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Meri Saasu Maa 21st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Pari is apalled, as maasa begs him to talk or say something. he finds that she hasnt eaten yet and then prepares servings for her, and tries to feed her, but she denies. he asks why did she feel the need to lie, and if its because she didnt trust him, and that she should have tried his trust once, and asks why did she think, that if she tells him the truth, she wouldnt be his mother anymore. she takes the plate from him and puts it down, while he turns away, hiding his tears. she says that she wanted to, and would have told, but felt the fear of his loss, that prevented her. he gets emotional. pari is distraught. maasa says that he used to be scared when she left his hand, and now she feels that fear. shivpal also watches this from the door,

and asks if he wouldnt leave her hand. she breaks down crying. his hand slips past and he walks out. she is aghast and distraught. he thinks that sattu’s siding with her, is dangerous for him, and if he wants this all in his name, he has to get a hold of sattu.

On the roof, pari talks to her mother, saying that she felt very bad for maasa as she is very lonely, and angry at her, that she hid this from her, even though she did it for her. she begs for her blessings so that she ca be with maasa at this time, and keep the family together in troublesome times. she finds sattu, and then asks him to find out the truth about his father, as to where was he all these years, and didnt come for maasa’s help, in raising the child, so that he could have alleviated the problems. she tells him that maasa needs them the most, and instead they are blaming and deserting him. she says that he has to side with maasa, or else shivpal shall create new issues, and it shall be too late by then. he tells her that he neednt know from her, what should he do, as she has betrayed him very much, and has she taken the right step at the right time, and behaved mature, this wouldnt have happened. he says that she might have hidden it from the world, but why him, and asks if she didnt trust even him. he says that their relation is of faith and trust, and when that isnt there, then whats the use of their marriage. he says that this incident has shaken him badly, which he cant recover from, and that its better that she comes to terms with the fact, that their relation is over now. she is aghast and tries to speak. he asks her not to spoil whatever is left of their relation, by putting it in words, as he has always faced betrayal in life and his relations. pari breaks into uncontrollable tears, and rushes inside. she barely manages to compose herself, and cries inconsolably. she decides that she shall win back his trust and admits that she might have hidden this, but for the benefit of maasa and her well being. but maybe she isnt trusted today, but one day, he will believe her, and shall also support her in proving shivpal is wrong, and prevent maasa from his evil intentions. she says that she shall never let misunderstandings come between them, and shall gain back his trust anyhow.

In her room, granny lies down, and maasa comes tensedly to give her meds. she takes them. maasa gets to go, while granny asks her to listen once, as she shall always be her bhavna. maasa gets tensed and is about to walk out, when granny asks if she is so angry that she wont even talk. granny asks why is she getting emotional, as this is the time, to control oneself, and take the right decision. maasa asks why should she be in the son’s way when they got the father, and she should silently leave. granny says that she and pari know, that he isnt upto anything good, and he might have influenced the children, but god knows, what more he has in plan. granny asks if she shouldnt protect the children much more now than ever, when they are in the danger of shivpal’s evilness. granny assures that she has the strength to deal with him. maasa is set to thinking.

Scene 2:
Location: Office
Shivpal comes and bribes the officer, to reveal to him, some secret confidential information. but he refuses to be bribed, and says that he wont want to deal with illegal issues. shivpal takes back the money, and tells him that he wasnt actually doing anything illegal, and gets up to go. but then he stops and turns around, and grabs him by the throat, and threatens to kill him with a paper knife, if he doesnt comply to do what he wants him to do. the officer has no option but to comply, and then shows him property papers of bhavna devi. he eyes it, and thinks that he shall have to act to get it entirely in his name.

Scene 3:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Shivpal taunts maasa as she finds her in the room, and asks what brought her here. she says that she lost and her motherhood lost, in front of his blood relation, and that she never thought, how she would be distanced by hr own people. HE asks her to beg more, as he feels good, since he can see his victory in his sympathy, as he has waited too long for this, and now the sweet fruits of his wait shall be rewarded. he guffaws, while she says that he is right and she is wrong. she says that he can stay with the family, and she shall leave forever. he smiles evilly. she then turns tensedly, and congratulates that what was his, he did get. pari is about to turn in, when she stops. Pari is aghast, as maasa turns around with rageful eyes, taking him aback. Shivapl and maasa confront each other, while pari eyes them from behind the door. massa says that she wont back down due to him, but she has learnt to fight, not to subdue. Maasa says that he really played a masterstroke, but when things turn around, he wont have anywhere to go. therefore, she asks him to come straight to the point, whats his motive, and the family that he hasnt seen for years, then howcome he suddenly developed feelings for that family. he eyes her tensedly, as she asks why he wants to ruin his own family. pari stands proud of her. he says that she wont give what he wants, hence its futile to talk to her, as what he wants, he shall snatch from her, and asks her to instead think of herself, as she cant see, that he holds the cards of the game, and he shall play her sons as pawns. he says that she knows he can even sacrifice them to get to his motive. she grabs him by the collar, and asks him not to even dare to think about it, leave alone doing. she says that she shall burn him to ashes, as before reaching them, he shall have to confront her, as once he destroyed her sister, and killed her while she was alive, and that its his mistake to assume that he can do it again. she says that to ruin him, and to save her sons, she can do anything. he asks her to remember that their veins have his blood, and it shall expose them to his fatherhood, the way they are now. he says that he can bring them much closer, as he is their father after all, and then guffaws. she says that their growth has been hers, and they might not understand it yet, as their trust has been shattetered, but he should remember, that he tampered with the relation of a son and a mother, but he shouldnt be too confident. She asks him not to be in the misunderstanding that they love him. he says that they shall see, who wins, her motherhood or his blood. The screen freezes on maasa’s tensed face, as he smirks.

Precap: at the celebratory function, maasa taunts her sons and their wives that since they are feeding sweets to their own relations, they should all meet another one. they are boggled, while in walks a lady of midthirties, seeing whom shivpal is shocked. Later, he takes maasa by the hand, and says that now, she doesnt have a place in this family, as after what she did today, she cant stay here. he takes her by the hand and drags her out, while the sons and the wives are shocked. he is about to slap maasa, when sattu comes in between and holds his hand sternly and in a rage.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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