Meri Saasu Maa 22nd March 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 22nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari says that they have to make children realize that they have taken milk for first two years of their lives. Everyone likes Pari’s suggestion, they say that they must chose a celebrity for making an ad about it. Pari suggests about making the ad with the mothers who have fed Doodhsagar’s milk to their children, or sportsmen who have drunk this milk. Maa saa also likes the idea, she gives the duty to Baray Bhaiya for this. Baray Bhaiya says he doesn’t want to take the responsibility, he has a head ache, doctor’s suspect it is because of tesnsion; he is also in danger of getting diabetes or blood pressure. Maa saa was concerned and tells him to take rest. She gives the responsibility to Sattu.
In the room, Chaya complains Baray bhaiya why he denied a great responsibility. He says that

Sattu wanted him to pay for his mistake. Bari says that Pari must have shown the video to Sattu deliberately. Baray Bhaiya says that she is right, now he will plan something against Sattu.
Pari comes to Maa saa and asks why she called her here? Maa saa says to appreciate her idea in the morning, it could have been given by an educated girl only. Maa saa gives her a cheque saying she supports girls studies a lot and always sent a cheque to FG College. She hands it to Pari and asks her to give it in the college. Pari cheers that she wanted to ask Maa saa that she wanted to ask her if she can join her B.ed classes. Maa saa says Pari got it wrong, she is in favor of girl’s education but before marriage, after marriage they have other responsibilities of family as well. She doesn’t allow Pari to continue her study.
Bhabis discuss with each other that Pari and Sattu are making numbers in front of Maa saa, soon they will have the keys of office and house soon. The three think to themselves that they will only get the keys.
Pari was upset when Daddo asks what happened. Pari complains to her that Maa saa doesn’t allow her to study further, although she herself worked whole of her life. Daddo says Bhawna was never able to pay attention towards home, this disturbs her, Daddo asks Pari what she thinks. Pari says she thinks girl’s education is really important, it never goes wasted and all the things can be managed at home as well.
Sattu was worried in his room that since he lied to Maa saa he never gets peace. Pari comes to the room, worried, she misses her mother and asks her for some help, and soon she gets an idea and sets an alarm saying she will prove to Maa saa that she can be a very good daughter in law. She lay down on bed. There, all the ladies set an alarm and thinks no one will wake up before her.
The next morning, Pari wakes up with an alarm at 4 in the morning. So does Bari, Manjhali and Babita who head to get ready, while Pari makes tea and washes clothes in a hurry. The other ladies console themselves that they will have to work hard to make Maa saa happy. Here, Pari had done all the cleaning. She heads to go to take a shower and do pooja. She is shocked to see Bari and Manjhali coming with pooja thaals in hands. Babita also joins the ladies. Pari asks if there is an occasion that they are ready so early. Babita says she daily wakes up at this time. The three heads to give smoke around the house. The men come down asking why there is so much smoke, they head to call fire brigade. The men throws water at ladies. Maa saa comes there and asks what is this all happening here. She asks bhabis why are they so afraid. Manjhali accuses Babita for making smoke around the house. Maa saa asks Pari if she was also doing pooja. Pari says she woke up early to clean the house before Pooja. Maa asks asks the three to learn from Pari. Pari was happy, she thinks atleast Maa saa is happy with her now. It gives her a lot of peace.
In the room, Pari says that today Baray Bhaiya won’t go to office, though he apologized. Sattu says Maa saa will take the decision after knowing about the truth. Pari asks what does this means. Sattu says that he can’t lie to Maa saa, she will be angry but then she will forgive. Maa saa was coming upstairs. Sattu tells Pari to listen carefully, what Bhaiya has done caused a lot of trouble to Maa saa and Doodhsagar, he betrayed Maa saa. He lied to Maa saa because Pari said so. Maa saa hears this, she was shocked.

PRECAP: Maa saa beats Baray Bhaiya with a stick for lying to her. She also complains Sattu for listening to Pari.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Finally truth is out!! Today epi was superb especially smoke in the house and babhi bulb and precap maa saa beating this show is really superb now a days. Pls like this pls move writers!!??????

  2. Superb episode

  3. Good he deserves it n i hope pari tell sattu the truth

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