Meri Saasu Maa 23rd April 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 23rd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Maasa tells that this is just the beginning and he can imagine the death. shivpal guffaws, and commends the prank that she played, but her sons wont be affected by this, as she is wrong. pari is boggled. granny and sattu eye him tensedly. he points to her as a lowlife, and now that she is exposed, she would go to any lengths. pari is enraged, while granny stops her saying that she neednt interfere, as shivpal is digging his own trench, since sattu can bear anything, but not anyone insulting maasa. she finds sattu clenching his fists in anger. he continues to bad mouth her. the bahus and sons too ask her to stop this now. the eldest son says that since she was gone, she shouldnt have returned back. shivpal asks her to go back to where she got

her from. Later, he takes maasa by the hand, and says that now, she doesnt have a place in this family, as after what she did today, she cant stay here. he takes her by the hand and drags her out, while the sons and the wives are shocked. pari is held by the bahus. he is about to slap maasa, when sattu comes in between and holds his hand sternly and in a rage. he says that he swears by maasa, that ahd he not been his father, he would have taken off his hand, and had he not been his father, he would have stripped him of his tongue, for bad mouthing his mother. al are shocked to see this aggression, while maasa eyes approvingly. the eldest son asks sattu to remember that he is their father. sattu says that he is forgetting that she is their maasa. granny tells pari that she knew about pari’s aggression. he says that he might have given shivpal a chance, but that doesnt mean, he crosses his limits, and tells everyone, that noone shall come between them today, or else things shall go wrong. all bahus and sons eye him tensedly. maasa comes to him, and tells shivpal that she warned him about this, and asks him to remember, that if gets a scratch he would be hurt so badly, and that her next evidence shall expose him truly, and then they shall understand too.

Scene 2:
Location: Hospital
The doctor sees a patient, whose case is hopeless, and he is barely living by life support. his parents stand distraught outside. they beg him not to take him off life support, as by that, he is still living. the mother begs him to stay this hope now. the doctor says that he just wanted to advise them, and asks them to arrange for the money to continue the medical facilities. they wonder how to save their child. the nurse asks them not to lose hope, as she knows someone who can help. they are surprised to know about bhavna devi. she decides to call her.

Scene 3:
Location: Maasa’s residence and hospital
Meanwhile, maasa asks the lady to step up and talk, without any fear or hesitation. she confronts shivpal, but just then maasa gets a call, and she cancels it. its the same lady from the hospital, who tells the parents that she shall try again later. In maasa’s house, the lady tells up that he was a monster who sucked the life out of her and her family. she tells how he betaryed them and got the entire money, and then gambled and lost all away. she says that they had to take in an old age home just to be able to manage to live. she says that he didnt even tell them about his first marriage. babita asks how is she so sure. the lady shows them the marriage pic, seeing which they are distraught. she asks them not to trust him, as he isnt worth anything. they are all aghast. pari confronts shivpal, and asks him to say something now. he says that this is a conspiracy, to deprive him of the love of the children, planned by maasa. he decides that he needs to act fast, and fakes a heart attack, so as to garner attention and care. maasa asks him to remember this pain, as its for life now, and tells him that he neednt act here. she says that she shall electrocute him with live wires, and then asks them if they now understood that they got influenced by this man so badly, that they found their own maasa wrong. PAri says that now that they know the truth, they know what to do next. sattu is enraged and coems to shivpal, and then grabs him by the collar. he then asks shivpal what was he talking about maasa, as he is the one who is a lowlife. he says that he is embarassed that he is their father and gives him a push towards the door. granny is relieved. Sattu takes him by the hand, and says that he is the one who has to leave. he says that in these four walls, her upbringing weaken up any blood relation there is. he says that names dont change relations. Enraged, he says that maasa was, is and shall always remain his mother. maasa eyes him overwhelmingly. PAri and granny are overwhelmed. the sons and bahus are shocked, as he shoves him out and slams the door on his face. maasa then turns to the lady, and says that she cant thank him enough, for exposing this man in front of the family. the lady says that this was their responsibility, so that they could save them from this man’s thinking, as she didnt want anyone else to be a victim. she then leaves. sattu with teary eyes, looks at maasa, and asks where had she gone. she asks how could he even think that. she tells him that this isnt possible. all get overwhelmed. she says that she is his guilty, and that she begs to be forgiven. he cups his hands, and says that his heart broke when he knew the truth, but noone can separate him from his maasa. they both hug each other, while tears flow down their cheeks. granny and pari get emotional too. maasa hugs them too, when granny and pari apologise, as they say that they just wanted to save her. pari says that they should have told her in the beginning, and begs to be forgiven, saying that she wont do anything like this again. the bahus and sons are tensed at having lost their footing.

