Meri Saasu Maa 1st March 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 1st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence and police station
While maasa scrutinises every move of the members of the family, through webcam, babita and the other ladies plot to distract maasa, and take her on another track, where pari turns out to be the culprit. they somehow intentionally mix something in granny’s food, escaped by maasa’s eyes, and she starts coughing terribly. maasa gets concerned. the elder two ladies hold the fort, while babita just then, stealthily thorws the yellow saree that she had worn to get into the store room, so that maasa feels its pari, inside pari’s room, and then coems out to attend to granny. maasa hears all this intently.

Scene 2:
Location: Unidentified location and police station
A tensed and worried, Pari goes

to the designated address and asks for the chemical. then she asks for the chemical, and the shopkeeper replies that its confidential. When she says that she needs it in bulk quantity, he thwarts her off, saying that there can be a raid anytime. she asks him to keep this a secret and then leaves. then mastana, who posed as the inspector, follows her, and finds out whats she asking for. He then calls up maasa and gives this news, hearing which she is shocked. She then connects the dots together, and finds out that pari is the one, who played this game with her, as part of some spiteful revenge, and is enraged. she comes out into the call, and before the constables, she screams out, and then starts hitting her head on the bars and it starts oozing blood. they are tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Maasa’s residence and police station
pari comes back tensed and worried, as to how to get to the bottom of it. She goes to the store room, and tries to find a clue, wondering how did it completely disappear all of a sudden, the chemical that was present in such huge quantity. she is determined to nab, the person, for whom maasa is serving time in jail. she hears sattu’s screams and then rushes to find him scared of a lizard. she takes it and is about to throw it out, when she collides into him, and they get entangled in the curtains, and a romantic yet awkward eyelock and embrace follows. Its disconnected by a call from the police, asking sattu to come immediately. he rushes out. pari is tensed. she goes back to the store room, and shuts off the lights, and comes across handprints of the culprit in chemical. she then takes the imprints on a paint sample, on a canvas, determined that even if she doesnt like the fact that she has to distrust her members, she would do anything for maasa.

Scene 4:
Location: Police station
When sattu arrives, he is apalled to find maasa hurt. she makes him promise not to do anything or say anything, only then shall she say. when he complies, she says that the police beat her up. he is enraged, but helpless by his promise. he walks out resignedly, when she forces him not to react, but not before overhearing that pari tried to bribe the police, and maasa had to face the brunt of it. he is agitated as he walks out in a huff.

Scene 5:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Pari is tensed holding the painting, when sattu coems, and continues to furiously ignore her, when she tries to speak about this latest development. he slams the door on her, while she continues to add from the other side, that she has an important info that might be relevant to maasa’s bail. but he says that after what she did, he isnt interested to even talk to her. the screen freezes on her apalled face.

Precap: A priest coems for puja, and the ladies are boggled as to who called for him. Pari comes and says that its her idea, for the peace of the house, and so that maasa come back with them soon. maasa hears all this intently, on her webcam. pari then gets a ritual in which the ladies have to put their imprint on the wall, and they do so, complying to the priest’s instructions. pari then matches the handprints that she has with the various samples that are on the wall, and is shocked. she wonders that its actually babita.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  2. Catching culprit by hand prints is an old idea seen in other shows. Story is good,Pattu look good together. Think continue watching the show.

  3. Hey bekar n krna issss serial ko plzzzzzz

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