Meri Saasu Maa 22nd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 22nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

ad, as he rememebrs his humiliation and insult in the class and pari’s punishment for him. he gets enraged. Meanwhile, in the class while pari is checking the projects, she gets tensed and calls up sattu, who is too dazed to receive her call. she gets incredibly worried for him and continues trying. he gets tensed seeing her call, thinking what would he talk. she finds the period being over, and hastily rushes, out wondering where is sattu and why isnt he picking up. she thinks that if she goes home, and dosnt find him there, then maasa shall be tensed about him. she thinks that she cant even let the bhabhia know, or else they shall joke about him. she wonders what to do.

Scene 2:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Maasa finds that instead of designing their own stuff, as

they had promised, the bahus are infact buying readymade items,. and then put in their tag, due to lack of time, they say that they have already placed the orde worth 15 lakhs. maasa asks them to ensure that they dont deliver the ietms, until they are sure of the payment, as once the stuff is gone, payment collection becomes harder. they are tensed but resignedly comply. maasa then asks about the designing of the dress that sareen’s would be bahu wears. just then, sattu comes in and all are happy. seeing him tensed, maasa asks why is he alone and where is pari. he is tensed. Just then, pari too enters hurriedly, saying that she got late as babli stopped her at the last minute, without saying a word, sattu goes inside. the bahus talk to pari, and ask about Lakshya, and about the shopping. pari excuses herself to freshen up, and hastily leaves. Maasa is tensed.

As sattu sits tensedly, pari comes and holds his hand as he begins to go. she asks if he is angry at her, and then confronts him saying that she knows he isnt at fault, and didnt lie, but she was helpless too as a teacher. she apologises with her ears catched. he holds them down, saying that he isnt angry at her, but on himself, as he hid something from her as a husband. Sattu comes clean and abr*ast, about how he shouldnt have hidden it from pari, as a husband, and tells her everything, about him taking shona’s help in his project. he says that he made a mistake and got a punishment too. maasa comes in and asks what punishment. they stand speechless. she gets tensed and asks one of them to respond. Maasa tells them that she can make out something is wrong, and asks whats the matter, and if they fought again. pari vehemently denies, and makes an excuse. he silently complies. maasa is amused that its such a petty affair, then whats the punishment. pari turns it on him, that he wishes to punish her for the same. maasa asks them to grow up, and come down freshening up, as they apologise. after she leaves, pari is thankful that maasa didnt know anything. sattu too is relieved. he begs her to promise that she doesnt tell this to maasa. she assures and promises him the same. he starts talking about how wrong shona is, but pari says that she isnt bad from the heart. he asks how can she side with her. she says that she knows about her life, but then stops from blurting out further. he is hurt. he tells her that for the next three days, she shall go, while he shall move out with her, so that family doesnt get suspicious of anything and that he shall roam on the streets, thinking about how she feels that shona is cleasn from the heart after what she did. he storms out, while she stands tensed. she thinks that in her naivety, shona shall ruin herself, and decides to do something about it. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: PAri is surprised when shona owns up her mistake in front of the entrie class the next day, saying that it was her fault, that sattu couldnt finish it successfully. but the dean lashes at her severely, that apology isnt sufficient, and that she shall have to call her parents now, or else she shall be rusticated from the college. all are aghast, including Pari.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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