Meanwhile, the nurse continuously tries the number, but it goes not reachable, and the parents beg her to try another number. she dials their landline number, and pari picks it up. the nurse requests to speak to maasa. pari says that she is resting, and that they should call tomorrow. she says that she doesnt have time till then, as its a matter of life and death. pari wonders whats the matter, and asks her to come home. janaki agrees, and pari messages the address to her. the nurse then turns to the family, saying that she shall have the money arranged. the parents are relieved.

MEanwhile, in their room, the bahus and sons, are distraught at the tables having turned against them so suddenly. they comment as to how they need to rectify it, and not let pari and sattu get advantage of this mistake, and they shall have to do something to gain back maasa’s trust.

Scene 4:
Location: Outside maasa’s residence
Outside the house, shivpal sits tensed and nervous. the second wife comes and tells shivpal, if he thinks that he shall be able to deceive people again, but this time he wont succeed, as she curses him that he would suffer badly. he is tensed and enraged hearing this. she leaves. he gets enraged, and is determined that he shall own dudh sagar oneday.

Scene 5:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Pari enters her room, to find the bed strewn with rose petals in the shape of a heart. she is boggled, and then starts picking them up one by one. sattu comes in just then, and she faces him tensedly. she says that he might have forgiven maasa, but if he is still angry with her. he eyes her tensedly, while she stands nervously. he tells her, that she has to be patient with him, as he would come back on track. she says that she shall sleep on the terrace. he asks her not to, as she can be here easily. she starts picking the rose petals meant for their wedding night. she asks him why he let the decoration be. he gives a stoical answer. she asks him to come along and manage it together, so that their pain is lessened together. after they are done, he says that he shall sleep on the terrace. Pari tells him that he can sleep here with her, while he stands tensedly, as the separating walls still need to melt. Just then, Pari gets a call from some janaki, the lady from the hospital, who tells her that she says that she cant find her house’s way, and all shops are closed. pari asks her not to bother, as they shall come to pick her. she identifies the landmark as some chat shop. pari assures that they shall be there in anothe ten minutes. she cancels the call. he asks her where is she going so late. she says that she isnt alon,e but he shall go with her. she tells him that she shall explain everything on the way. they comply. he leaves with her.

Scene 6:
Location: On the road
Meanwhile, janaki waits for them on the road. just then, she collides into an inebriated shivpal. She is shocked to identify him, while he is shocked and startled to see her and that too alive. she vehemently says that she is. she tells that he was a murderer, and she says that she cant forget that his hands are smeared with the blood of an innocent. he is shocked and enraged to hear this, and shove her aside. she says that he wont be able to live. Meanwhile, pari and sattu make their way through the lanes, to reach to janaki’s given landmark. Pari and sattu are shocked to see this. the screen freezes on their shocked face.

Precap: As they come back, granny asks pari and sattu as to where thhey went. they say that they went to get janaki, who walks in with them. Janaki asks maasa if they can talk in private, as she had to discuss something. maasa asks her to speak up whatever it is in front of everyone. janaki starts saying, that things were bad at that time. she says that her maasa was helpless at that time, as she couldnt bear anyone troubles and pain, hence she did what she had to. they are boggled and ask what does she mean and whats her point. she says that she gave her own sister, euthanasia. sattu is shocked to know that and he confronts her, asking how could she kill his mother. bhavna is aghast.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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    Nice episode… but this shivpal is just a creep… how can he fall so low????

  2. Nice going… Can’t predict the storyline… ?

  3. Hmmm ……the episode was nice 🙂 .I think that Shivpal would try to kill pari.

  4. Wow the fort half of this episode was amazing! Makes me LOVE Sattu even more great acting! But what the hell happened with the precap – my guess: shi pal threatened the lady to say that Maasab killed her own sister but it was really him… We will see on monday

  5. Radhika Sachdeva

    What an amazing story! Love Maa Saab and Sattu’s love for each other! Feels like they r real mother-son duo!!!! ???

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