Meri Saasu Maa 21st March 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 21st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maa saa asks Pari to show her phone to her. Pari hands the phone to Maa saa, she drops it on the floor while handing it over. The phone breaks open. Pari says sorry to her. Pari says she will get it repaired for her. Maa saa says she will get it done herself. Pari objects, Maa saa says it has ended here.
Babita, Manjhali and Bari were discussing what was the reason behind Maa saa calling Pari with lunch to office. Babita says there is always a reason behind what Maa saa does. Babita says she will find it.
Sattu says that they will only do what is right, he can’t lie again and again to hide one. Pari says one must get a chance to improve their mistake. Sattu says had it been his company he could give them a chance, but Doodhsagar is Maa saa’s hardwork. Baray Bhaiya comes there, he

says he accepts his mistake today in front of them both. He did the mixing in the milk, he tells Sattu that Pari became the shield of him. He says when they both fight with each other, his repentence increases. He says he is the elder in the house, his hands must raise for blessings and not for forgiveness, still he joins his hands. Sattu says with a mistake, the relation of trust breaks that can never be made again. Baray bhaiya says that even Pari didn’t steal Maa saa’s papers as well. Sattu asks if that too what done by him? Baray Bhaiya says Manjhli and Bari did this, they wanted to see what was hidden in the papers. He tells Sattu to remove their misunderstandings that were because of them, he wants to see them both happy together. Baray Bhaiya leaves. Sattu looks at Pari and asks her to forgive him, he thought her to be wrong. Pari says she will only accept his forgiveness when he will give another chance to Baray Bhaiya, he has accepted all his mistakes and must be forgiven. She requests Sattu to help him.
Maa saa thinks that this phone is the key to all the truth. There, Bari scolds Baray Bhaiya why he accepted all what he did. Baray says he saw Pari’s phone to Maa saa that has the video. Bari was worried that Maa saa knows about it. Baray Bhaiya says that until now Maa saa doesn’t know anything, else she would have thrown them out of the house. He tells her that he saw Sattu and Pari talking about himself, where Pari was advocating them while Sattu was about to tell everything to Maa saa. He says by telling about the papers, he increased his respect in front of Sattu so that he saves their name being taken in front of Maa saa.
The shopkeeper tells Maa saa that they need to replace the screen of the phone, he will get it delivered at her home. Maa saa says it is about her daughter in law’s phone, she can’t leave it.
Sattu was worried as he attends the call. Pari asks if he knows where Maa saa has gone. She gets to bike with Sattu and says it is about her phone, she will come with him. He says she can’t go with him, she says alright she will follow him through auto or by foot. He waits until she sits behind him. Sattu watches Maa saa’s car nearby, Pari says he doesn’t seem to be so mischievous. He takes Pari aside. The driver comes to tell Maa saa that there is a problem. Maa saa comes to the car. Sattu and Pari were hidden in a nearby phone. Sattu runs to the shop and asks the shopkeeper for a phone.
Maa saa asks the driver where he had been when these scratches were put in. Maa saa pulls out the sheet from the car. The driver says she got it caught really soon. Maa saa smiles she isn’t maa saa uselessly.
Sattu asks for red coloured model of the phone, the shopkeeper goes to check in store. Sattu does his work in the mobile. Maa saa comes back to the shop, Sattu wasn’t there. Pari prays for God’s help that Maa saa doesn’t get the video.
Sattu ji takes Pari to a side and tells her he deleted the video. There Maa saa is relieved that her Sattu won’t hide anything from her.
Baray Bhai hugs Sattu when he tells him that he deleted the video. Sattu says he deleted the video, but that doesn’t erase his sings. Bhai says he apologized Sattu for this. Sattu says once in childhood he broke daddo’s glasses, he apologized but Maa saa said that he must improve his mistake as well. He had bought the new glasses for daddo with his savings. He says he is sure that Baray Bhaiya will improve his mistakes as well.
Maa saa hands Pari her phone saying it isn’t needed. The ladies wonder what is happening here. in the morning, Maa saa called her with food and now she is bringing her phone repaired. Pari thinks that this is the right time to get permission about going to her college, but ladies come there. Babita brings tea and snacks for Maa saa, Maa saa says it isn’t needed, she must send her tea to her room. Maa saa leaves. Bhabis ask Pari what is the reason behind all the love of Maa saa. Pari says Maa saa loves us all, the ladies say Maa saa loves only who does buttering for her like Babita.
In the room, Sattu put in the partition. Pari asks if she can ask him something. He asks if he can stop her. She asks if he has to butter someone what he would do. He says he won’t. He says he won’t butter her at all, at the most he can say… Pari asks him to say sorry. Sattu says he won’t say sorry, Pari did the mistake by telling him that Maa saa was marrying her to someone else. She must first apologize Maa saa, else this Sattu rekha (division) will remain as such. Pari says it may remain as such, but she has to clarify that she won’t say sorry what what she hasn’t done.

PRECAP: Pari says to Sattu that Bary Bhaiya isn’t going to office, he must ask him to go. Sattu says after knowing about the truth, Maa saa will decide about it. Pari asks what he means. Sattu says he has decided not to lie to Maa saa anymore, Bary Bhaiya did the mixing in the milk and he must be in jail. Maa saa heard the conversation from out of the room and was shocked.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Finally maa saa heard the news I am sooo happy but pls there should be some scenes for pari and sattu yaar. Pls take that partion of Bengal between them!?????????

  2. Arey yaar plz stop that ‘says’ in each and every line…and rest is good

  3. Wow.I was waiting for this….atlast maasa came to know the truth.. That too from sattu s mouth..waiting for tomorrow s episode..

  4. Tabassum Angel

    Its gonna be the right path…..

    Plz Holi wali epi zaldi laooooo……..!Ziss k wazh se …Both pari & sattu suffer from cold

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