Meri Saasu Maa 1st August 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Saasu Maa 1st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Bunty’s residence
Bunty continues to overpower pari, despite her struggles. finally, she succumbs in, and agrees to sign the paper and complies. then he says tht he shall leave her to her place, as its getting increasingly dark. she complies in a daze.

Scene 2:
Location: Pari’s residence
Back home, all are tensed for her, while shashi and meera continue to bad mouth, until finally, her father is about to slap her, and reprimands her not to speak a word against pari. then they call the police, who arrives too. meanwhile, bunty gets pari home, amidst speculations as she arrives this late in the night, all dishevelled and distraught. she is cast to several different mortifiying insults and humiliations, while all watch in mute. maasa slaps

him tight for being this hooligan to have done this. unty is a little takn aback when he gets to know of pari’s widow status, while shahsi and meera shamelsssly point it out, to the others. he vows not to hurt her, but she shouldnt interfere in arpita’s life. pari resignedly complies. after he leaves, shashi is about to slap pari, when maasa gets in the way. she along with her father, shields pari and her father exhaes out his angr on shashi, for her narrow minded thinking, and assures that she shall stay here only qand not go anywhere. MEanwhile, pari wonders what if he still blackmails her with the resignation letter, as it still lies with him, with her signature.

Scene 3:
Location: Bunty’s residence
Arpita pleads but to no avail, as he packs her bags for gorakhpur, narrating how only he believed in her, and she betrayed him so terribly. she pleads and apologises, but in vain. he leaves, while she collapses crying.

Scene 4:
Location: School
While bunty is busy preparing for the TC, arpita cries in the library, and pari catches hold of her. she again continues to advise her, while arpita says that she wishes to study. just then, bunty comes, and both are shocked. he asks arpita to leave, and she complies. then he asks her that he didnt know that she was a wudow. she says that it doesnt make a difference as it would have made her behaviour more atrocious. a silent eyelock follows. the screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: Bunty falls on pari, while books fly atop them. an awkward yet romantic eyegaze follows.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. tell me one thing y did writers does this means to kill the hero

  2. What the hell is his problem n he knows he loves pari but he don’t no how to tell her so he keeps harassing her

    1. Without pearl show bahut bore because he is real hero of the show not bunty toh sattu kyu nahi la kar aa rahe

    2. Show bahut bore hai without pearl

  3. Jada

    Why does Pari keep getting herself caught up in his business with his sister that is why he is annoyed ? You can’t change everyone for the better Pari, it is better to not get involved

    1. You are right. The sister is another problem creator.

  4. We want pearl come back in msm without him show is so boring

  5. I think the writer is getting mad and crazy cannot think of better twist line, always shows Bunty harassing Pari. Too much of harassing Pari, What is Bunty’s problem? Last weeks episodes all the preview was harassing. Too bad.

    1. Without pearl show trp goes down day by day writer ko pearl come back karvana chahiya

  6. I think so pari gone mad who forget her husband always busy with bunty and his sister and now start flirting with him and forget sattu sacrifice his life for her aise pehle bar serial ma dekhe widow lady forget her husband and start flirting other man what nonsense thing they show

  7. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Wers satuu?.sori not been watching just silent reads..

    1. Without sattu we are also not watching just read eposide because trp goes down sattu come back because of low trp

  8. Where is 2nd update.

  9. Some people gone mad after pari bunty romantic scene and post dirty imagation of mind like kamal who post bekwas thing in India forums but in reality there is no chemistry between pari bunty bunty and ma pari ka father lagta hai please kamal ji don’t post these sorry imagination of mind please stop image these think we only pearl come back to pari

  10. Yeh carton kaun hai jiska pari aur bunty romantic track acha lagta hai lagta hai some one gone mad who like bunty role bekwas serial kar diya hai

  11. Some people gone mad they enjoy pari and bunty romamtic track and write dirtness of mind in India formus

  12. Yes you r rite some people wrote stupid thing even in inst like Ray kamal who always wrote stupid thing in hiba inst

  13. We want only sattu back serial ko bekwas kar diya hai bunty na


    Where is 2 aug update???

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