Meri Saasu Maa 21st May 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 21st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Bar
Sattu is shocked to see roop standing on the stage, in font of the gyrating crowd, with her so called friend. he asks the waiter about the girl, and the waiter gives a lewd description about her. he stealthily takes out his ph, and then records it all on video, while she dances oblivious of it all. finally she finishes, and he leaves from there, before being seen.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
On her way back, roop gets call from shivpal asking how dare she go to dance again, despite him telling her not to. she asks him not to dare do or talk like this. she also reminds that she needs a 20% share, or else she shall not deliberately lose to him, and if she wins or else sattu shall lose, and then she shall leave, after which his dreams shall be shattered

too. as she counts the money, on a lonely road, the auto fellow, eyes her leeringly. he deliberately takes th wrong turn. she identifies it as a wrong road, and asks him to stop. he says that its a shorcut. she asks him to stop the auto and is about to get off, when he stops her, smirking, while she goes on a lecture. sattu comes from behind and then slaps him tight, and she is shocked to see him too. the auto fellow apologises and leaves, while she eyes him tensedly.

Scene 2:
Location: Sattu’s residence
Pari is shocked to find sattu coming back with roop, and asks whats the matter. maasa and the bahus are boggled, and ask what was she doing this late in the night, as he narrates how he got hold of her. she says that its noone of their business, and then gives him money. she thanks him for this, as a token of her appreciation for him having saved her life and respect, saying that she shall never forget his favour. he says that this isnt the culture here, in india, and returns the money, saying that thankyou is felt from the heart, and that he shall have to teach her a lot of things after marriage. she says that would happen once he wins the competition. he says that its right, as she is a…and then rememers how he saw her, and smirks. he asks her to go to sleep, saying that he shall try his best. she says that she would like the competition then too. they all disperse.

In her room, pari tells sattu that she was angry how could he miss dance lessons, but was very happy that he saved roop’s respect. she denies saying that she is a girl first, and its above any enemity. maasa is appreciative. sattu then discloses her true identity of a bar dancer, and that she isnt respectable. pari says that she doesnt look like that. he says that he has seen with his own eyes, and then shows them the video, while they are all shocked and aghast to see this. pari says that this is wonderful news, as its easy to defeat her now, since he shall learn from this video only. maasa asks how he found this all. he narrates everything, while they hear intently. she says that she understood now, that roop is following them from sharabi’s village, and this is shivpal’s trap. pari is agahst as to how low he can stoop. he then shows them the pics that janaki’s husband gave to him. they see it. Sattu shows the pic to maasa and pari, and asks maasa if she recognises him. she denies saying that she has never met this man earlier. Pari finds some shop in the background, and point to it. maasa says that she has loads of contacts in mithila, and thinks that shivpal’s time is up, and now he wont be able to save himself, as she shall find this priest anyhow, and unravel the past. pari and sattu eye her determinedly.

Later in the night as a surprise, maasa is brought to the outhouse, decorated for her birthday, along with sattu and pari and granny. she is overwhelmed. pari asks if she is ready for the cake. they all celebrate her birthday with much happiness and glee. she cuts the cake, while they sing for her. she feeds them all. she says that its bhavna’s birthday too. pari says that the ideal birthday gift would be to get the culprit exposed. she wonders if sattu would be able to defeat roop. they are all sure and assured. maasa’s phone rings, and she gets a call, confirming the details of the man, assuring that its a priest, and his contact has been found. she thanks him, and then eyes them al determinedly.

Later, at night, pari gets to teaching dance to sattu, while he slowly and steadily progresses.

The next morning, overconfidently roop wishes maasa, and then comments that the dance is just a mere formality, as they all know whats going to be the judgement, since sattu shall definitely be defeated by her. roop wishes her birthday. pari asks the bahus if they shouldnt be wishing maaa. they appily comply. she asks where is sattu. she then remembers what she had done. Roop finds him dancing and practising. as he goes to freshen up in the bathroom, she deliberately sprays oil on the floor, so that he slips. Downstairs, she says that she wont wait for long, as if he comes in the next ten minutes, then its okay, or else h stands defeated. they are tensed as she starts the countdown. pari rushes out to fetch him, but just then, he slips due to the oil, and falls down. she is shocked to see this. but they dont stand defeated, and sure that they shall have to win this fight anyhow with sheer victory, for maasa, she sprays the ointment and then bandages his feet. roop meanwhile is sure that he is hurt. but she is surprised to see that he comes still. she taunts him, that its a convenient way to get out of it. he says that he hasnt backed off, as he would dance and defeat her too. she eyes him tensedly. he has pain but hides it. they both get to a dance off. the others are amused as they enjoy. he continues dancing on, while she falls down finally. he eyes her victoriously, as shivpal give her the thumbs up, for her share, and she loses. PAri is super happy to see this. she stands up sullen. grany declares sattu as the winner, and then sattu says that he proved to be a good dancer, and now he shall be a good husband too. she complies to the marriage. he says that he wants the marriage at his own venue. shivpal happily says that he agrees ti every place. when sattu mentions the place, colous drains down on his face, and shivpal says that its a small town, and they should get married in a better place. sattu says that this is the place where his mother breathed her last, and hence he wants to start by taking her blessings. shivpal is hesitant. she asks him whats his problem, and she complies to marrying there only. sattu and maasa are amused.

Later, Maasa tells the priest that she wants a priest for the marriage ceremony of her son. she says that she wants him only to perform the puja, and he happily complies, asking when and where can he meet her. she replies bandhavgarh, and he gets tensed hearing this. The screen freezes on his shocked face.

Precap: Pari tells shivpal and roop, that she wouldnt allow roop to marry him at any cost, as sattu is still her husband, he was, is and shall always be her life partner. shivpal asks him to remember the dirvoce papers that she signed. Retortingly, pari says that the court takes six months for the couple to reconcile, after granting the divorce. hence pari says that this girl shall not stay here. shivpal and roop are tensed to hear this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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