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Meri Saasu Maa 1st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
While shivpal is descending down the stairs, roop calls him from behind, saying that she wishes to talk about something, but couldnt back there. roop wonders how is this possible, as maasa is alive. he gets frustrated and asks her not t interfere in his personal matters, and sick to the work assigned to her. she gets tensed. after he leaves, she thinks that there is something amiss, as he can even kill maasa for his motive.

Later in the night, shivpal wakes up with the nightmares of sattu taking over maasa’s shape, and the bahus talking about having seen maasa. he wakes up with a start, as he remembers the events. he starts palpitatinh, and putting on the specs, he stealthily opens his room, and steps outside. he finds sattu sleeping on the bed,

snoring away. as he progresses close to him, he is petrified of what happened earlier. he comes to the bed, and looks at him, while sattu turns around in ghostly manner, and eyes him terribly, while shivpal is taken aback, as he retreats. sattu then composes himelf and asks whats the matter, and why is he here and asks if he didnt misbehave with him, apologising for having drunk. shivpal asks if he remembers what happened in the night. shivpal tries to make him remember, but sattu pretends not to know. shivpal is startled. sattu has a heavy headache. shivpal says that he has talking incoherently, and asks if he went to any isolated or ghostly place. sattu denies, and asks why is he asking this. shivpal says that being inebriated, he was talking incoherently. he begins to leave, when sattu again takes the ghostly form, and eyes him. he gets scared and then shivpal turns around, and sattu composes himself, asking if everything is okay. shivpal hastily retreats citing everything is okay. he thinks that it doesnt look like sattu is trapped, and he is merely overreacting due to the murder, and that he should finish what he came here for, and get sattu married and leave.

The next morning, pari and granny raise a hue and cry over how maasa is absconding for such a long time, and they should inform the police. shivpal says that if police comes, and they do investigation pari dials the number, but shivpal takes and cancels it. sattu asks why he did so, as its right. granny asks why he doesnt want to inform, as to who shall take the blame if something happens to maasa. shivpal says that nothing shall happen to her, as in the morning, rachna sent a letter. all are boggled. he reads it out, as to how maasa went away because she cant accept roop as the bahu, and being overwhelmed with the recent turn of events, she wishes to stay alone and when she calms down, she shall return. she begs them not to worry, as she shall be back. he then assures that since maasa is okay, they should get ahead with the marriage now. pari thinks that he is acting smart, but they shall outsmart him. all resignedly comply and leave. roop compliments shivpal on the way he handled this, and again reminds that she shall marry only if she gets the money, and wont if she doesnt, and if she doesnt, he wont get a penny. he eyes her frustrated.

Maasa meanwhile, in her hiding, thinks that she should talk to pari, to know about the next part of the plan. she looks for her phone, but doesnt find it, and thinks that she must have left it in the store room. she thinks of getting it back, before anyone else sees it, so that things dont get ruined. she opens the lock of the store, and then surfs for mobile phone. While passing through the lobby, she finds maasa in her white saree, from behind, and is amazed at the startling resemblance. roop thinks that this means its all her prank. she decides to teach her a lesson. as she locks the door, from outside, maasa trapped inside gets tensed, as to what to do now, and wonders who locked the door, and maybe someone saw her. she is frnatic searching for the phone. Meanwhile, roop hurriedly leaves from there. roop then tells shivpal that she saw the old lady. he gets tensed and asks where. she points to the horror room. he is shocked. she talks about how she locked her. he asks how is this possible. she decides to show it to him. they both rush towards there. she opens the lock, and then asks him to go inside, and see. he enters scared and stealthily, but doesnt find anyone inside. roop comes in and is surprised to find noone there. she is shocked herself. he reprimands her for joking. she swears that she saw the old hag, and he gets tensed. he thinks that it must have been rachna’s ghost, but he cant tell that to her, and tells her that it was her hallucination. he leaves. she wonders how did the old hag manage to escape, and wonders if it was actually a ghost, and maasa is dead, and shivpal isnt telling her. she decides to seek the help of a tantric. As they both leave boggled, maasa, pari and sattu eye them going, from a distance. they remember how maasa had found the phone, and had informed pari. maasa asks pari how she found the key. pari says that she has the master key. sattu asks her to be more careful next time onwards. pari asks him that roop is planning to get a tantric, and before she does that, they have to get their tantric, who shall call the ghost, who shall say exactly what they want her to say. all listen intently. pari says that she knows one such tantric.

Later, a tantric arrives, and starts chanting and throwing smoke around, while the bahus and sons are boggled. pari comes and says that she has called him here only. he denies, and says that she shouldnt dare call him fake. she is takan aback. when the middle one makes a snide comment, he lashes at her too. roop and others arrive too. roop says that se ha called him here. the man says that noone has called him here, and that it seems he made a big mistake, and decides to leave. pari begs him not to go, and roop too apologises. pari understnds that it isnt the baba that she called for, and then gets a message from her baba saying that he cant come as he has to leave for haridwar for some urgent work. pari wonders what to do now. he says that he has been called by roop for relieving the spirit on sattu. he says that he feels sattu is trapped by the soul of the mother. pari says that its good that he came, and that this should happen in sattu’s room only, and takes him there. all others are boggled. shivpal asks roop in solitude, as to what nonsense is this, and why has this peron been called. he asks why she didnt tell him. they become quiet when pari enters with the tantric. the tantric proclaims that this house is trapped by a spirit, who resides on sattu’s head. the tantric says that if they need to get rid of the ghost, then they need to perform a puja, in which sattu shall sit, along with his wife. roop agrees to sit, but the tantric says that cant be, as she isnt his wife yet. roop is tensed. pari smiles. all are tensed. the tantric says that only that person can sit, who he has been married to, that girl is pari. roop is enraged while pari smiles. the bahus are boggled. shivpal wonders what shall happen if rachna’s ghost came here, after the puja. the tantric tells that sattu’s mother’s ghost is here. he thinks tht when he wntered he knew there is some spirit here. he says that its very powerful, and hence sattu is having fits. shivpal thinks that if rachna’s ghost actually comes here on beckoning, everyone would know she is dead and he shall be implicated. he thinks that he has to get rid of him before the tntric exposes him completely. shivpal says that he is right, as his wife died too, and maybe her spirit it here too, and he shall sit in the puja too. bt the tantric says that first he shall talk to pari in alone, for the puja, and then talk to him about his wife’s death. all hear intently. Pari thinks that the time is up now, and soon all of shivpal’s secrets shall be exposed. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Pari pretends to have gotten maasa’s spirit inside, and in her voice, speaks out, why has she been called here. all are shocked to hear maasa speaking from her. the tantric asks why is she here. she says that she wants revenge for her death. he asks her to identify herself. shivpal gets tensed. pari says that she is rachna. the bahus are shocked to know that she is dead. shivpal is shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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    1. your last line is also just awesome

  2. nothing bad is happening and humor is in the serial down fall of evils it’s good and produce feelings of happiness

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