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Meri Saasu Maa 19th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sattu’s residence
Maasa gets the police to search. shivpal hopes that they dont unravel something, that he overlooked. he instigates sattu to ask if the police has a warrant. the police denies, and says that they shall come with a warrant for search as well as arrest too as this time, around, they shall search thoroughly and the murderer wont escape. he talks of the forensic team thats due to come too, who shall analyse every inch o janaki’s house too to gather more evidence. shivpal is extremely shaken as the police leaves. he decides to go in the evening, so as to double check, that he doesnt have any evidence lying behind. Later, maasa thinks that the aim went straight, as she finds shivpal pacing nervously, as the drained colour on his face shows.


Location: On the road and isolated building
As shivpal gets in the car and drives off, sattu and pari follow after shivpal, as he drives in the middle of the night, to an isolated house, where they find a man tied, blindfolded. they are determined that shivpal has some connection to the murder and then wonder who is this man. they watch through the window. shivpal talks to the hooded goons, asking if everything is alright and then puts them all to search for evidence. Pari says that their doubt is deepening, but comments that they arent able to catch a good view to be able to clearly hear. she calls maasa and says that she was right and they are following him right now. maasa asks them to be careful since he is dangerous. they alarm shivpa accientally by creating a sound, but before he can see them, they duck underneath. he comes till there to check but doesnt find anyone. he closes the window. they both have a bare escape, and wonder how they shall find the truth, since the window is closed. he says that he is definitely associated to the murder. she wonders whats going on. he says that there is another back window. Meanwhile, inside shvpal asks them to go and search for any evidence, as the police shouldnt land their hand anywhere. the men say that they didnt find anything.

Back home, granny and maasa get the ring without the stone, and granny asks what shall she do. Maasa says tht they shall hide it as evidence, in shivpal’s room, but before that, they shall search his room, to gether hold of some evidence, related to the murder of janaki. they get to searching, while roop arrives there just then, and hides, boggled to see what they are upto. she eyes them searching everywhere, and thinks that they must be in a bid to find something out. she messages shivpal about this, and decides to teach them a lesson, and leaves, citing some urgent work. he toys with the person blindfolded, and gagged, while he is distraught to see shivpal. shivpal asks him not to make noise, s its better for him to stay mum, as he shall be sent to his wife tii. pari and sattu are aghast to hear this. shivpal hurriedly leaves, and pari wonders where he went, as he saw a message after which he went. they decide to alert granny and maasa so that they plant the ring soon and are out of it. but maasa doesnt pick pari’s call oblivious of it. he says that they should go in, and free the person, so that they know why he is here, and maybe he can tell them about janaki’s murder. they go in and they free him, while pari gets him water. sattu unties him, and he gulps water down hurriedly. the person falls to their feet, begging to be let go. she asks if he knows the person and is connected to the murder anyhow. he says that he doesnt know if he is involved with janaki’s murder, but knows this man from earlier. he says that he used to see the person in his Gaushala, and take cows from him, nd within a couple of months, they used to die, and this went on. Sattu asks how long back was it. he cites bout 15 years back. he says that at that time, he used to come for 6 months. sattu wonders what could be the connection. pari asks how can this be so complicated.

Scene 3:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Back home, they are about to plant the ring, when they realise that shivpal has stormed in the room. he asks if they are searching for evidence, and planting fake ones, so that they can prove he is the killer. she shows the ring and said that they came to find it, and did find, as she had the full belief that he is connected to janaki’s murder. he says that she is very innocent, as he ring could be anyone’s. she asks what nonsense. he asks her to go search in her room as maybe she might find something like that there too. they rush to her room, and then he pulls out the ring, after much searching everywhere around, while they stands boggled, and tensed. shivpal smirks amusedly. granny and maasa are aghast. he taunts and asks her whats it, as this could be the evidence, and she had motive too, since she accused her of murder. maasa says that its a lie. he says that her evidence is false too then. he again reminds her, not to try and be extrasmart, as he shall outwit her always. they are shocked.

Later at night, sattu and pari return but hide when they see shivpal approaching. he finds roop and then takes him aside, and thanks her for her help earlier today. pari and sattu are shocked. roop then tells shivpal that he shall have to pay a price for this, and demands 10 lakhs, while he stands furious. sattu and pari eye tensedly. shivpal resignedly complies and leaves.

In the room, granny asks maasa who could have planted the ring. sattu and pari come in, and say it was roop. they are shocked. he then narrates everything, and then granny also comments on the change of clothes. pari assures her that the change was needed. maasa finds shivpal oversmart, and they shouldnt underestimate him. pari says that her doubt was right, as shivpal is connected to janaki’s murder. they then narrate everything to her hearing which she is boggled too, as its the same time, sattu’s mother was in hospital and cites it as a strange co-incidence. pari says that it isnt one, and there is connection between the events. Maasa says that the question is why was he buying cows, and what could be the reason of the deaths, and what could be its connection to bhavna’s death. The screen freezes on maasa’s, pari’s and sattu’s tensed faces.

Precap: Pari tells maasa, sattu and granny, in the room, that all the clues that they have unravelled, all point to Bandhargarh. Maasa asks if she wishes to say that they all need to go there to unravel the truth. he says that its best if they manage to take shivpal there too, somehow, and in the trap of talking, get him to speak out the truth. maasa asks how would they manage to convince him. pari says that she has an idea to land this plan to implementation. all are curious to know. pari says that if they keep roop and sattu’s marriage venue at bandargarh, then shivpal wouldnt be able to say no any which way. he says that in the garb of preparing for marriage arrangements, he can investigate there too. They confirm and arrive at a decision, that they shall together go to bandhargarh and join hands, determinedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  3. I think they should put more romantic things in it between pari and sattu.

  4. I also think they should spark more romantic scenes between Pari and Sattu.. Even though I like the current track, all the investigation scenes are too boring and too long.

  5. I hope roop dont find out war their up to n tell that bastard shivpal

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