Meri Saasu Maa 20th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 20th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: L. N. College
ari is completely boggled, while babita thinks that she is dramatising, and asks her to stop acting, as the students have already made full fledged preparations. pari is still confused. babita talks about how the new student, satyendra has organised a party for her. she understands that its a part of his plan for her to confess her love. she leaves. babli asks her husband to set her up with a prospective groom at the party.

In the canteen while sattu tries to talk abput the importance of hygienic mess, talking about some food court being in hot soup due to adulterated food, shona immediately gets defensive, and starts to argue with him for the heck of it. he starts talking about how they cant mess with pari’s party preparations, and that the

criminals involved in aduletartion should be jailed. she is enraged, and breaks off her mobile phone in disgust. they get into a verbal scuffle. Meanwhile, shona leaves from there. pari comes to her, and asks whats the matter and why she seemed so tensed. she tells that the food court is of her father, and that she always wanted to prove that she doesnt care about her parents, but she just realised, that she cant hear a word against them, as she loves them. pari tries to calm and compose her down. shona says that she doesnt care for anyone, as she was eight, when her parents filed for divorce, and used to fight all the time as to who shall get the custody, and when they couldnt get a solution, put her in boarding, and flooded her with money, but never got a place in their hearts and lives. she says that the truth is despite her having them, she feels like an orphan. pari is apalled. shona says that she convinced herself, that she doesnt need anyone, but turns out that she cares and it badly hurts. Pari consoles shona, as she cries bitterly, and breaks down incoherently in her arms. sattu watches them from a distance, and wodners why is pari getting so intimate with shona, since he doesnt like the girl, and what pranks she is always upto. he decides to have a talk with pari regarding this. he attracts her attention and distracts her towards him, while she is boggled. babli comes and intervenes, and asks him whats he upto. he makes a lame excuse, while he stands tensed.

Later, sattu stands tensed, while pari is amused at his excuse. she then asks him to understand that there cant be any signals between then. he talks about how he doesnt like her befriending shona. she asks him not to judge a book by its cover, and talks about her past, and how anyone else would have reacted the same, in her place. she asks him to understand what shona is going through, and how desperately she needs a friend, mentor, friend, and a sister, and being a teacher and a human, she needs to be there for her. he says that he is proud that she is his wife. she says that she is his teacher here. he says that its her birthday today. she says that she wont come to the party. he says that she feels scared that he might win the challenge. she asks if he has so much confidence in himself
shona sees them together, and thinks that she wont let him take advantage of pari at any cost. they yet again challenge each other, and got their separate ways. sattu then is confronted by shona, who laments that pari isnt coming to his party, and that he is a lowly person, and that she cant stand him and would never accept him. she says that she wouldnt have come, but now she would just to ensure that he stays away from pari.

Later, sattu gets a fairy cake, for pari, symbolising her name, and she is impressed. they continue to talk in signals about their challenge, and how one shall outdo the other. he is sure that she shall say the words aloud, to her, unable to control her emotions. shona doesnt like their eyelock turning romanrtic, and intervenes asking them to cut the cakke. all gather around, and pari happily cuts the cake, while she is super happy. she cuts a piece of cake, ad then extends it, while sattu thinks that its coming towards him, and closes the eyes. but shona insistently coems and takes the piece instead while they both are tensed. then they all feed each other, while sattu is tensed. Finally, pari notices him fuming, and gets a piece of cake for him, and feeds it to him, specially, while shona eyes. but before he can eat, lakshya, the prospective groom comes and tries to flirt with her. she is disgusted. babli coems and asks sattu to join the party, while they discuss in private. babli then sends everyone away, and pari is left uncomfortable in lakshya’s presence. but she laughs when he comments on jokes. sattu fumes from a distance, while shona is amused at his plight. he then gets ahead, and shona wonders what he is upto now. he says that on this special day, he wishes to give a special gift to their teacher and as a form of that special gift, he wishes to dedicate a song. she eyes him overwhelmingly, as he serenades in to the song. Raabta. all are overwhelmed and clap when he finishes.

Scene 2:
Location: Maasa’s residence
The bahus are still fuming as to how Mrs. Sareen didnt come back, while maasa says that its good, as her experience says that its better to stay safe than sorry in professional relations. they however say that they shall tread very carefully, and one day she shall be very proud of them. Sareen comes in just then, pretending to be talking to Aishwarya, and then asks them what they decided. chhaya and babita take her aisde, while arti distracts maasa saying that granny wanted to speak to her. maasa leaves tensedly. they comply to all of her requests, while she continues to impress them with celebrity calls. they are aghast. Jus then, she gets a call from babli’s husband, who talks about a prospective wife for her son, Lakshya, which is actually pari. they go gaga as to how they shall design a wodnerful dress for her bahu. sareen finalises the deal with them, and then leaves, citing her busy schedule. they are super excited.

Scene 3:
Location: L. N. College
Students ask her how she liked the party. One student asks Pari if she wishes to say anything to them too. she looks at sattu and then says, I LOVE YOU. all are amused as they think that she said it for all the students, while sattu is happy from inside. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: At the dining table, babita and others are shocked as they recive a message. others are boggled. when maasa sees it, she is enraged. Maasa asks if this is whats going on in college, and people are sending propsective grooms for pari in college. they are flustered.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Sriranjani

    haahaa….. funny precap: …. 😛

  2. It a joke for sattu but i think pari will have to tell them about her husband

  3. Hahaha very funny precap but love when pari said I LOVE U..???

  4. Episode was good but students should know that their teacher is married so that no problem for pri could produce

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