Meri Saasu Maa 22nd April 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 22nd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Maasa turns around and tells shivpal, that things can change any minute, and that he shouldnt gloat about a small victory. she says that his game is up now. he says that there are many more plans up his sleeve, that would ruin her completely. he says that she would fall down, with his next plan. pari is shocked to hear this. he guffaws while she eyes him enraged. Pari thinks that now that he is here, he wouldnt sit quietly, and that she would have to find out whats his second plan, as she cant let him win.

Downstairs, the brothers decide to throw a party for him. they talk about how they need to invest and then get dividends. the eldest one finds sattu and talks of their plan. sattu asks how can they think like this, when the family is

torn apart, and that maasa may have done wrong, but she never harmed the family. they side with shivpal, while he asks why are they getting influenced by him so easily, and that maasa is wrong, but he too is, as he wasnt there when they needed him, and hence both are equally guilty. the middle brother, says that he is the most affected, but they have to take the right step, by going to their father, and not with their true mother. Shivpal comes and then comments on how good it feels to be a part of this whole family, and that he is fortunate enough. he says that he wants to do a lot for them, and gives them gifts. He then gives them each, a gold ring, and golden jewellery for the ladies too. he gives one to sattu too, saying that he might not consider him as the father, but he shall always be his son. he accepts and then keeps it on the bed, and leaves. shivpal is tensed, but the eldest one asks them not to bother, as sattu is the most affected by all this. they all leave to arrange the party. he thinks that these children who she wants to protect, are getting influenced by him, and his relation shall get stronger than her upbringing.

In her room, pari tells granny about the party, and they are both aghast, as to how could this happen. She asks pari to go and inform maasa about this impending problem. pari says that maasa is angry and upset with her, hence she should do it. granny says that she is angry at her, but its not the time to leave her alone, but to be with her in her fight with shivpal. pari agrees and they both start searching around for her, but dont find her anywhere. they wonder where she went, and is incredibly tensed. Pari says that they should check in sattu’s room, but dont find her there too. she dials her number, and it is found that she isnt there at the office too. granny is tensed. pari wonders if maasa’s disappearance is by shivpal.

As all the sons and bahus are immersed in impressing shivpal with their party decorations, pari comes and asks if they even have an idea that maasa isnt in the house. he says that she must be upto some evil tactics. pari vehemently denies that she wont do anything, and that she has faith on him,
that he is behind this. he asks if she doesnt have any other work than accusing him. he says that he didnt meet rachna nor threaten her. pari tells him what she heard. babita stands up for him, and says that shivpal is theirs and maasa isnt. shivpal smirks. babita asks her to go and search for her, but not ruin their programme. granny asks if they have gone mad, and says that its good that bhavna isnt here to see this. Sattu watches this from the balcony. granny continues to name her as Bhavna, as she sacrificed everything of hers, for the children and the family. pari eyes sattu, in the balcony. she asks the children how could they be so naive, and begs them to try and understand, or else they shall have to regreat always. pari complies, and lectures them from her end too. Sattu hears all this. pari tells that she is going to search for maasa, and those who want to come can come, hinting at sattu, and warns shivpal that if he is involved then there would be dire consequences. sattu too leaves after them, while shivpal is tensed.

By the evening, all guests start arriving, and shivpal receives them. Pari and granny come back disappointed. he is amused to know that they didnt find granny. sattu comes. granny asks if he went to search for maasa, and asks him not to be tensed, as nothing shall happen to her. shivpal suggests that maybe she met with an accident. Pari says that this cant happen, and he must be wanting it, for his benefit. the sons stand up for him, while he asks them to calm down, as she is young and immature. he says that maasa shall benefit the most from disappearing, as she is ashamed and is running away from the truth, and being scared, doesnt want to face them. the bahus reprimand pari not to spoil their plan. they take him for cake cutting. the eldest son gives an intro regarding shivpal, and how much they love him. shivpal says that he too has suffered to get the love of his sons. the sons smile. he says that he prays that no other father gets to have to see this, and that he had broken down, and become a bad man, but when he saw his sons, he had just one dream, to be a good son, and from this day, everything that is his, belongs to them. the bahus are smirking that this is exactly what they wanted. As he cuts the cake, and sattu stands tensed, maasa comes and tauntingly claps. she applaus him, and then comes to confront him, while all watch tensedly. pari is distraught. at the celebratory function, maasa taunts him that since they are feeding sweets to their own relations, they should all meet another one. they are boggled, while in walks a lady of midthirties, seeing whom shivpal is shocked. they are all boggled as to who this is, as they dont know her. maasa asks them not to be hasty. she thanks them all for coming here, but requests them to leave on. the people grumble and leave. she introduces to them, Anupama devi, his second wife. they are all aghast and shocked. maasa cites her as the second victim of his betrayal, and having trapped her in the love, and developed relations, and one day stripped her of everything. she tells them that this is their father, and his true identity. she reminds him that she had warned that he did highly wrong. Maasa tells shivpal that he has started the game, and that she shall end it, and this being just the beginning, he can only begin to imagine, as to what the end shall be. The screen freezes on maasa’s enraged face.

Precap: Later, he takes maasa by the hand, and says that now, she doesnt have a place in this family, as after what she did today, she cant stay here. he takes her by the hand and drags her out, while the sons and the wives are shocked. he is about to slap maasa, when sattu comes in between and holds his hand sternly and in a rage. he then asks shivpal what was he talking about maasa, as he is the one who is a lowlife. Sattu takes him by the hand, and says that he is the one who has to leave. he says that in these four walls, her upbringing weaken up any blood relation there is. Enraged, he says that maasa was, is and shall always remain his mother. maasa eyes him overwhelmingly. PAri and granny are overwhelmed. the sons and bahus are shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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    I hope after all this truth no one support shivpal (which will be done by 3 sons and 3 DIL, for getting property, which they will not get)…
    But I hope everything gets f9 b/w pari, maasa and sattu….

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  5. bravo sattu well done

  6. Love Sattu so much!! Precap made me love him even more and Maasab is awesome too! Can’t wait for tmws episode!

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