and see. when she comes, she is taken aback by the bad smell, and finds the poisonous spray on the dairy products, and one whiff of it, and she falls on the ground unconscious, hitting her head on the ground, with blood gushing out. hearing her scream, kamlesh rushes to the factory and finds maasa like that, and immediately rushes to the bed. chaaya and preeti are irritated when he mentions that maasa needs to be taken to the hospital, despite his attempts at trying to wake her up.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Bunty andpari are stranded on the road, and find a single hotel on a deserted road. pari eyes it tensedly, while bunty tries to convince that there isnt any other option, and they can stay here, for th night. he says that there isnt any mechanic around, and they can spend the night in the hostel. she says that first she shall bandage him, and then sleep in the car. he tells her that it isnt safe for girls like her, to be out, and he has promised maasa he would keep her safe. she complies tensedly. he says that he shall have two rooms. In the hotel, they get to know that only a single room is available. they are tensed. the manager asks if she is his wife. she denies, but he holds her hand, and signals her to shut up, as this is the only possible option. the manager leeringly suggests that they dont need two rooms. he tells her whispering, that this is the only safe option, and ask her to comply on. he asks the manager to set the room, and then she asks for a doctor, but is told that there is noone. they are oblivious that someone is continuously following and videotaping them. to make it believable, he continues holding on her hand.

In the room, pari asks how dare he call her his wife. he says that this was the need of the hour, and that she can take the bed, and he the sofa, but its better than sleeping outside, which isnt safe for her. she eyes his injury. later, he settles down, on the sofa, and she gets him a towel to wipe it off, the blood. he winces in pain and she immediately rushes to his help, by softly blowing on his hand, while he continuously eyes her. she retreats away, finding his gaze on her, and then stoically rushes to the bed, while he settles down to apply savlon himself, his eyes not leaving her for a minute, while she turns her eyes away. a tensed awkwardness prevails in the room, while he eyes her smilingly, as she doses off.

The next morning, bunty gets his car made, while pari watches on. she is tensed that they wont reach in time. he asks her to sit in the car, and leave the rest on him, to make her reach in time, to delhi. they sit and he drives off. she finally lands the order, and is extremely happy. she thanks him for it, and eyes the order, while he eyes her appreciatively and amusingly. they continue to talk, when the phone rings. Meanwhile, Kamlesh calls up pari, and she casually asks whats the matter. Pari is shocked, to know that maasa is in hospital, and distraught expresses it to bunty. he asks what happened and how. she rushes off by then, saying that she wants to go back right away. they drive back home, and she holds his hand, for support, but then immediately refrains, while bunty is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Hospital
Maasa is admitted in the hospital, wherein she has trouble breathing, and kamlesh gets tensed. he rushes for the doctor. he asks the wardboy to get the stretcher. she is rushed into OT. Just then, Pari arrives and rushes distraught towards maasa’s ward. she is incredibly tensed. bunty walks in after her. she finds the doctor, and asks whats the matter. he says that she is severely injured, and has lost a lot of blood, and the type she is, is very rare. pari says that noone has this group in their family. Pari begs the doctor to save maasa anyhow, despite knowing the critical condition she is in. he says that they are trying their best, but they dont have her blood group. bunty volunteers that he has the same blood group. pari is shocked. The screen freezes on pari’s shocked face.

Precap: As maasa returns back, with pari and bunty, the society gathers, and they insult and humiliate pari, casting indirect allegations at what relation does pari have with him, and why does he stay in the house. chaaya pretends to be aghast as to how they are mortified. onlookers start pelting stones at them, while pari vehemently screams that she isnt at fault, and hasnt done anything wrong. when they start insulting her, bunty intervenes and shuts them all up, standing up for pari. Bunty asks if he shall be thrown out, as he shall cut them into pieces.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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