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Meri Saasu Maa 20th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
As sattu progresses towards shivpal, pari stops his way, and asks him not to do so, as he is wrong, and how can he keep away all of maasa’s sacrifices in an instant. he shoves her aside and then walks and sits in a side. maasa tells shivpal not to think, that he got successful in his evil ventures, as the family that he ruined today wouldnt sustain for long, as the truth ultimately does triumph, even though faced with difficult obstacles. they are all tensed, while maasa viciously eyes him. she then leaves from there. sattu continuously keeps crying. granny curses him, that he should have died that day, so they wouldnt live to see this day. she says that what he did today, he shall have to repent someday. she apologises to pari’s

family too, for this. he says that he doesnt understand what to do, and that he is scared for his daughter’s well being now and god knows how many more secrets are embedded, and in one instant, everything broke down. he comes by pari’s side, and says that he doesnt like leaving her here, and asks her to come along. she refuses saying that this is her house, and these are her people, and she has been taught, that in troublesome times, leaving people stranded in cowardice. she says that tuime maybe testing her, but she shall truly triumph over it, and fight valiantly. he is emotional, and agrees and respects her decision. her granny comes and then says that she has full faith, that she shll take a mature step, and she is very proud of her decision today. granny is apalled. blessing her to be always happy, they all leave. granny says that the world may turn upside down, but for her, this is bhavna, her bahu, and noone can change this truth. she too leaves. shivpal fumes. he thinks that the drama is over, and this is the final lap to victory, and with that, his mission is accomplished. he goes and starts banging his head against the wall, while the sons and bahus are apalled. sattu too eyes him tensedly. shivapl blames himself for what happened today, but one day the truth had to come out. they stop him from this madness. he says that he shall leave and never come back again, pari is shocked. shivpal leaves, wondering why arent the people stopping him. the bahus make the sons realise that they need his wealth, and hence they should cater to him. finally, much to his evil plan, they all rush and stop him. he pretends to be very sad and turns around. pari is shocked.

Meanwhile, maasa enters in her room, and is distraught as to what happened today. she collapses on the floor. granny comes and asks her to compose herself, as if she breaks, then they too shall succumb. maasa screams that nothing remains now. maasa tells her that had she told her before, they wouldnt have had to face this, and that she would have quietened him by money. she says that her sattu wants to know why she lied, and doesnt know what to respond. she says that her sister is hurt today too. she says that she can handle such people, then why didmt granny tell her. granny says that she didnt want her to be hurt, but wanted to tell her on the mehendi night, and didnt know that her carelessness would cost them so dearly. granny assures that she and pari are there with her, and she neednt worry, as everything would be okay.

Downstairs, the eldest son says that they were deprived of his love, and now they have him, they wont let him go. the middle brother says that this is his home, and he shall stay here with them only. shivpal says that he cant tell them how much he loves them. he says that he shall make up for all fatherly love that they lost in the childhood. the bahus smirk, that they need his property, not his love. shivpal decides to be here, declaring that from this day forht, everything that they have is theirs and thinks that whatever is theirs, shall be his now. the bahus are overjoyed. Pari tries to make them understand that he has come here with the intention to ruin Dudh Sagar. The bahus and sons, keep telling that he has so much wealth, that he neednt ruin or try to take dudhsagar’s fortune. Pari asks how are they so sure that the wealth that he claims is actually there or not. the bahud become idealistic and say that thay arent here because he is wealthy, as relations arent formed on money, but love and trust, and the truth. they fully support shivpal. she turns to sattu and asks them to do something, but he just leaves stoically from there. PAri decides to go and tell granny. after she leaves, shivpal tells the others that sattu is angry, and is hurt at maasa’s lies, but with time, he shall accept him too, but he is happy that they are with him, as he always wanted this. the bahus are amused.

Later, while bhavna and granny sit in the room, pari hurriedly goes inside, and says that they have stopped shivpal, and want him to stay here only with them, in this house. they are shocked. maasa is tensed. she says that she is responsible for all this but maasa is enraged and stops her, asking her not to come in, as she is the reason behind all this. Pari vehemently denies, saying that she did so, as she cared for her. Maasa asks her not to address her as maasa, as she says that had she cared for maasa so much, then today, she wouldnt have had to face shivpal’s insults. pari stands apalled. granny eyes them both tensed and helpless. maasa says that she doesnt care for her. pari says that she cares immensely, hence didnt tell, so that she is away from all troubles. maasa says that she didnt leave any stone unturned in hurting her, as a daughter never hides anything from the mother, then why did she hesitate, as she would have found some way out. bhavna asks what should she do. pari says that they shall so seomthing, but she asks her not to do anything, as she doesnt need her false sympathy, and can manage herself. pari is apalled.

On the roof, sattu is still in a state of shock, while pari cries in the room. granny and maasa are upset in their own rooms.

Later in the night, pari and sattu come and find the bahus discussing about maasa in a derogatory manner. Pari again sides with maasa, and tries to make them understand that she did this only for them and their well being. she asks them to understand how could their father develop love for them all of a sudden. babita points that she too has lied to them, and didnt allow him to meet his sons, and asks how can they trust her. she says that she doesnt even want his shadow to be on them, and maasa, hence did what she did. Just then, shivpal comes, and the eldest brother trying to impress him, says that they wont bear anything against shivpal. he comes and says that he is unable to believe, the happiness that they have given him. he is eager to have their fasmily dinner. he asks where should he sit. they point out to where maasa sits. pari asks sattu to stop him, but he stands resignedly, and then leaves, once shivpal sits, who eyes her smirkingly. Pari is disgusted. she leaves from there too.

Later, maasa takes out the family album, and eyes the old pics of sattu, remembering their time together, when sattu comes absent mindedly, and looks away tensedly. he is about to leave when she stops him, holding his hand. Maasa asks sattu if he wouldnt even look or talk to her now and asks if he is so angry that he wouldnt even bother to be with her. she asks if he wouldnt want to know why he was kept in hiding. pari comes and finds sattu resilient. he lets go of maasa’s hand, and she is apalled. the screen freezes on maaasa’s distraught face.

Precap: Shivapl and maasa confront each other, while pari eyes them from behind the door. Maasa says that he rellay played a masterstroke, but when things turn around, he wont have anywhere to go. therefore, she asks him to come straight to the point, whats his motive, and the family that he hasnt seen for years, then howcome he suddenly developed feelings for that family. he eyes her tensedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Nice episode.
    Thanks Rimjhim for fast update


    Sad episode only… ?????
    How can all son and DIL forget the scarifice of maa saa and how can sattu be so confused whom to belive???? ??????

    1. i had no doubt on other sons as they can do this easily but sattu how could he do this he should calm down himself and then think what things maasa had do for them instead of what maasa had hide from them



  3. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    I hate shivpal cnt even act…sattu hello? Can u not smrll the coffee? ???
    Only pari dafoo n maasa hv wit…others are lambs led to slaughter.

  4. I think maasaa should just throw his ass out n tell him to go kill himself

  5. Everyone acts really well! But Aninditi a.k.a. Maasa is amazing n outstanding!!! Awesome personality!!!

  6. the house is maas s no!!!! he has no right to live there . maa saab throw him out and let his sons and bahus leave whith him

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