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Meri Saasu Maa 20th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bunty asking Pari to apologize to him. Pari was about to leave but then he stops her. The police officer says, apologize to him and stop this drama. Pari recalls how she and Maa Saab got out of the house. She thinks “now, I need the money.”

Maas Maa sees Maa Saab drinking water and again she starts her talks. Maasi Maa gives her another duty of crush the peppers.

Bunty starts singing by saying “Say sorry..get the money” Pari goes to the table and drinks the water which was standing there. And then she turns around and leaves. Bunty is confused.

Maa Saab is crushing all the peppers.. but it’s making her more sick.. she coughs all the time. Finally Pari arrives.

Pari goes to the roof. She finds some money in those peppers. She gets a sms where it writes that she will get the whole money after she apologizes. And then Bunty comes there. Pari gets shocked. Pari says “don’t come closer to me..” Bunty throws all the peppers over her.. but he gets mesmerized of her look. He takes the (chair / table-whatever) up and comes closer to Pari until she gets pulled to the wall. Pari asks him to leave from there… Maasi Maa shouts “Pari”. She gets tensed and again asks him to leave. He asks her to apologize then he will leave. Pari tries to escape from him and pushes the chair/table until she escapes.. Maasi Maa is on the way to come on the roof. Pari says “You want me to apologize right? Then I will do”. She was about to apologize but he says “you want to apologize because you are tensed but I want a heartly apologize.” Pari says “I will never apologize to you from heart. Because whatever you have done that day, and I have slapped you. And I don’t regret it!” Bunty gets shocked. He gets angry and throws the chair/table away. Maasi Maa comes and Pari gets shocked that Bunty was already gone. Maasi Maa looks out and sees a guy (Bunty) going. She asks Pari who he was. Pari says that no one was there.

At night. Maa Saab gives Pari ice cream. Both eat the ice cream and Pari looks at Sattu’s picture all the time and gets sad.

Bunty says when she won’t apologize sweetly then she will have to apologize when she gets blackmailed.

Update Credit to: Param

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