Meri Saasu Maa 1st February 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 1st February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
pari gets her new job as a singer in the jagrata team, and after performing her first asignment, her employer asks her to head home early, as its getting late. while pari returns after the performance, in the night, some leering guys pass lewd comments, saying that she managed to get a bigpayload off the big family, and now she might try and take advantage of them too. sattu comes and beats them all up, as they scurry away from there. she however talks to him rudely, saying that they were his hired goons only, sent by him. before he gets a chance to explain, she does some karate moves on him, taking him aback. she is about to hit more, when her employer comes. He comes and then identifies him, as not some goon, but their Sattu. She is surprised to hear

this, while he eyes her intently. the employer explains that its due to him, that she got the job. He explains it all, and pari is mortified. She is embarassed at having been fo foolish. she casually waives him goodbye and he too responds smiling, and then she drives off, while he stands amused.

Scene 2:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Maasa calls for the matchmaker lady that the ladies have fixed up for suman. She She starts talking about the prospective clients, and says that she got one offer, while the ladies are shocked. Maasa asks her to clear up. She says that she came with one prospective bride for SATTU. Maasa gets interested and says that she needs an ideal bahu, now unlike the others, and wouldnt only go for looks now. She glaots about her son, and the matchmaker too glaots about the prospective bride. Maaasa asks her to make them meet her at the factory, so that they see their stature nicely. She gets tensed. maasa asks whats the matter. she says that they should let the media bytes die, before beginning to meet. Maasa says that she isnt to be taken such lightly, and that her respect isnt going anywhere due to these petty drama. She complies.

Scene 3:
Locaation: Pari’s residence
Granny and pari’s father discuss the recent adulteration of food especilly milk, but they having their faith on the Brand Dudh Sagar. Ankit walks in tensed, and immediately the news also starts splashing about how true love is being taken advantage of. Ankit gets tensed remembering that pari had asked that their father shoulsdnt see the fake media byte, that maasa managed. While trying to notch up the volume, as instructed by his father, he stealthily takes out the video cable, and the transmission goes off. Granny and he get back to their talks, while ankit tensedly goes inside.

Later, when pari comes, she finds her father still awake and gets tensed. she immediately gives him milk and medicines, that he forgot for the night. She then asks about ankit and gets to know that he went tensedly to his room. she goes there. When ankit comes, he is worried, and says that he made a grave mistake, but he shall still rectify it, and play maasa just as she played them. but pari stops him, saying that they dont want more dframa, that might worsen their father’s condition. Just then, they hear a crash, and find him on the floor. they are shocked.

Later, when the doctor comes and inspects, he says that its due to the adulterated milk, supplied by Dudh Sagar. pari is tensed,a s its maasa’s company, while ankit stands worried. the next morning, before her father can read the mediabyte, she stealthily takes off that page, before giving it to her father, and then indiscreet walks off.

Scene 4:
Location: Dudh Sagar Factory
The prospective bride’s family is too excited and happy at meeting maasa and almost confirm their compliance for the marriage, when pari barges in and despite maasa’s anger, she is unperturbed, and reprimands maasa for her adulterated milk, that shall earn her a police complaint soon. she leaves. Maasa is enraged. the guest family too stealthily walk off, not entertaining her anymore. this shocks and enraged maasa, who swears that now she shall teach ehr a lesson, and control this pari, by keeping her under her feet, by making this girl her bahu. The other ladies are shocked. the screen freezes on maasa’s face.

Precap: Maasa arrives at pari’s residence, and gives them money, while pari defiantly says that they dont need any sort of help from her. then she says that she came here for a compromising deal, that too of love. pari and her father are boggled. she stands up and shocks both of them by proclaiming that she has come to ask for the fearless Pari’s hand for marriage with her son. Pari stands stunned.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. When Pari did karate moves, Sattu was completely surprised and very pleased too. His expression whenever he sees her worth watching this serial, without words he express very well and Pari didn’t wave goodbye casually but hesitantly. I think Rimjhim likes Sattu and not Pari.

    As for me, Pari is a suprising pack too. She is not Mahan Aatma like other serial heroines. She is bold, daring as well as caring and loving too. I hope she won’t change like other serial heroines, crying and bearing all the insults and injustice. Even though main concept of this serial is Saas and Bahu conflict. Hoping old concept but new outlook.

  2. Archal Dhruv Chandani


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