Meri Saasu Maa 21st July 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 21st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bunty seeing Maa Saab always fainting. He runs to her and tries to help her. He makes her sit. Maa Saab says “Thank you soo much.. you have saved my life.”

In school. 2 students come to the teachers room. Arpita (Bunty’s sister) asks Pari if they can get extra lessons as they need some help. Pari agrees. She calls Maa Saab and tells her. And Bunty leaves.

Arpita and her friend and Pari go to their house. They go in and sit down. Pari asks them to take their books out and they will start the lesson. But then Bunty opens the door. Pari gets shocked. He comes in and sits on the couch. Bunty ask them to keep on with the lesson. She starts writing something on the board but then the pencil/pen falls down. Bunty takes it up and gives it to Pari. Pari keeps on writing. Bunty gets closer to her from back by holding her hand while she was writing. Pari gets disgusted. Bunty says that he couldn’t read it. She pushes him, goes and takes her back and was about to leave but he stops her.

Maa Saab looks at the clock and gets tensed why Pari didn’t arrive home yet. She calls her. Pari gets a call and takes out the phone. Bunty takes the phone from her hand and looks and says that her mom is calling. He says “Should I open the call and tell her where her daughter is and with whom?” She asks him to stop. He asks her again to apologize heartly. He gives the phone back to her. She gets back to her seat. Bunty asks everyone to leave. Everyone leaves and Pari was again about to leave but Bunty again stops her. Pari asks him to let her go. Bunty says ok, then go. She goes but sees that the door is closed. Bunty sings “Bunty aur Pari ek kamre mein band ho…” Pari asks him to not come closer to her. He pushes him.. and wanted to slap him but he takes her hand… she tries to slap him with her other hand but he again hold her hand. Both look at each other and episode ends.

Update Credit to: Param

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  1. Alisha

    I don’t know where to start from.. Pearl said that he would be back (indirectly by saying that Sattu’s dead body won’t be shown) but when? Until when the writers are gonna try to show some romantic scenes between Pari and Bunty. If they think that this is gonna effect us and we are gonna accept them as a couple then, they are totally wrong. We aren’t objecting to the point that why they added Sidhaarth, we just want Pearl back. They need to understand that they are failing miserably!
    Mostly it happen that whenever the lead of the serial dies, or the change they lead, the audience loose their interest, the same thing is happening here! People are loosing their interest. The number of comments implies that. Just have a look at the number of comments when Pearl used to be there, in the start of the serial and just look at them now. They are decreasing, dreadfully!
    Well, coming to the episode.. Sid and Hiba are wonderful actors but we cannot forget the chemistry between Pari and Sattu. Anyways.. If I am not wrong, then the whistling thing from the 20th July episode, wasn’t that there in the first few episode when Sattu’s and Pari’s love story started to blossom? I hope I am wrong.. Cuz I really don’t want the writers to link those old and memorable moments with the new ones.
    On the other hand, I was just searching about when Pearl would return but what I found was Sid’s statement (not that interesting and relatable) and the other thing was heartbreaking, on Wikipedia of “Meri Sasu Maa” someone… Someone actually added Sid to the main lead’s column and.. OMG! When I scrolled down.. I found Pearl aka Sattu’s name in the Dead column. Unbelievable! ?? I feel like crying.. When he clearly gave a statement implying that he would return, then what was the need? ?
    More about the episode… I can’t tolerate Pari’s and Bunty’s closeness. Come on.. There is no way Pari is gonna forget Sattu and start liking him. If that happens, I am gonna stop watching the serial. They can show a love triangle or Pari proving Bunty that even women are strong enough to take stand e.t.c but love? Between Bunty and Pari? Sorry.. Not tolerable. ??

  2. Msm is so boring without pearlie and not interseted to watch any more this serial

  3. Pearl is so cute and smart than siddharth. No match pearl ke acting too gud and l request all the fans of pearl don’t watch mare saasu maa serial because we all want pearl come back as lead actor kick the sid out from mare saasu maa serial because we all miss pearl badly and want trp goes dowm from 0.8 sa 0.3


    I think etheir this bunty is new lead with pari or may be as always after jumping from such height he had memory loss and plastic surgergy and he is sattu… but one thing to mention MSM lost its charm now…

  5. Jada

    July 22 update plz

  6. Without pearl it’s boring now infact many people stop watching this show

  7. Trp of this show goes dowm because pearl leave the show most watch this show only for pearl not for story.In beginning story of show is not so interesting most of people watch this only for pearl .why people watch this boring show


      Actually for chemistery of Peral and Hiba with concept that Mother In Law can also be mother but now team is shifted from the concept


    Why there is no update of 22 july and 23 july till now??

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