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Scene 1:
Location: Sattu’s residence
After hearing what pari and sattu heard, granny pulls out a letter from under her bed, that she didnt even show rachna, as its the last letter that sattu’s mother wrote from bandhavgarh, when she was sick. she reads it out to them, and talks about how he went to buy cows, and they keep dying, and maybe he wants to start to run a business, and she expresses how she is doubtful, that he has changed, and hopes that things turn back to normal. she talks about how she misses the children, and hopes to see them soon, and thanks rachna for the good care that she is taking of the children. maasa asks whe she kept it hidden. granny says that bhavna had asked her not to. he wonders whats was she doing there. granny says that she couldnt be treated

here, and hence she was sent to bandhav garh for treatment. pari wonders why the poison was mixed in milk’s feed, in bhandhavgarh, as that could have been done anywhere, and what connection it had to their mother’s death. maasa says that she too wonders the same, as her sister too died, in that area, and then was brought to lucknow. Pari tells maasa, sattu and granny, in the room, that all the clues that they have unravelled, all point to Bandhargarh. Maasa asks if she wishes to say that they all need to go there to unravel the truth. he says that its best if they manage to take shivpal there too, somehow, and in the trap of talking, get him to speak out the truth. maasa asks how would they manage to convince him. pari says that she has an idea to land this plan to implementation. all are curious to know. pari says that if he has secrets unexposed in bandhavgarh, then he wouldnt want to go there, but what if he is forced. maasa asks how would she manage the same. they keep roop and sattu’s marriage venue at bandargarh, then shivpal wouldnt be able to say no any which way. he says that in the garb of preparing for marriage arrangements, he can investigate there too. They confirm and arrive at a decision, that they shall together go to bandhargarh and join hands, determinedly. granny gets emotional while pari asks whats the matter. granny says that she had lost all hope of unearthing bhavna’s death, but now feels a glimmer of hope, and once they put the criminal to justice, she shall be at peace along with bhavana’s soul. he hugs her, and says that the killer wont be spared. pari says that they need to take care of two things first, as if the marriage is to happen there, he shall have to win the dance competition to get roop to say yes. he says that he shall try. he asks whats the second. she eyes them determined.

Later, pari confronts roop, in front of maasa and shivpal, and signs off the divorce papers, while they both watch in amusement. the bahus are boggled and smirk. pari says that she accepted their condition, and the relation that tied her and sattu, she ends it today, and says that sattu too would have to sign. she asks where is he. he comes from behind, and says that he is right here. they eye each other angrily. Roop marvels at his changed style. the bahus are shocked to see his changed attire. he says that he can do anything for roop. she gives him the papers to sgn. he complies. shivpal is amused. maasa thinks that with the chage of time, things shall change too. sattu takes the papers from him, to keep it safe, as till the judge signs and the cpourt seals it, these hold no importance. pari turns to go, but roop stops her. they are surprised. roop asks why the mangalsutra of sattu’s name, and the sindoor, if she isnt related to sattu’s name too, and that these two should go. she asks the bahus to come and help, so that they can make her get rid of this. pari stands helplessly, while sattu is aghast. before they can do so, maasa shouts at them and stops them angrily. they are tensed. maasa says that this all is in sattu’s name. sattu is relieved. maasa says that it isnt their culture, and is treated their omen. roop asks if pari would adorn it lifetime then. maasa says that she didnt say so, as the day roop marries sattu and wears the mangalsutra and sindoor, pari would leave it. pari says that she too doesnt want any of it. they all disperse, leaving behind shivpal and maasa. he mocks and taunts her, and says that she can stop this, by a mere sigature on the property papers, as they have fought enough. she is shocked and glares at him. she eyes the property papers, with tears streaming down her cheeks and takes them and leaves. he is amused. she then takes and burns them down, while he stands shocked. she asks him to stop dreaming, and not have the hallucinations, that he would ever land his hands on the property. she asks if he thought she was scared and said yes to engagement, and denies, saying that it was intentional as she thought roop wouldnt be able to do it all. shivpal is tened. he mocks her for being a naive player. she leaves from there, while he fumes. roop eyes him and signals him to come. he complies and then roop says that maasa doesnt seem like she shall get away with the property. she asks him if he thought about her share, and asks for 5 lakh. he gets angry. she continues to point out how she lost her bar performance and bore losses.

In the room, sattu puts the divorce papers in the almirah, saying that now he can get the fake seal and signature, so that shivpal doesnt get any doubt. pari stands tensed. he asks why is she so sad. she turns and asks if he wouldnt leave her truely. he says that its all a charade, and the papers were fake, but when she was signing the papers, she was scared, and gripped by an unknown fear. he asks why is she thinking so, as he cant think about leaving her in dreams too, as he loves her. she says that all the bahus and roop were talking of stripping her of her marital status, and when they were doing so, she became very petrified, and didnt know what to do, but thanks to the lord, when maasa stepped up just in time, to handle everything, as it was very difficult for her otherwise. they eye each other romantically. then he says that they have successfully managed to get through the first phase of their plan. he finds the second phase difficult, but she asks him to be patient and brave, as they shall win together. he says that now they shall work so hard, due to her support, they shall defeat roop, and go to bandhavgarh. she decides that they shall practise in the night. he agrees.

Late at night, back home, pari is extremely tensed as to where is he now, and wonders if he doesnt want to take dance lessons.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Sattu comes to meet the fellow who they had rescued. he shows him a pic of shivpal with janaki, at the time when she was posted there. then, he shows him another pic, which has shivpal with another man, who seems like a priest. sattu is tensed. he says that he is showing this pic to sattu, so that it can be of any use. sattu pays him, but he says that he isnt doing it for money, but just wants janaki’s killers be pu to justice. While sattu is talking to him, she finds bar dancrs passing by, and recognises them as the girls who posed as roop’s NRI friends. He is shocked, while they dont notice him. he thnks him and then follows the girls, who lead him to the dance bar. as he stands outside, he gets pari’s call asking where is he, if he doesnt want to practise, and asks him to come soon. he says that he shall come soon. she asks what could be more imp than this. he says that he is coming, and cancels. she gets tensed. then he enters inside, and finds roop’s avatar as a bar dancer. he is aghast. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Sattu shows the pic to maasa and pari, and asks maasa if she recognises him. she denies saying that she has never met this man earlier. Pari finds some shop in the background, and point to it. maasa says that she has loads of contacts in mithila, and thinks that shivpal’s time is up, and now he wont be able to save himself. pari and sattu eye her determinedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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