Meri Saasu Maa 22nd August 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 22nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
As kamlesh and the bahus smirk and wait, Pari tensedly waits along with the dealer, for the order, when maasa comes dishevelled, trying to talk about bunty. she is about to speak, when bunty himself comes in and gives the packet to them, saying that the order is indeed ready. when the dealer checks it, they are perfect packs. all are shocked. PAri looks u[ smilingly, while he winks at maasa, who is taken aback. the bahus wodner how is this possible. the dealer is happy, and pari is satisfied.
Maasa takes him by the hand and pulling him aside, she says that she knows he loves her, but first he has to remember that pari is thw wife of her eldest son. he says that he does, but that didnt stop him from loving her. maasa gets tensed. he says

that he shall keep helping like that, while she can continue thwarting him away. he asks her not to tell anything to pari, as she can continue her hatred, while he gives her love. he leaves from there, while maasa stands boggled.

Later, in the night, as bunty lies on the roof, he is lost in pari’s thoughts, who comes up, and stares at the sky. he spots a lizard near her, and pushes her away. a verbal arguement ensues, and she defiantly asks him not to help her, as she isnt scared of anyone. he says that he was merely trying to help her. she says that she knows. as her dupatta gets stuck, she assuems that he must have taken it, and reprimands but then finds that its stuck to a nail, uncuffs it and leaves in a huff.

In maasa’s room, maasa alights a candle in front of sattu’s picture, talking to him, as to how he is, and how she pines for him, and how she wants to come to him, but is not able to because of pari, who she is taking good care of, and asks him not to be bothered at all. she finds someone coming, and wipes her face. pari comes with a good news, that one of their clients wants to open a new branch in lucknow , and they might become their permanent clients. she is sure that dudh sagar shall achieve greater heights. maasa is overwhelmed. pari says that she needs to go to delhi, but maasa is reluctant, and wishes to go. pari gives her a count of her health issues, and thn maasa decides on kamlesh going with her. pari dials his number, while kamlesh is busy demanding for somemore time from Mr. Gupta for completion of work. after getting the call, guptas and kamlesh get an idea and agree when pari asks him to come along.

The next morning, maasa and bunty are making food, when kamlesh comes pretending to b e sick. pari comes and is surprised and tensed to find him not yet ready. when she gets to know, that he wont be going, she is saddened. but maasa says that she shall send her with bunty and there shall be no further arguements. pari resignedly agrees. she leaves. maasa accidentally refers to him as sattu, while he stands amused. tai is boggled.

Outside, he makes pari sit down, and then gets in the seat, while whistling. she clarifies tht he needs to be mannarede, as she is going in compromise. he is amused, while she gives him a long lists of dont’s. he makes fun of her, and then begins to start the car. after they leave, kamlesh and gupta ji, discuss how dudhsagar shall be ruined, due to pari’s. gupta informs that his men are after them, who shall take care of them.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
As pari enjoys small moments, bunty is mesmerised by her. he compliments her. then he pretends to be hungry, and eats, while trying her to feed, but she is ostracised. he suggests that he shall drive, while she feeds. she asks him to pull the car aside so that he can eat. he tries to flirt, but she retaliates every single time. they stop the car at dhabas. after sometime, Their car shuts down, and both ccome out, while pari speaks to strangers, trying to find a solution. as he alights a matchstick, she is oblivious that he had death and ammunitions.

Seeing the ammunition and weird things in the store room, pari is tensed. pari is brave enough to be scared by a ghost, when bunty asks if she is fearful. she denies. then in their bid, they fall on each other. a romantic moment follows.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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    Yeh kamlesh and party kbhi nhi sudharne wale hai…. tooo much…. now they will arise fingers on pari and bunty as due to them they will be spending night together and they will show media in different way…

  2. Pari gone mad again fall in love and totally forget sattu ji

  3. Please finish bunty ‘ s track . I want to know where is sattu and happen to him. SATTU bhai come back soon

  4. Saba mam ji it’s humble request to u please finish idiot bunty track which decrease trp day by day .People want to see cutie and hotty pearlie not any siddharth. Please fulfil our request.

  5. Shraddha mam please do something because we all wait for pearl bhai humko bunty ko nahi dekhna


      I can’t do anything as i am also a reader… and guys who is eagarlly waiting for sattu to return, this is the news for them that show will be ending in this week or next week, so leave hope of returning sattu and enjoy shows ending…

  6. Saba Mutmaz, please dont end this show at least continue till next year.Plz, plz, plz…………..

    1. Saba mam please stop this show bekwas story hai aur bunty ma isko aur bekwas kar diya jai

  7. It’s better to leave this show

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