Meri Saasu Maa 21st June 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 21st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: L. N. College
After proclaiming her love for sattu, pari composes herself, and says that she means that she loves them all, for having made her birthday so special. they all clap in unison. then they get tensed, when the dean of the college comes in. she taunts them that they can have go with their celebration, but she wishes to inform them, that they should make a project on economics by tomorrow, that she assigns them rightaway, and whoever doesnt submit by Monday, shall not be allowed to attend the class. Sattu thinks that he is gone now. shona eyes him tensedly, thinking about another evil plan.

As sattu goes out later, shona comes to him, and congrtulates him hesitatingly for his brilliant party and performance, and apologises for her rude behaviour prior

to that. he asks her not to bother, as that is what makes the college lively. she then gives him a gift, while he gets tensed. she says that its a cell phone, as she broke his. he says that he doesnt accept gifts like that. she emotionally blackmails him into taking the gift, just to prove that he hs actually forgiven her, as this is her way of sorry. he resignedly complies and accepts the gift. she eyes him tersely, and then shakes hands with him. she then asks him to leave her till the hostel. he hesitatingly complies. she gets in the back seat and then they drive off.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
While riding, she again apologises to him, for her behaviour. shona says that she would continue feeling uncomfortable, till she doesnt do something for him and right now with his face reading, she can fathom that he isnt well and something’s bothering him. he ignores. she again goes on how he still doesnt consider her a good friend enough. she badgers him into telling, that being bad in english, he doesnt know how to make the project. she solves his dilemma, that he can write his project in hindi, and then she shall translate it for him. he finds it a nice idea, and thanks her. she asks him to just remember, that till the time they dont submit the project, he shouldnt tell anyone that she helped him. he asks why. she says that she wants both of them, to surprise pari, that enemies can turn friends too. he complies. they drive off.

Scene 3:
Location: Maasa’s residence
All have a good laugh, as sattu narrates the morning events, while pari smirks. maasa is tensed. pari asks if she is fine. maasa says that she isnt, and that the bahus finalised a deal for 15 lakhs, ignoring her advice. chhaya and others try and point out, how word is paramount, and how sareen is an influential client, and try to prove that their judgement is right. all are tensed, while maasa is still unconvinced. she also gets to know about her son’s marriage, whose order they took too, for dsigning the clothes of his would be wife. she says that they have to take risks in business. pari complies to them. Just then, babita gets sareen’s call, and they hurriedly pick it up, and put it on speaker. she gives them the good news, that her son finally selected someone, and they are oblivious that its Pari. they are ecstatic. she says that she shall send them the pics. babita receives the pics on her phone. At the dining table, babita and others are shocked as they recive a message. others are boggled. when maasa sees it, she is enraged. Maasa asks if this is whats going on in college, and people are sending propsective grooms for pari in college. they are flustered. but then she says that being unmarried in college, she would get prospective grooms. pari blushes as they all tease her.

Later, in the night, pari wonders where is sattu, as she looks around in the room. she comes in to find him working in the mobile light, on the terrace. she says that she was tensed for his project, and its medium being english. he asks her not to worry at all, and being a good student, its his responsibility to finish the project himself, and as a husband, its his responsibility to give her icecream. she is overjoyed, while he asks her to get ready as they have to leave. she complies and goes inside. Sattu then gets shona’s call, who asks if he finished the project. she says that she did. he says that she shall have to do her work now ensuring that pari is not within hearing range. she says that she is coming to Hazratganj Lane, and he can give it to her. he thinks that this is nice, as this shall save on time, and his project shall be ready too. he asks her to meet at the ice cream parlour, wherein he thinks that he cant allow pari and shona to see each other. after cancelling the call, shona smirks.

Scene 4:
Location: Ice cream parlour
As pari and sattu are eating icecreams, pari asks him why does he seem tensed, whereas she too is asked the same question by him. she says that she is concerned for the project. she says that she shall help him. but he says that he isnt tensed at all. she ays that he cant lie. he says that he is tensed, but not for the project, but due to her getting marital offers, due to her false unmarried status. they continue enjoying their icecream. Meanwhile, shona arrives in the lane too. and calls him up. she asks him if he reached. he is shocked as he finds her at the parlour, and somehow distracts her away from there, so that pari doesnt see her. she drives away. sattu comes back to pari with the flavour that she wanted. she asks why didnt he get one for himself. he says that he got a call from his client, and he shall just come. he leaves.

At a distance, he meets shona, who takes his project, and assures that she shall help him out. he is still unconvimnced whether they should hide this from pari. she says that pari would be really amazed to have this surprise tomorrow. she asks him to be prepared for the shock of his life tomorrow. he says that he shall leave now, as he gets pari’s call, and says that he shall just come. he takes his leave, and then says that he has full faith on her. after he is gone, she thinks that he is really naive to think that she is that simple. she asks him to wait for the fun tomorrow.

Scene 5:
Location: Maasa’s residence
The next morning, While maasa is helping pari get dressed, babita comes hesitatingly, and asks pari not to tyell lakshya know immediately that she is married, as it would affect her business with sareen. maasa is enraged and asks if they even realise what they are talking. she asks if they really want pari to make a relation with him, merely for business, and asks how can they be so self centred. they stand tensed. maasa declares that pari wont lie. pari says that she cant tell Lakshya that she is married, as if babli comes to know, then the college shall come to know too. all stand tensedly. she says that if she doesnt tell, then babli shall keep bringing further prospective grooms. maasa asks her to be very cautious in what she is treading on but it shouldnt be that in games, they part away.

Scene 6:
Location: L. N. College
ALl students gather in the clas,s while sattu waits for shona, who is nowhere to be seen. he tries her cell, but in vain. Finally, pari enters along with the dean of the college. all sit in their seats. after formal greetings, the dean asks them all to start submitting their projects, and hopes that they have done nicely, as these marks shall be included in the final result. as the projects are being submitted. sattu, roll no. 21 waits anxiously as shona isnt anywhere to be seen. he continues trying, and sending messages, that shona receives, who is loitering around in the lobby. she is amused at his plight. she takes his pages of the project and tears them away. she thinks that his game is ruined. the screen freezes on his and pari’s tensed faces.

Precap: Sattu comes clean and abr*ast, about how he shouldnt have hidden it from pari, as a husband, and tells her everything, about him taking shona’s help in his project. he says that he made a mistake and got a punishment too. maasa comes in and asks what punishment. they stand speechless. she gets tensed and asks one of them to respond.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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